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Warriors of Valor: Part 6: Is that a light at the end of the tunnel, or a train
Posted By: Ghost Sniper<kickass_990@e-garfield.com>
Date: 7 December 2003, 4:26 AM

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(2516 October 3rd, Outer Rim: Colony 136)

'I repeat all Resistance units in the close proximity immediately return to base, I say again return to base. A UNSC Halcyon-class cruiser has just appeared in our sector it is currently disabling our space defences, we have picked up multiple troop carriers heading towards the planet. We need all infantry, Armour and Space units to make haste back to the base planet.' Matthews's voice came trough the radio in perfect clarity the anxiousness in his voice easy to notice. All the people in the radio room looked at each other, my squad at me, me at the new Colony's commander.

'We need a fast ride back home' I rushed out the words.

'There is a longsword in the hangers' the commander suggested.

'It will have to do.' I replied turning to my squad, not exactly as fit as they could be but in good shape anyway. I had a face of 'Sorry-guys-but-orders-are-orders'.

'Oh come on they just had to choose when we where on holidays.' Marco shouted, he still hadn't finished his bickering when everyone had suited up and were on the Longsword.

'Right team we are going straight to the main base and command can decide where we go from there.' I said mainly to Helen as the team just sat around on the hold getting ready for the fight. The Colony was only two hours sub-light time away so there was no need for cryo freezing, for what I thanked. I had never gotten used to cryo freezing ever since my first stint escaping from my home planet.


'Holy Shit' Joanne said looking out the window as we slowed out of hyperspace. Just visible on the other side of the planet we could see a UNSC cruiser. It was humungous; I had never actually seen a military star-ship. Helen cautiously sped the ship forward until we where coming into the atmosphere. As always she was able to land with minimal effort and perfect results. Of course this was exceptionally good considering what looked like three battalions of Marines were attacking the landing pad.

The doors hissed open and smoke trails came from Joanne's gun as she could shoot through the small gap, then James and Marco started providing covering fire as me and Daniel jumped out covering the squad as they came out. As we forced out we were able to create a bubble within the marine's lines and we finally got to the main base. The group spilt up Joanne and Helen to go into the base, James and Daniel to the south, Marco and I to the north. We had just taken position behind a flipped M9 LRV when the fighting died down.

From the corner of my eye I could see a resistance soldier trying to sneak through the grass back to the cover of the main base. A shot rang out through the clearing as the soldier stiffened in his crouched position and fell back down, blood gushing profusely from his leg. A young soldier fired a short burst beside me at the place he thought the shot originated from. Fire instantly erupted from everywhere, and the young boy slumped over with the exit wounds on his back. Everyone fired back and soon the clearing was ablaze in fire again. As I fired I noticed that the soldier in the grass was still alive, it wasn't really that far, I thought foolishly.

'Cover me.' I shouted and ran out into the grass setting my rifle to single shot picking of at the muzzle flashes. I fell beside the wounded soldier and looked at his agonizing face, it was Matthews. I reloaded got up and fired a burst into the closest trees.

'Fire your weapon Matthews' I shouted at him jokingly as I hoisted him helping him walk with one arm. Using my back as a rest for his arm he fired as I helped him limp away firing blindly as well with one arm. At the point I picked him up fire from our base intensified until we got back into cover.

'Put him here sir.' Daniel said already attending the wound.

'There were no-one else at the south sir, so we brought some people to help you finish up.' James shouted over the constant rattle of gunfire. In ten minutes the last marine gun was silenced as Joanne sniped the last survivor. Matthews was back on his feet and led us into the base.

'Thank god you guys are here.' Matthew's said wincing as he bent his leg sitting down 'we where cooked until you came.'

'Thank you sir' I replied 'What do we do from here though.'

'We're going have to counter attack and take back the planet of course.'

'Well where did they land.'

'Just to the south.'

'If we could get enough people together it could be possible for us to jam there interplanetary-ship communications and then take by force, if we didn't jam the comms they would bomb the planet base just to make sure, no matter how many we have its nothing against a nuclear warhead. Once we did we could send a small team up to infiltrate and sabotage the ship without them even knowing we had retaken the planet. Just depends we how many people we have, because I mean they wouldn't have that many troops on land yet and they would of sent most to attack the main base.' I said meaning the troops we had just stopped.

'We currently have two battalions; once I pull in all the recon, training and remote units we should have close to a division.' He winced again as Daniel put another painkiller injection in his arm.

'Then I suggest we get them together.'

'Sirs,' a private shouted bursting in with a handful of holo-maps. 'We have just received satellite photographs of the UNSC's landing zone. There where a few they forgot to knock out' Great I thought as I snatched them and analysed the grainy black and white photo. It was a pretty bland clearing looked like no grass. Surrounded by a small ridge except for a small slit for where a river came out of the clearing. A bad spot to defend because any attacking force would have higher ground except it was the only place on the small planet large enough to land multiple troop carriers easily. This is going to be a turkey shoot.

'Also sir,' the private said addressing Matthews 'we just got word from our UNSC contacts, there were only two cruisers close to our sector. One of them was transporting blueprints for the new Gorgon class Destroyers and neither have reported back after unscheduled hyperspace-jumps.'

Matthews's eyes light up, if this cruiser was the one and if we could get hold of those plans we could do some serious damage I thought to myself. I'm sure everyone else was too. But they were pretty big 'ifs'.


The grass was scratching my forehead and it was annoying as hell, but the attack was about to start soon and my squad and I, like every other resistance member around the clearing, would go into action and quickly try and take the base. The second hand on my watch slowed to a stand still, the muttering of Marco and James was only growing in sound as the time ticked closer to the point where we would launch ourselves into the war lottery once more to see if we won life or death. I had already chosen a path my squad would take, there was no cover on the ridge so everyone except Joanne would move forward to the garage. James would roll out a M10 LRV and man the gun on the back. Daniel, Marco and I would then proceed to clear each building.

Multiple guns fired at once as soon as the second reached the appointed place and fire emerged from everywhere. Soldiers jumped up and moved to their assigned places, some falling on the ridge. Joanne's sniper rifle cracked continuously as she took down targets with ease, we got up under cover fire and made the short run to the garage.

All of a sudden I heard a watery thump as pain seared through my stomach, I stopped and dropped to my knees. I dropped my gun and grabbed my abdomen, as I looked I could see blood pouring over my hands, staining them and the ground. Daniel rushed up to me instinctively reaching for his med pack.

'No' I said pushing it away, but he just came back 'that's an order, we need to take the base, we need as many soldiers as possible and you're a soldier aren't you' I said coarsely through coughs

'The shot has obviously severed your kidney if I don't treat now you're going to die!' he pleaded.

'The squad needs a leader and that is you now,' as I spoke the world became hazy and I was unable to distinct his features. I forced a smile but blood streamed from the sides down my cheeks 'make me proud.'

'Sarge' he pleaded hovering over me.

'Go!' I shouted, he turned around and ran off firing more aggressively than I had ever seen him before, I had taught him well. I slumped over onto my back and fumbled for my pistol, I was unable to undo the holster until a reassuring hand eased it off and placed the gun in my hand. I looked up and Marco was hovering over me now. I smiled back at him happy my best friend was here too.

'I'll miss you' He said over the raging battle only twenty metres away 'Hopefully I'll see you again, but not to soon.'

'Thanks Marco' I grasped his open fist like brothers as I pointed the gun at myself; I caught a glint of the bullet that had killed my father two years ago. I place the barrel against the roof of my mouth and said one last thing.

'I'm coming home Dad.'


2516 - Current

Daniel and the "Warriors of Valor" secured victory however there was no information or blueprints on the new UNSC Destroyer model, however a large cache of weapons was seized. All marines capture that day (27) mysteriously died from gunshot wounds that night, all still had their hands bound and were lined up against a wall. The discovery was made shortly after Daniel and Marco visited the prisoners for unknown reasons. No inquiry was made and the deaths were labelled as natural causes.

Matthews (Commanding Officer)- Became new Resistance leader two weeks after Frederick death. He and the Warriors of Valor created a small memorable stone at the place of Frederick's death. He then appointed Daniel as deputy Commander. He successfully led the Resistance so well that the UNSC contacted the Resistance to initiate negotiations. He died before negations started from undetected heart problem in 2523.

Daniel (Second in Command/Medic)- Rose to rank of Resistance leader by 2523 at which he married and had a son named Sam. 2526 becoming sick with administration and the UNSC unwillingness to negotiate, he assigned a new commander and returned to one of the Resistance's elite units, he was unfortunately killed in transit to first mission by a Covenant cruiser. His son became a technician in the UNSC, specializing in Cryogenic freezing; Sam was posted on the Pillar of Autumn. Died in 2552 when Cryo bay 2 was overrun by Covenant forces in space around Halo instillation 04

James (Heavy Weapons) - Defected and became candidate for Spartan II project, did not survive genetic alterations, he become number 20 on the death list of 31, James - 098.

Joanne (Sniper) - Defected and became a candidate for Spartan II project, she survived the genetic alterations to become Joanne-021. Recently acquired MJOLNIR armor helped in incursion aboard Covenant ship near Chi Ceti 4. Died in 2531 due to a pelican collision with Covenant stealth ship at Battle of Harvest.

Helen (Pilot) - Defected and became a pilot in the UNSC. While in service she was the wing mate of 'Foe Hammer'. Decorated for going above and beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions. She was assigned to Admiral Cole's ship during the battle of Harvest. She died when she collided with an invisible Covenant stealth ship in transit of placing two Spartan operatives (Frank-017 and Joanne - 021) on Harvest surface.

Marco (Demolitions) - He left the resistance and fled to Earth. He changed his name and then he became a successful businessman completing destruction of old buildings, bridges, oilrigs etc. He married and had two children Cassandra and Frederick. Once the Covenant attacked, he joined the marines and was selected into the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers program. Due to his skill, experience and leadership he easily rose to position of Deputy commander of the ODST in the Terra system.

Robert's son, John, joined the Spartan program at age six. Successfully adapting to the genetic alterations to become John - 117. The dagger Frederick gave him is still used by John to this day who always fights for what he believes in. The Human Race.

###Well that's it hope you guys liked it, thanks to people who posted comments.###