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Warriors of Valour: Part 5: Revenge is sooo sweeet
Posted By: Ghost Sniper<taylorboys@vtown.com.au>
Date: 28 November 2003, 9:58 AM

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Note: Sorry that this series is pretty dark, trust me i'm not some goth or something. I ussually don't write about dark stuff like that but thought i'd see how it had an impact

The shock was still in Daniel's face as Helen set us down near the camp on his home soil. Once he set his foot on the ground a smile spread over his face, he was home. It seemed strange he still remembered home after six years and to me home was a foggy nightmare after only two years. But then where he was just yesterday was a place he didn't accept as 'home', rather the opposite to me for I knew the Resistance was my home.

'Coming Helen?' Marco asked.

'Keep your pants on I'm just setting her down.' Helen was an infiltration expert after all and we were infiltrating so she naturally came with us. We moved off from the clearing leaving the pelican, there was only one barracks and that was in the camp so there was minimal risk leaving it there. We soon got to the gates; once Helen had been hoisted over the wall it only took five minutes for her to open the gates. When she greeted us at the entrance I noticed smoke rising from her silencer.

'Operator of the gates' she said noticing my gaze.

'We better move the body, we don't know when the rotation of duties is at.'

Once I had moved the body I met the rest at the dormitories where Marco had just finished placing explosives on the locks of the doors.

'I don't want any noise.'

'Don't worry shouldn't be louder than one of James's farts' he replied pushing the plunger making smoke rise from each door not a sound from one.

'Good work' I called back rushing to the furthest door waking and ushering everybody out of the building meeting everyone else and their group. We lead them out the main gates with Helen closing the gates after us; the only sound came from a little girl slipping on a branch. It had worked, a success with only one kill, well by any standards, we only had to reach the M63-TC and we were home and free. The group reached the clearing and just stared at what was in front of them.

There was a huge tree that had fallen down right on top of the M63-TC's nose.
'Holy shit.' Helen summed up what everyone was thinking rushing forward to her now crippled "baby". James moved to try and budge the tree trunk but it didn't budge.

'All right, Marco help James, Helen try to fix it the best you can with the tree in the way, Joanne keep a secure perimeter, Daniel attend any injuries the captives may have.' I then turned to the captives who where huddling in the centre under the tail of the M63-TC. 'I need any men fit enough to help us move the log, I don't need to tell you we need to move it to get out of here,'

About ten men came out and helped James and Marco. We had just moved the tree when I was next to Daniel and his voice was purely elated.

'Mrs. Mchagin' he said beaming at the elderly women he was currently treating.

'Who are yo-...Daniel...Is that you?'

'Yes, its me oh its good to see you.'

'Do you know her?' I asked floating above them.

'Yes, she used to take care of me when Mum was at work. Where is my Mother?' he asked hope glinting in his eyes.
'Oh Daniel I'm sorry but...but two months ago she got terribly ill, they didn't have anything to treat her so they took her out and...shot her.'

The impact on Daniel was instant, his shoulders slumped and his lips started twitching.

'Daniel I'm sorr-' I said putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Instead he brushed it off and walked to the forest's edge sitting on a stump. I left him with his thoughts. 'How long Helen?' I asked as she came out to get a drink.

'No more than an hour.' She replied.

Marco came out with all the M63-TC medic packs and preceded to drop them on the ground, he was obviously bored with sitting here. 'Here you go Daniel all six-...where's Daniel?'. I flung around the stump he was sitting on was empty, dam he better come back soon I thought.

'Ah sir' Helen said uneasily. She held out her knife sheath, it was empty. Oh no, I thought to myself.


It took a half hour to get the M63-TC; there was a fault in the fuel injectors that would need more extensive maintenance back at base. But it took an extra ten minutes for Daniel to return, when he did he handed the knife to Helen; blood glinted all over it in the moonlight. He then walked straight up to me.

'I accept your offer to become second-in-command for the squad, if the offer still available' in a very monotone voice.

'Well then consider the space filled.' I said returning the stiff salute he had giving me.

'Oh the barracks won't give us much trouble now' he then emptied his pockets onto the ground. At my feet he had laid twelve UNSC dog tags; all of them covered in blood, the dew on the grass started to make the blood run onto my boots. I fished them up and followed Daniel into the M63-TC, not once during the return journey did he say a word about what he'd done, he just sat there staring at the back door his teeth barred.


'So that's it?' Matthews asked me after I had giving him an edited debriefing of the mission.

'Yes sir. We got thirty prisoners all of them have been asked to start a new home.'

'Okay, I'll deal with that in the morning, you can go Stiles.' I began to walk out before Matthews called me at the door. 'Stiles, how did Daniel go?'

I thought quickly, should I tell him, if I did he might discharge him for unstableness, but they had shot his mother. 'Just fine' I replied casually, I really thought Daniel could make it in the Resistance and I wasn't going to let him go easily.


(2516 September 27th, Resistance home Planet)

'Wake up everyone' I shouted into my squad's barracks 'come on we gotta be outta here by nine.'

'Five more minutes, mum' James groaned.

'Shut up James and get your butt out here.'

Once the squad had assembled Daniels walked up to me reporting everyone was accounted for, it was routine but stupid there was only six in the squad. Daniels over the past two months had grown into the commanding officer I saw in him when I first met him, on a couple of missions I had been wounded and let Daniel control the squad himself.
'The Resistance's top brass have been looking over there units records and they noticed that out squad has only failed four missions in the seventeen months it's been commissioned, those failures with minimum consequences. So they have decided to send us on a vacation, don't worry only a short one; we are to look after a new base they are building in the outer rim.'

The entire squad groaned and then realised this was actually the first time they hadn't been fighting and warmed to the idea of sitting down feet up with their guns in their laps without having to fire them. While in transit to the planet Marco decided to play a game of poker with an old pack of cards he had (Not strip poker which Marco first suggested). As everyone played I looked on and saw how much the squad had groan together, unlike other units we had never had to deal with the loss of a team-mate nevertheless we had grown into some sort of family. We had complete trust with each other and knew all of our strengths and weaknesses; I had to commend Matthews who had picked a squad where someone's weakness's was covered by someone's strength's. We landed and everyone got out and began to set up base, we were going to be here a while, just the way we liked it.