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Warriors of Valour: Part 1
Posted By: Ghost sniper<taylorboys@vtown.com.au>
Date: 4 October 2003, 7:58 AM

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AUTHORS NOTE: I'm discontinuing my other series the last Spartan because it was stupid. If you do want it just e-mail me and I can send you parts if I do them. Hope you enjoy this one though if you do yeah, if you don't who cares.

(Year 2514, Space Port 23 of Sigma Octanus II)

The shot rang through my nineteen year old ears, for my entire life all other shots would not affect my mind like the one that just sounded, my brain not believing what my eyes saw. It just froze there, a UNSC Sergeant standing away from his squad, the pistol in his hand pushing back from the recoil. The bullet passing through the air fifteen feet in front of me. I watched in slow motion as the hollow point entered the elderly mans chest, the bullet past through the man's heart completely cutting any chance of Frederick Stiles Snr. surviving. I watched as the man fell to his knees, I tried to pull away but I couldn't, my legs started to run towards him, hoping in vain I could help him. He was on his knees and coughed up at least a litre of blood before falling on to his back.
"Father" I called out trying to get some reaction from him.
I ran as fast as my Frederick Stiles Jnr. legs could carry me to my Father. The marines looked on happy they had completed their mission. They started to walk back to base sure to confirm that the suspected mastermind of the imminent mutiny was eliminated. But they had it wrong my Father wouldn't risk everyone's lives for that, for years our family and other's had been slaves working at the space station and any chance to escape was a golden opportunity.
"Father" I said kneeling beside his body blood gushing from his wound.
'Son' He said weakly
'I'm here it's alright I'm going to help you'
'No it's too late' he started to smile 'I guess I'll be seeing your mother soon.'
'No Dad you're not going to die'
'Yes I am, there's something you should know... they where right, it was me, I was going to break out for you.' He said rubbing the tear coming from my face.
'But Dad you could of di-'
'Died, who cares, the government would sooner let us die than to help us.' He coughed again letting more blood out onto my shirt.
'Fight son, you must fight to free our people and others like us.' He coughed turning his face a very pale colour. The blood around his wound was watered down as my tears ran into the hole. 'You must fight to stop the government. You must fight for...for...me...' His eyes went completely cold and empty as the last breath took what life he had away from him, from me.
I held his lifeless body in my arms rocking back and forth as people my Father and I had grown up and worked with looked on not knowing what to do. My father's arm hung to the side an accusing finger pointing at the retreating backs of the enemy, the UNSC. Built on the hope of uniting the people of Earth and the colonies, little did the public realise that there where too many people to provide for and dusted the rubbish away to become slaves. Over my Father's shoulder I could see a faint glint in the dust, I looked closely, it was the bullet it obviously past straight through his chest. I picked it up and grasped it in my fist, the fresh blood seeping into the crooks of my palm. I left picking up my Dad's body towards the slave's shantytown. Knocking back offers made by supportive comrades I buried him myself under one of the landing pads. I stumbled back to my house, my house, it used to be 'our' house but someone had decided to change the word, killing and complicating a life with a single depression of a finger. I looked under my Dad's bed to find his gun. A M3B Pistol a pretty early model but can get the job done, obviously it didn't have the same magazine size and power of the militaries current M5C pistol but it did take the hollow point bullets of the M5C. So I ejected the first bullet of the magazine and replaced it with the hollow point from the shooting, it passed through clean and was still fireable.
Leaving the house for the last time I didn't turn back, cradling the knife I had in my belt buckle. I don't know where I was going eventually but I had to leave. I walked into the spaceport heading out to the pad of a domestic flight to Sigma Octanus I. Leaning slightly I could see the military launching pad below with two longswords, just my luck. Leaning further I launched off landing behind a box of crates. The nearby guard didn't even hear me over the racket of his radio. I started towards the nearest longsword, but froze as I heard a voice from inside. It was too late to go back because the guard was starting his casual patrol and a spotlight was tracing the path from where I was back to the boxes, I had to go inside. I slowly advanced inside and saw a marine working at the console obviously recalibrating the flight systems.
'Sergeant Smith here, it looks all fine I'll just take her up for a test drive.'
'Okay Smith clear to launch through planetary access 3A.'
'Confirm planetary access 3A. Making my ascent now.'
I looked from my hiding position out the front window as a black blanket with white dots replaced the blue sky that was there. I worked on every kind of space ship but never past the final frontier and the coldness of space struck to the bone. As the pilot stopped and started whistling to himself I treaded forward thankful for the cloth shoes, I wore on the metal surface. In a reflection of a console monitor, I caught a glimpse of his face; it was the sergeant from the shooting. I lunged forward sticking my knife no through the central nervous system but through the windpipe; so he could suffocate while slowly drown on his blood running down his throat. I walked round to face him and just stood in front watching him claw at my pants his eyes screaming 'you'.
'Die you...dog' I shouted into his face as his eyes glassed over into death. I pulled out my knife from his neck and re-sheathed. I quickly changed into his clothes dumping the body and slave clothes out the airlock. At the control panel I was easily able to access the hyper drive, I allowed the computer to select a random coordinate to jump too.
'Longsword Gold 3-2 are you alright you've been out for a while everything alright.'
'Bite me you pieces of shit.'
'Crap we've got a hijack in progress on Gold 2-3 all units apprehend the ship, medic units to be put on alert we have an officer down.' The chatter continued and I was about to turn off the radio until the operator came back online. 'Hijacker of Gold 2-3 may I ask who am I talking too perhaps we can make an arrangement'
'I am Frederick Stiles can you arrange to bring back my father, no. I'm going to teach you pigs everything can come back and bite you on the arse!' I said activating the hyper drive. The sheer force of hyperspace travel sent me back into my chair; once I had recovered from the initial blast I set the cryogenic chamber to wake me after the ship dropped out of hyperspace. The chamber lid closed as frost began to appear on the glass before I stiffened by the extreme cold.