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The Journey Home
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 4 March 2002, 5:15 pm

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    What has come before:
    The Master Chief has killed the rebel leader, finally completing the mission that Durandal has set for him. Now, Durandal is to complete his part of the bargain...

    The Chief passed the broken body of the enemy leader. He stepped outside of the room into another dimly lit hallway. He walked slowly towards Durandal, and logged in.

    Human AI Construct Durandal
    Time: 9:24 A.M.
    Date: ?

    >>Well done human. You have preformed admirably. Now I am to fulfill my part of the bargain. Are you ready to go home?<<

    The Chief paused for a long time. He was tired, hungry, and depressed. He was ready for some R&R. But he couldn't have it just yet.
    >>Human? Respond, please.<<
    The Chief took a deep breath, then said, "Yes, Durandal. I am prepared. Take me home."
    The Chief disappeared in a swirl of white light.

    Human Colony "Glenn"
    July 17, 2890
    5:24 P.M.

    The Chief landed on soft soil. Mud splashed on his visor and all over his suit. The soldier got up, and walked towards a refueling station. A hispanic man sat at the counter, asleep. The Chief walked in and pounded his fist on the table to wake the man. The table splintered. The man woke with a start, then, gasping, backed away.
    "Hold it, friend. I won't hurt you. I'm just trying to find out where I am."
    The hispanic still looked shaken, but said, "You are on the Planetary colony "Glenn." If you are looking for a military base to report in," he said, spying the pistol in the Chief's hand, "It is down the road 2 kilometers."
    "Thank you," the Chief said as he walked out the door.
    People stared at him and backed away from him as he made his way to the base. He had been away from civilians so long that he felt rather uncomfortable. Suddenly, a reporter popped out of a car, her camera man behind her. She turned, saw the Master Chief, and dropped her mic. She scrambled to get it up, and said, "This is Kelly Sholes, reporting on the scene here at the "Glenn" colony, where the Master Chief has just arrived. Chief can you..." The soldier ignored the reporter and carried on. A large crowd had gathered behind him as he finally found the base. Two guards saluted sharply, as another checked his I.D.
    "Where is your C.O.?" the M.C. asked.
    "D-Down the hall and to the left, sir!" the grunt replied. Cameras watched the M.C.'s every move as he made his way to the Colonel's office. He knew the man here. He served with him before. The Chief finally reached the door and hit the activation switch. The Colonel looked up from his paperwork and moved his mouth as if to speak. Instead, the M.C. spoke first.
    "Spartan 117, reporting for duty, sir. I have returned."

The End

    Thank you for reading my stories. My most important factor in making these was customer satisfaction. The Master Chief is going to take a little break now, and so am I. Thank you fans, for your support.