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The Aftermath (Part 1)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 18 May 2002, 2:35 pm

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It is the 31st century, and mankind is once again at war. The Covenant have been destroyed due to several devastating campaigns, pulled off by the Master Chief, John 117. The Chief was decorated with every type of concieveable honor, including the rarest of all medals, the Medal of Valor. The Spartan has now retired, and in his steps many recruits have followed. There are now 50 Spartan squads in the UNSC. Mankind has been at peace for eleven years. But now, things are about to change...

Colony Planet Reach (Newly reconstructed)
9:37 A.M.

İİİİİMagistrate Durumov plodded into his office. Marines saluted him on the way. He returned their salutes, albeit half-heartedly. The secretary babbled on the holophone incessantly, pausing only one second as the Magistrate walked in. Good morning, she mouthed quickly.
İİİİİ"Yah, yah." The Magistrate was tired. The some of the colonists were getting restless. A group of radicals opened fire on his holocar the night before. He had spent that night sleepless. When he looked at all the filing work downloaded to his computer, he knew that this night would be the same. He was getting tired of the entire way the government was being run. Tired of the stupid UNSC empirialists. He wished that the people could return to the old ways. The ways of old. The ways of Russia, China, and Cuba. Communism would rise again. It was just a matter of time. And for this magistrate, the time was up. Sighing, the politician checked his mail.

>>Message From: Alexis Khradam
>>To: Akharda Durumov
>>Title: The Rise
İİİİİMy good Akharda, the time has come. I have contacted the leaders of Avalon, New Rome, and Venice's Pride. They are ready. You must give the word. We have begun to pound our message into the troops, and they are ready to revolt against the vile UNSC imperialist pigs. I hope you will follow suit. USSSR forever!

İİİİİThe message turned Durumov's mood right around. Now was his chance. He would announce his secession from the UNSC, and his troops would be Communist before they even knew it. Then they would be forced under his dictatorship. Best of all, he held five of the fifty Spartan teams. When the USSSR (United Space Soviet Socialist Republic) went on the war path, they would be unstoppable, especially when teamed up with the other fifteen Spartan teams across the USSSR. "Yes," Durumov said to himself, "It shall turn out to be a fine day indeed." Cold, hard laughter ensued as he typed out the official secession notice on the computer.

Five days later

İİİİİ"Oh, #@$* !" the UNSC President let a profanity as he read the message in his inbox. New Reach, New Rome, Avalon, and Venice's Pride had seceded. What was worse was the fact that all of those worlds were fortress worlds. "&$%* ! Of all the %!@# that could go wrong! The stupid @!$#&%*# must have been planning this all along!" President Thoroughgood continued to read.
İİİİİ"USSSR? What the heck is the... Oh, no." The Presiden tapped the line out to the secretary.
İİİİİ"Jane?" he barked, "get all of my war time advisors and every head general you can scrounge into Briefing Room A in twenty minutes. We're in deep trouble."
İİİİİ"Yes, sir," came the worried reply.

Three hours later...

İİİİİ"They what?" General Tarkad couldn't believe his ears. The stupid idiots had seceded.
İİİİİ"They seceded from the UNSC, Tom. We can't do a thing about it," the president said.
İİİİİ"Should we take the war path?" General Merdok asked, "You know Communists from history, those stinking @*$ !$ @&^*%@, they will attempt to enslave the rest of the outlying colonies, and attack us."
İİİİİ"Now hold it a minute," the President said, "We don't have any proof. We don't want to make a hasty move."
İİİİİ"Why not?"
İİİİİThe argument continued for some time, and got very heated. All the while, a spy was listening...