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A Strange Tale (Last Chapter)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 02 February 2002, 2:20 pm

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    The Chief ran throgh sewage, blasting Yeti offenders with his
pistol as he went. Cortana guided him through the corridors of the
sewer system. P'fhor fighters opposed him at every turn, and the
Chief's shock staff destroyed all who threatened him. Yeti fought
with P'fhor, acid went flying, electric projectiles whizzed through
the air, and bullets found targets. After a two minute battle, only
the Master Chief was left standing. He exited the large, blood filled
room into an elevator. It sent him whizzing upward to meet a new foe.
Hovering little robots shot plasma projectiles at him, and he dove
out of the way. Lead ejected from the Master Chief's barrel, and
peices of droid went flying. Several plasma shots found the Master
Chief, damaging his all ready weakened shield. The sound of small
weapons fire filled the air as the other droids fell to the ground.
The Master Chief mentally categorized the new enemies as "Sentinels.
"Chief, the two terminals are up those stairs to the left. Let's go!
Yeti and P'fhor are right behind us!" Cortana said, a slight tone of
panic detected in her voice. The Chief was just a blur of pure
force. He flew up the stairs, only stopping once to destroy a P'fhor
green fighter with the butt of his pistol. He finally emerged into a
circular room with two computer terminals side by side. One of them
looked alien, and one strangely human like. P'fhor screams were long
and hard outside the door. "There must be a heck of a lot of Yeti out
there," he said.
    "Log in," Cortana said.

    AI Durandal

    >>Hello, human. I am Durandal. I know of your quest to find the
homeworld of the Covenant.<<
    Yetis pounded upon the door, frantic to get in.
    >>Well, it's not in the terminal behind you. But I do know of a
place that contains information on the Covenant's homeworld. I can
take you there, but you must do something for me in return. To take
you to this information terminal, please respond.<<
    The door finally collapsed, and Yeti poured through, growling and
    >>Please, respond human. I haven't much time.<<
    The Chief did so, and his vision became blurred. The room around
him disappeared. Then he woke up. He was on a beautiful world, quite
unlike Lo' Howon. Mountains rose with his gaze, and endless beaches
met his gaze. The Chief smiled. "Uh, Chief?" Cortana said, "I thik
that you should look up. Right now. The Chief did so. As he did, the
world followed his gaze, up, up, up, until he could see the other
side of the world. His shoulders fell. "It can't be..." the Chief
    "Unfortunately, it is," Cortana replied, "We're back on Halo."

    >To be continued in "Return To Halo"<