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Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 5)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 26 January 2002, 4:43 pm

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    Planet Lo' Howon
    Date unknown
    S'pht Kr Information Library

    "Chief? Chief can you hear me?"
    The words penetrated the cloudy mist enshrouding the MC's mind. He slowly opened one eye.
    "Chief? Are you ok? You were out for nearly an hour."
    "I'm all right, Cortana," the Chief replied slowly, "Where are we?"
    "We're in the sewer system again. The Fl'Ikta brought you back."
    "The what? I thought those guards were Jarro!"
    "Well, uh, they're not. I miss analyzed. I mistook the body structure."
    The Chief snorted. "Ok," he said, "Do you know our position?"
    "Acessing..." Cortana said, "We're half a kilometer away from the eastern terminal. You need to take the right turn."
    Once again, the Chief said, "Yes, dear."
    They proceeded down the filthy hallways, sewage sloshing around the Chief's boots as he went. He met some heavy resistance. Wasps and Yeti were all around the passage, waiting to ambush him. The Chief was forced to resort to his pistol since the rifle was out of ammo. Internal organs spilled from the aliens and floated away in chunks. Finally, the Chief emerged into a very bright room. He walked forwards, turning off the flashlight as he did so. A terminal sat in the front of the room. The Chief logged on. It read:

    S'pht Scientific Entry terminal
    Year 189 (The Year of Pestilence)
    The P'fhor have all but destroyed our numbers. I can't count the number of great friends I have lost. The Temples have been decimated, and our priests slaughtered. We are all but their slaves now. Many other S'pht have turned, and have killed many of our bretheren. They shall pay for what they have done.
    The Jarro
    The Jarro are a race of aliens who live to destroy. Jarro have built a temple on the planet Earth, and someday plan to take the planet. Why must all yearn to kill the humans?
    There are several beasts that we have encountered. The headless, the zombies, and the banshees. They are all very leathal, and travel in packs. Their homeworld is, at this present time, unknown.
    >End Transmission<
    The Chief logged out. "So," he breathed, "The S'pht did nothing about the Jarro invaders, even though they knew of their existance."
    "Do you blame them?" Cortana asked, " They were being slaughtered by the P'Fhor! They had their own concerns to deal with."
    "Yes," the Chief said. He paused, then said, "So, the next terminal will be in the west, will it?"
    "That's affirmative. It is heavily guarded by Fl'Ikta, and there are actually two terminals there. I am reading a human AI construct in one of them. It may be able to tell us what's going on."
    The Chief slowly turned, and walked out of the room. A Yeti was standing in his way. It swiped at him, but the Spartan was too fast. He hit the beast between the eyes with his pistol, and it slumped to the ground, dead. The body hit the ground with a splash, showering the area with slime. The Chief wiped off his visor, and saw a scrawny blue alien with some kind of staff swing at him. The Chief took the shock with his shield. It didn't damage it too much. He opened up with his pistol, and the monster fell. Two green ones and a purple one followed suit to attack him. One by one they fell dead.
    "These must be some of the P'Fhor fighters," Cortana said, "They fit the description the first computer terminal recorded."
    The Chief picked up the staff, the end of which glowed like a blue flame.    "No matter what they are, if they stand in the way of me or my objective, they will die," the Chief growled as he ran down the corridors leading to the western terminal. He would get the information about the Covenant or die trying. "And," he thought to himself, "There are many an alien life form that will try to make me do the latter." He found the main passage leading west and hit the activation switch. "Here goes," he murmered as he stepped inside.