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Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 3)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 19 January 2002, 3:32 pm

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     Planet Lo'Howon
     Twenty minutes after landing of Lo' Howon

    The Chief turned on his flashlight and took stock of his situation. He was in some kind of sewer system. Green goo sloshed around his boots and grit covered the walls. The Chief moved on. He took a right, a left, and another right.   "I don't understand," the Chief said, "If there's supposed to be danger here, where is it?"
   "And what kind of information would be in a sewer?" Cortana asked.
   "Maybe the S'phit were trying to hide something. Ancient religious artifacts, or mabe history."
   "I don't know," Cortana said, "But I think we have found the danger. Motion tracker shows that something is moving beyond that door."   The Chief nodded. Assault rifle at the ready, he trudged forward through the grime. He hit the activation switch, and a large, yeti like creature emerged. It had three fingers on each hand, with claws extended, ready to kill. It had a vertical mouth that was in motion, as if he wanted to eat the Chief, and his eyes were blood red. The beast growled, then swiped. Part of the Chief's shields deminished. The Chief responded with an attack of his own. Shell casings plopped into the slime as the monster fell, dead. Soon, the beast's corpse rose and floated away. The Chief moved on. "Cortana," he said, "Analyze the body structure of that beast find out what the..."
   "Heck it is?" she finished. "Already done. This beast is one of the ancient Jjaro, the species involved in the pyramids in Brazil in 1993. A lone operative set of the device to destroy the W'wac'ner, a planet destroying beast resting inside the pyramid. But my scans don't detect the presence of any W'wac'ner. It's possible that the S'phit put these Jjaro in here to protect their information."
   "Understood. Let's move on." The Chief found a flight of stairs leading up to a small, circular room that held a computer terminal.
    "Log in," Cortana instructed.   The Chief hit the activation switch. It read:
      S'phit Databases
      Message Terminal A
      Recorded Year: 189 (Year of Pestilance)
     Danger lies before you, and safety back. But with exiting there goes the knowledge of the S'phit Kr. These terminals contain knowledge of other races and of the days of the S'phit Kr.
     The Pfhor.
     The Pfhor are an insect like race, enslaving other races to do their work. They are often war-like, and have now invaded Lo'Howon. They speak of invading other colonies containing humans (more on them later.) They seem unstoppable, but if problems arise in their ranks, they are quick to turn on their own kind to survive. This is their main weakness in battle. Their are several types of warriors, the Fighters, who are scrawny and use shock staffs to acieve their means, troopers, which carry a ballistic type of weapon, the hunters, whose hard armor is diffucult to peirce, the juggernauts, who hover and fire powerful ballistic projectiles at anyone in their way, and the cyborgs, who are programmed to do the Pfhor's bidding.
   Other Races to be included in documentation:
   "What?" Cortana screamed, "There were other races that knew of the Covenant? I didn't think that..."
   "Cortana, will you shut it? I'm trying to read!" The Chief grumbled.   Cortana did not say a word. "Thanks."
     The days of the S'phit Kr
     Documented by Korat' Nek
     Year: 180
     Peace has always, until now, graced the inhabitants of Lo'Howon. Now we are at war with the race known as the Pfhor. They are hard fighters, and many of our kind are dying. But the S'phit Kr will never surrender. We would rather die. The Pfhor are doing the abominable to our kind. They have lost many as well, and they desire to enslave our kind to their cause. They are mind controlling our men with their overlords. The guardians (not mentioned in the documentation) are brutal body guards to the overlords. Their weapons are powerful, and painful. Not a S'phit yet has encountered one and lived. We must overthrow them. The S'phit Kr must survive. We feel pity upon these humans that the Pfhor are so connivingly scheming against. They are taking their time. They want no mistakes. They need a window of opportunity to arise. We must not let them have it. I am sorry to say that now only the S'phit Kr remain free. We are hiding in our sewers, biding our time. We have put Jjaro in to protect our history. There are few S'phit who still remember our old sewer hid out after being mind controlled, but they do exist. We must kill them immediately. Zo'jalk has called a meeting to discuss wheter we should kill our bretheren to save humanity, or be enslaved to the Pfhor. I shall choose to save humanity. There are about 150 of us left, and we will die honorably. I must leave. If Kring'loki found out I was transmitting my personal thoughts into a computer he would have my head put on the table of the gods and sacrificed to Bren. More will be transmitted in the North terminal. >End Transmission<

   "Well, that was... interesting." The Chief said.
   "Yes, indeed. If there are any S'phit Kr left," Cortana said, excitedly, "They may help us in our fight against the Covenant. We should seek them out when we get back."
   "If we get back, you mean," the Chief said, coldly. There was a moment of silence.
   "Well, let's get going," Cortana chided, "The next one will probably be heavily guarded. It's the North terminal."
   The Chief headed out the door. He went back the way he came, and headed through the north passage this time. He opened the door, and was met by a strange, flying alien. Three bullets hit the target, and it fell into the soup with a splash. The Chief pressed on. He found a door and opened it. He went inside and it sealed shut behind him. Twelve Jjaro guards rushed out to face him. He put them all down, and blood mixed with the sewage. Suddenly, the slime began to rise.   
   "Chief! This room is flooding! Look for a way out!"
   The Chief searched frantically. There was no other door. He was trapped.