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Halo: A Strange Tale (Part 2)
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 12 January 2002, 3:45 pm

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       January 12,2389

    The warp hole ended abruptly, and the MC was thrown forwards and once again hit his head on the controll pannel.  After thinking sveral very nasty words, he got out of the pilot's chair.  "Cortana, report. Where are we?"
     There was a moment of silence, then she replied, "I can't rightly say. We are somewhere closer to the Earth, but not quite there."
    "Are you detecting any Covenant around Earth or its colonies?" the Chief asked.
    "Strangely enough, no. But I am picking up some kind of alien signal on the planet below. There are a lot of humans down there as well," Cortana replied.
    "We never established a colony on this world, did we Cortana?"
    "No, but apparently there are a few things that fleet-com has kept secret from us."
    "So that means..." The Master Chief began.
    "We were the egressors against the Covenant. They just now see us as a threat to their race. I can't belive those idiots!"
    "Cortana," the Chief said, "Can you identify the alien life forms on the planet below?"
    "Analyzing... No! They have a computer network down there, but it's so extensive and... It can't be possible!"
    "What?!?" the Chief pressed.
    "They call themselves the Pfhor, a race we eliminated about a century and a half ago." The Chief's eyes widened.
    "So that means that we are now..." he began.
    "Back in time," Cortana said, softly.
    The Chief swallowed.  "How far?" he breathed.
    "By a rough estimate," Cortana told him, "this is sometime in January 2389. The beginning of the battle of Loh' Howan. Chief, we need to get back to our own time. Oh,no!" she exclaimed, "The portal we came through, it's closing up!"  Indeed, the hole in space swirled, and it was gone.  The Cheif swallowed. "Only one thing to do, then."
     "Chief, you're not seriously thinking about going down on the planet?" Cortana protested.  The Chief slowly nodded his head. "Chief, you can't do that! You may interrupt the space-time continuum! Humans may see you as hostile. You'd better stay here."
  "And do what, Cortana, sit here and drain the power? We're losing power fast. We have just enough to make a rough landing on the planet."
    Cortana paused for a moment. "It's the only choice then. If the power goes, your life support goes as well."
    "Right," the Cheif said, "hang on!"
     They began entering the atmosphere in the covenant dropship. It rumbled and shook. A small chunk of space debris hit the ship, tearing away an armor plating. Warnings blared at the Cheif as he took the ship in. "EAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!" The Cheif yelled long and hard as he struggled to get the ship's nose up. He finally did it, and some of the warnings stopped. He could feel the metal under him begin to super heat. His rear end was burning up. "Don't get up," he told himself, "or you'll be thrown into the controll pannel and never get up." Finally, they were through the atmosphere and hit the ground roughly with a horrendous CRRASSSSHHH! The Cheif bashed out the back portal when they stopped. He took a look at the covenant flier.   "Well, we won't be using that any more," he said, panting. "We should move out," Cortana chided.
   "Yes, dear," the Cheif said, walking away from the wreck.
  They walked over dune after dune, and sand splashed upon the Cheif's Mjolnir armor. "I need to rest," the Cheif said as he squat down on the ground. Strangely, there was a hollow KONNNNGGGG when he did so. "What the..." The Cheif began to dig frantically with his hands. After about an inch of sand, he found what he was looking for.
  "Cortana, this is a door, isn't it? So what are these strange markings?"
   "Analyzing...this is a door, and it posts a warning in the S'pfit language. It says 'Enter all who seek knowledge, but death lies first.' Hmmm... Let me guess what you want to do," Cortana said.
  "Let me guess what YOU want to do," the Cheif countered, "you want to get in a ship, find one of those portal things, and get back to our own time."   "Exactly," Cortana said, bluntly.
  "Well, it says that knowledge is in here. Possibly a computer mainfraim. Doesn't that interest you?"
  "Yes, of course it does, but DEATH DOESN'T!"
  "Cortana, I have my weapons, and I am the best trained human being in the galaxy. I don't think that whatever these Spit.."
   "S'pfit," She corrected.
   "Ok, S'pfit. I don't think that anything the S'pfit throw at us can hurt us. Do you?"
   "Oh, have it your way, then. Hit the activation switch."
   The Cheif did so, and he and Cortana were emerged in pitch darkness. Black, cold, and evil.