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Return to Halo
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 13 February 2002, 8:56 pm

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     Time unknown.
     Date unknown.

     The Chief sat down heavily on the sandy beach and took off his helmate. The smell of salt water assaulted his nostrils as he rubbed his tired eyes. After which, his shoulders shook violently from the tears that flowed down his cheeks. The Chief walked out into the water and gazed as his eyes continued to let out a flood of tears. He inhaled deeply, then went back ashore. He opened up his pack, and took out one of the dried packaged brownies. It parched his throat, but he didn't care. He needed some comfort food. It took him a few minutes for him to calm down and to stop sniffling. He then put his helmate on, and began to tread a path up into a cliff. Cortana was silent until the Chief found a suitable cave to stay in for the time being. "Are you okay?" she asked, sensitively. The veins in the Spartans forehead throbbed. "I will be," He said. He knew that it was a lie, and that he wouldn't feel better until he were off Halo. "You should rest until you feel ready to contact Durnadal again," Cortana said. The chief nodded, slowly. He set out a sleeping bag and curled up in it. The Spartan then proceeded into disturbed sleep, filled with visions of Covenant destroying earth, humans being slaughtered, and all the aliens he had ever faced laughing at him.
    After several hours of sleep, the Master Chief rose, folded up his sleeping bag, and moved out. "Cortana," the Chief said, "Do you have any idea where we are, and where Durandal is?"
    "Acessing..."She said. After a few seconds, she said, "We are half a kilometer from a place called the Reckoning Fields. Historically, it is where the Forerunner allowed the victim's family of a murder case to kill the accused. It is now deserted. Durandal is inside a structure in the Reckoning Fields. We should move out." The Chief nodded, silently. Footsteps echoed through the canyon he had entered to get to his objective. Strange sounds occasionally filled the air. The chief readied his pistol, which had only one spare clip left for it. The shock stick he was carrying was destroyed when he landed. Suddenly, from behind, a small, puffy eyed creature scuttled. The chief shot it, and it exploded. Another attacked him from behind. This one took out half of his shield. Twenty of the little bugs attacked and the chief shot every one of them. Not even a leg of the aliens remained. The Chief mentally categorized the aliens as "Lookers," because of the giant eyes. Several more sneak attacks came as he slinked through the shadows towards the Reckoning Fields. Small sentinels and lookers chased him until he got to the edge of the canyon. The lookers backed off, but the last sentinel gave chase to the Spartan. His last shell took out the sentinel, and it fell to the ground in a flaming, metalic mess. He went through a small grove of trees, and he was on a desolate field. The grass was dead, and strange, alien bones littered the place. The chief accidentally crushed a skull beneath his boots as he ran forwards. There was a small, bunker-like structure in the middle of the field. The Chief reached it, and hit the activation switch. The door opened with a pneumatic hiss. Inside were two terminals, one with the symbol that the Chief had seen before, and one he hadn't. He logged onto the former.

     Human AI Durandal
    >>Hello, human. You wish to know more about the Covenant. The
terminal next to you holds the information, but you must do something
in return. Are you prepared to listen?<<
    The Chief paused, then said, "Yes, Durandal. I am ready."
    >>Excellent. What I need you to do is to exterminate a rebel for
me. He is a human, like yourself, but he is much weaker physically.
However, mentally, he is as sharp as a tack. The man's name is James
Harlong. He is leading a revolt against one of my lackies and plans
to join forces with the P'Fhor. Are you ready to do this for me?<<
    Once again, the Chief replied, "Yes."
    >>Wonderful. Once you read the terminal next to you, log onto my
mainframe, and I will teleport you to the mission area.<<
    "Just one question," the Chief asked, "How are we going to get back
to our own time?"
    >>Simple,<< Durandal replied, >>I will send you back by way of
teleportation. You age none while you travel, so you are still in
your mid twenties. Now, read.<<
    >>End Transmission<

    The Chief logged onto the terminal next to Durandal's.
    Information Terminal #01897
    Information about the Covenant
    The Covenant are a strict warrior species. They are planning to
dominate the universe, starting with the Human race. They plan on
jumping from Kr' Den, in the Persces sector, to Earth. The Covenant...
    The Chief cut the transmission short. "Cortana," he asked, "Did
you get all that?"
    If he could see Cortana's face, he knew it would be beaming. "I
have it all categorized. I know where we need to go. Log into
Durandal," she instructed. The Chief did as he was bid.

     Human AI Durandal
     10:48 A.M.

    >Are you ready?< Durandal asked.
    The Chief said, "Yes, I am ready." Then he disappeared in a flash
of light. Where ever he was going, he hoped that they would get their

     To be Continued in "Durandal's Mission."