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The New Reach Campaigns Chapter 4
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 5 September 2002, 1:17 am

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     Adam watched the pelican zip away from the newly captured fort. His team hadn't recovered one body.  The one of General Krensky and a few of his officers.  He turned away.  He would hunt the general another day. For now, he had a new base of operations to establish.  It was going to be a long night, even with the four more pelicans coming in with more marines to help.  It was time to get started.  He walked over to one of his fellow Spartans. "What do we have here, Mike?"
  "Well sir," the soldier replied, "The hanger isn't that bad.  There were a few vehicles that we salvaged. Some were in perfect condition, just a few dents, but others will need a bit of maintenance."
    "Good.  What have you found in the bunkers?"
    "Military records, sir.  Hard copies and a few in computer terminals.  Not too much major, but we're still scanning things.  They have some good strongholds down there, and we ought to be able to get up a central command in a few hours."
    Adam nodded as he looked around the wreckage.  "Any ammo or fuel depots?"
  Mike shook his head.  "Just one small armory down in the bunker, and we hit all the fuel depots. However, we should be able to re-route some of the USSSR's supply trucks to our position.  The decided to make them robotic as to cut down on any casualties in case we hit one of the trucks.  Our hackers ought to be able to crack the code in about an hour."
   "Good," Adam said, "Let's get to work."
     The Spartans began to work.  They positioned three girders to support the hangar, and then the gargantuan task of clearing out the wreckage began. Razor edged scrap metal was every where. They sifted through it, not only for using it on the roof later, but also salvaging for parts.  They found a few weapons, but not much else. 
    After Adam, Steve, Emily, and Mike had finished clearing out the hanger with twenty other marines, they began to work on the ammunition depot.  They lined the make-shift shelves with ammunition and supplies.  This took about another hour.  The work day was long and hard, and after ten hours of manual labor, all the troops (75 total) were able to bed down in a barracks for the night.  They would start on the roof of the hangar in the morning.  Once that was done, they would plot their next move.
     Meanwhile, someone else was plotting his next move.  General Krensky consulted with General Orumov on their next attack.  They talked away into the night, hours and hours of discussing tactics and plans.  Orumov would supply Krensky with all that he needed.  Men, fighter aircraft, dropships, and vehicles.  All they needed was the right time.
   Adam awoke the next day to gunfire.  They were back.  They were planning on retaking Fort Dartmouth.  "Red Alert! We are under attack!  Get your butts outa bed and get moving!"
   Everyone woke with a start as they heard screams from friendly and hostile soldiers.  It was go time. Emily grabbed her sniper rifle and headed for the back door. Adam picked up his assault rifle, and Steven loaded five more shots into his shotgun.  A soldier pulled a rocket launcher from under his make-shift bunk, and loaded two rockets into it.  The soldiers burst through the door, spraying bullets into communists as they did so.  Men fell, blood spewed, and brass casings fell on concrete, tinkling and smoking.  A longsword bomber swooped overhead, and the soldier with the rocket launcher fired directly into it as it sprayed bullets that could penetrate heavy aircraft armor.  The smoking husk fell directly where it was least welcome. Straight into the supply depot.  It went up in a giant fireball, scorching men who were too close, and incinerating those inside.  Adam held the trigger on his assault rifle, and bullets sprayed into the enemy. He took fire, and dropped on his stomach.  He continued to fire at the enemy, blood spewing from their wounds.  Suddenly, he heard a sound that made his stomach lurch.  There was a boom of to his left.  They had hit the hangar with a "daisy cutter" bomb. It blew sky high, destroying the bomber that had hit it.  Adam couldn't control his rage.  He spat profanities at his enemies
as he fired.  He had only one objective. To kill the enemy. Kill, kill, kill. And to eliminate anyone or anything that got in his way.
     Emily stared down the scope of her sniper rifle. She was looking for a good target.  She finally found one.  From atop the ridge where she was perched, she could survey the entire battle, including enemy officers.  She found one.  It was General Krensky, the ex-head of Fort Dartmouth.  It was time to turn him into an ex-general.  Better yet, an ex-life form.  She slowly raised her rifle, and squeezed the trigger.  The bullet flew true.  It was close.  But it didn't hit him. A captain had stepped in front of the general on accident, and now he didn't have a head.  Krensky turned tail and ran.  She fired two more times.  She hit. She had to have hit.  She knew it.
    She hit, all right. She hit him through the shoulder.  Blood oozed in torrents from the bullet hole, and he screamed in agony as he fell to the ground.  He was wounded.  His men were supposed to be wounded, not him.  He jumped inside a pelican and ordered the pilot to lift off.  He no longer cared about his men. All that mattered to him was his self-preservation.  The pelican lifted off, and once more flew off, with Krensky brooding inside it.