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The New Reach Campaigns Chapter 2
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 24 August 2002, 2:53 pm

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      Jareth 440 smiled as he stared down his scope. He had his target pinned right where he wanted him, and he had jammed his communications. All he had to do now was wait. His target would surface soon. Soon.

      Adam sat behind the concrete barrier between him and the sniper. He didn't dare move, but he called and called into his comlink. "Emily, this is Adam, do you copy? Over. Steve, this is Adam, do you read me?" He knew that his cries for help were useless, that the enemy sniper was jamming his transmissions, and that he couldn't override it. He could only watch and wait for his friends to find him. He knew that the battle would be over soon, but would the sniper leave with them? He would have to find out soon. Soon.

      Steven flew through his enemies. He fired his shotgun at any opposition, and rolled out of the way of enemy fire. A rocket missed his head by inches as he ducked behind a large piece of scrap metal. He loaded five more shells into his shotgun, then spun around, hitting an enemy assault trooper in the neck with the butt of his gun. He fired into the next enemy's chest, knocking him backwards and killing him. The rocketeer fired again. Steven jumped clear, but shrapnel penetrated his shield, embedding itself in his shoulder. He put his shotgun in the auto lock holder on his backpack, and took out his pistol. The rocketeer was a long ways off, so he would have to snipe him. He maneuvered into a good spot, then fired several shots into the enemy soldier's head. The marine fell, dead as a doornail. Suddenly, a voice came over his radio. "Steve, do you copy? This is Emily. What's your current situation?"
Steve's breath was ragged as he answered, "I'm good. Got a piece of ******* shrapnel in my shoulder, but I'll be ok. Where's Adam?"
"He dropped out of contact," Emily said, "But I don't think he's dead. His life signs are still registering. He may be unconscious or captured."
"Forget the captured bit," Steven said, "They couldn't lay a finger on him. Look, they're retreating now, so I guess it's over. How many men did we lose?"
"Seventeen," Emily replied.
"Gotcha. I'll be heading towards your position soon," Steven said as he walked towards the center of the city.
"Roger that. Over and out."

      Emily started to pack up her gear. She had capped a few officers, and sent the grunts running for their lives. All in all, a good day. She still hadn't heard from Adam, though, and that worried her. Where was he? It was getting dark, and really stormy. She hoped to hear from him soon. Soon.

      Adam was still sitting behind the barrier. It was night, and the enemy had retreated. He was alone. On second thought, Adam thought, I'm not. I've probably got that sniper still hanging around. Suddenly, the Spartan had an idea. He grabbed a piece of metal, and stuck it up above the barrier. A shot rang out, and a bullet hit the piece of metal, and went through it. So, Adam thought, He's still there. I've got an idea.
Adam reached in his backpack, and produced a small cylinder. "Habbe Quiddam, sniper boy."

      Jareth looked at the strange object on top of the barrier where his target was hiding. What was that thing he put up there? Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light. Jareth screamed, and realized what it was. It had been a flash grenade. Since he had been looking through the night vision of his scope, he was now blind. His target would get away, and there would be nothing he could do about it. He heard a loud, "BANG" a second later. Now he was deaf, because he had turned up the volume to listen to the enemy chatter. He would die soon. He knew that his target had alerted his friends, and that they would kill him soon. All he could do now was wait for it. Soon.

      Steven, bleeding and drenched, finally heard the voice he had been waiting to hear for over an hour.
"Steve, Emily, come in! This is Adam! I have escaped a sniper, and need immediate assistance. I am transmitting my coordinates now!"
Steve brought up his tactical map from his integral computer, and saw a flashing red dot to the south.
"Hang on!" Steve growled, "I'll get him. How'd you get away from him?"
"Used a flash-bang," Adam replied, "He should be an easy target. He's about a klick out from my position."
"Roger that," Steven replied as he got in a Warthog jeep. "He's mine."

      Jareth lay prone on the ground, still blind, and still deaf. They would find him soon. It was inevitable, but he didn't want to make it too easy. He had taken cover behind a small, grassy hill. They wouldn't find him yet. Or would they? Jareth felt the rumbling of the earth beneath him. A vehicle was coming. But was it friend or foe? Where was it coming from? As quickly as the rumblings had started, the stopped. Funny, Jareth thought, I wonder where they are. He never saw the enemy. He never heard him come up. But he did feel the shotgun butt contact with the back of his head. He knew no more.

      To Be Continued