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Journey of the Doomed: Part 2
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 30 December 2001, 7:06 pm

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    Journal of Privat Salak, Robert A.
    15 hours after the escape of Halo
    December 3, 2889

    Journal, I am making this entry before I go into cryo sleep. The
Master Chief and Cortana have been making plans to either go to
Earth, or attack a Covenant stronghold planet. I'm sure that whatever
choice we make, we will succeed in our mission. I've gotten new
confidence in myself over the past month during our battle of Halo. I
know that God will provide, and that what ever happens to me, it's
for his glory. I'm not sure what will happen to Earth. It may be
destroyed, or it may live on, waiting for the Covenant to find it.
Cortana is putting us down for our little nap, and she will operate
the ship's systems. I will record more when we arrive at our

    >End Transmission<

    And with that, dear readers, I leave you with the Journey of the
Doomed. I will continue this series when the sequel to Halo comes
out. In the meantime, happy Halo hunting!