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Journey of the Doomed: Part 1
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 30 December 2001, 12:09 am

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    An introductory note:
    This is a continuation of my "Journals of the Doomed" series.
Louis, I promise, I'll slow down with my stories. : ) To Mr. Ryan,
thank you with your support. This one is dedicated to my family, and
to you. With that, Journey of the Doomed.

    Continuation of the Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
    125 hours after the landing of Halo
    December 2, 2889

    >Clunk< >Clunk< >Clunk<
    Journal, whatever it is, it is going to DIE!
    Are you all right, soldier?
    >U-HUUUUH!< Yes, sir!
    Good, We're getting out of here. Sorry I hit you.
    No problem. >BLLLEEEEAAACCCCHHHH!< Ugh, all over the floor.

    >End Transmission<

    Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
    12 hours after escape of Halo
    December 3, 2889

    Journal, I'm sorry I had to cut it short last time. I'll fill you
in on what happened. The man I heard above me was the Master Chief. I
obviously didn't know that, and attacked. He hit me square in the
gut, causing me to throw up. That was the unpleasant noise in my last
entry. Anyway, the Chief managed to make the Pillar of Autumn's
engines go critical, thus destroying Halo. Cortana informed me that
they had to do it to keep all forms of life in the universe safe from
extinction. How the ring world would kill off aliens, I don't know.
We jumped off a while back, and there was one more Marine who
survived. It was David. He managed to grab some weapons and a lot of
ammunition before he went into hiding. The ship we are on is
relatively small, but has life support for more than one person. It
resembles one of the old "Stealth" fighter bombers used WAAAAYYYY
back in the Twentieth and into the Twentifirst century.
    The ship makes alot of beeping and pinging from the systems, and it
is a little creepy in the silence. I accidently left my Bible in the
cave. It would have been good comfort for me. The verse most
prevalent in my mind is Psalm 23:4 "Even though I walk through the
Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for you are with
me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."
    David and I were mopping up the floor, when we saw Halo go. It
was like the Fourth of July times 10. I'm getting sleepy, now that
I'm well fed and watered, and I think I'll turn in.

>End Transmission<