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Journals of the Doomed: Part 6
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 29 December 2001, 11:04 pm

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Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
125 Hours after the landing of Halo
December 2, 2889

    Journal, I am crouched in the corridors of the Pillar of Autumn. I
found the ship, and moved inside it by using a climbing line. The
Covenant and the Flood were soon to move in after me. Neither species
has found me. I am under the floor boards of an escape craft. I can't
fly it out because I don't have the training. It is sound proof down
here, so I can make this recording. I can hear them day and night.
There have been a lot of skirmishes outside. I'm not sure if I can
survive much longer. I am getting low on rations and water.
  What's that?
    >Clunk< >Clunk< >Clunk<

    Readers! This man's fate is up to you! I am holding a vote until
9:00 tonight on his fate. Will he live and escape? Will the Covenant
find him and kill him? Or will the Flood find him and give him a fate
worse than death. I await your responses at tiger@louisiana.com

   Stewart Screpetis