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Journals of the Doomed: Part 5
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 28 December 2001, 7:30 pm

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    Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
    101 Hours After the landing of Halo
    December 1, 2889

    Things are grim, journal. The Captain has been recaptured, and a
team of Marines went into the strange structure where the Covenant
took him, and never returned. The Master Chief was then inserted to
find the Captain and what happened to the squad. He worked solo on
this mission, and recovered a tape of some new kind of alien called
the Flood. The flood are a parasitic race, preying on other species.
The Chief found out that the Flood have taken over the bodies of the
squad, mutating them into horrid monsters. There are many other
infested soldiers in the installation. The Master Chief barely got
out. Srg. Hawk, I, and the rest of my squad moved in to investigate,
shotguns at the ready. Suddenly, Flood jumped us. They were
everywhere. Then the Chief emerged from the structure. We moved
through the swamp, to a tall structure. Then, an AI talked to the
Chief, and he was gone. We were fighting for our lives. Thomas went
down, as did Al, Johnny, and Sam. David, Srg. Hawk and I were the
only survivors. If Echo 4-19 hadn't shown up soon, we'd just be
corpses floating in the swamp. We re-located to the cave, where the
last of the survivors were. There was about 17 left. They said they
were forced to kill some unknown aliens, and then recognized the
dogtags around their bloody necks. The men were shattered. I'm not
sure how much longer we can hold out. We're low on ammo, low on
food, and low on morale. I'm ready to die. I'm prepared. But I won't
go without a fight.

    >End Transmission<