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Journals of the Doomed: Part 4
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 28 December 2001, 5:21 pm

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    Journal of Private Salak,Robert A.
    96 hours after the landing of Halo
    December 1, 2889

    Journal, I am shivering around a small fire inside our cave. The
weather has made a sudden turn for the worse, as our mission today
seemed to do. Today, I, David, Thomas Johnson, and Al Shepherd were
on our way to support the Master Chief, when we were engaged by
Covenant Banshees. Banshees are sleek attack fighters used by the
Covenant. Anyway, we went down, and the Master Chief worked his way
down to us by going through the Super structure on his way to the
control room. Before we went down, our pelican dropped of our
Scorpion tank, and we jumped out for dear life. Sergeant Hawk was
there with us. We held our position, waiting for the Master Chief,
when suddenly another Banshee appeared. Thomas grabbed the Jackhammer
(a.k.a. "Spanker") rocket launcher, and nailed it. That brought a
little bit of trouble. Elites in Ghosts and a swarm of grunts showed
up. I jumped in the tank's gunner port, and shot down two ghosts
with the main cannon. David nailed six grunts with two sniper shots
(good, isn't he?) while Thomas, Al, Srg. Hawk and I took out the rest
of the ground forces. We kept waiting, wondering if the Chief was
dead, when he showed up. The Chief could man both the driving and the
gunning of the tank because of his suit, so he was in the tank, while
the rest of us hopped on. We drove on to the next partition, where
another large force appeared. Roughly 20 grunts, 8 elites, three
manned turrets, and two Covenant death tanks. The M.C. took out the
tanks and ran over a bunch of guys, while the rest of us moppe up. We
drove down a large corridor, and the Chief hopped out. "Stay there,"
he ordered. He activated a holo pannel, which opened a 25 meter high
blast door blocking our way. We drove through the corridor, keeping
constant vigilance. There was a chasm with enemies on our side and on
the other side. There was one bridge between it. There were also two
plasma turrets on either side of it. The Chief took them out with the
main turret, while we marines concentrated on the little scum. David
was in his element. He sniped three elites, ten grunts, and a hunter
from across the bridge. We crossed, and met enemy fire. The chief ran
over the other hunter, and just oblitterated the last group of
enemies with the main cannon. We went through another long passage.
We had several other skirmishes, until we got to a point where we
couldn't drive the tank anymore. We hopped off, and ran through the
obstacles. There were hoardes of enemies over the next ridge. The
Master Chief had picked up a rocket launcher earlier, and took out
turrets and aliens. We gave him backup so he could flank and surprise
his targets. After what seemed like an eternity, we moved into the
building. We had several other skirmishes, and we finally found the
controll room. Or, I should say, the Master Chief found it. He
ordered us to stay behind and wait for pickup. We were picked up 20
minutes later, and were taken back to H.Q. I had frostbite in my
fingers, and the med techs fixed me up. It's rather cold, and it's
my night for watch. I'll right mor tomorrow.

    >End Transmission<