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Journals of the Doomed: Part 3
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 28 December 2001, 4:17 pm

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››››Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
››››72 Hours after landing of Halo
››››November 30, 2889

››››Journal, today we have made a discovery. We discovered the
location of the control room of Halo. Halo is this ring world that
we're on. Cortana said that the Covenant believes that whoever
controlls Halo controls the fate of the universe. If it is some kind
of weapon, the Covenant are bound to use it against us. I just pray
every day that we will get there first. My Bible is getting rather
tattered, and I'm almost out of tape. Anyway.
››››This morning, we stormed the beach to activate what the Covenant
call the "Silent Cartographer." There were a lot of elites, grunts,
and jackals. If the Master Chief weren't there, the rest of us
Marines would have been toasted. The marines drew the alien's fire,
while the M.C. flanked and pitched grenades. The man is unstoppable.
After we cleared the area of hostiles, a Pelican, Echo 4-19, dropped
off its Warthog. The Chief climbed into the driver seat, I was
gunner, and David Hileke was passenger, this time sporting his
beloved sniper rifle. We went around the bend, and there was a small
group of Jackals there. The Chief ran two over, David nailed three
with his sniper rifle, and I got a few with the cannon. We stormed up
the beach, and stopped at an artificial cliff edge. There were about
thirty hostiles. David hopped out and opened up with his pistol, I
mowed down grunts with the cannon, and the M.C. took out several
elites with grenades and his assault rifle. The master chief then did
something I never expected. We all went down the corridors of the
cliff, in the Warthog! That was the bumpiest ride in my life. There
were plenty of baddies at the end. David and I nailed a few, but the
Master Chief was relentless on the little scum. Before we could go
through the door that led to the Cartographer, the Covenant locked
the door. Cortana couldn't open it. The M.C. told us to hold
position, because he was going to deactivate the security systems.
››››It was an hour before the door opened,and a swordsman elite popped
out. We gunned him down, throwing our cards down to get to our
weapons. It was too bad, too. I had a flush. I could have won back
the cigars I lost do David. Oh, well.
››››The Master Chief said for us to go outside, and that Echo 4-19
would pick us up. I wanted to argue, but thought better of it. It
would be harder to detect one man than three, and the Chief doesn't
exactly need back up. We were picked up, and dropped off back at
base. The pilot said that she needed to pick up the M.C. and the
Warthog. "Fine by me," I said, "I'm dead tired."
Now, I'm going to find a nice, comfortable rock, and go to sleep.

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