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Journals of the Doomed: Part 2
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 27 December 2001, 3:35 pm

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Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
9 hours after landing of ring world
Date: July 28, 2895
Journal, today I learned a little bit more about the Master Chief.
I was working by his side today as reinforcements at a gravity lift
to get inside a Covenant ship, the Truth and Reconciliation. Around
us were strewn bodies of Covenant grunts, jackals, elites, and even
two hunters. When we got inside the gravity lift, we were pulled up
into the ship. When we arrived, there was no Covenant resistance
around, but all of the doors were locked. Uploading audio recording
    Cortana: No Covenant forces detected.
    Bob Thomas: No Covenant? Maybe nobody's home.
    Master Chief: Stay sharp.
    Jim Kamonski: I have a bad feeling about this.
    David Hileke: Shut up! I hear something.
    Robert Salak: What is that?
     >BIIIINNNGGGG< (Doors on either side of the room open)
     >DDDDDOW! DDDDDDDDOW!< >Tink, tink, tinkle, tink<            
(Covenant swordsman falls to the ground)
    Jim: Nice one, M.C.!
    Me: No Covenant! You had to open your mouth!
    David: Arg! >DDDDDDDOW< Eat that!
    Me: Dave, you all right?
    David: Yeah, just got some plasma scoring.
    Jim: Got 'em!
    Bob: Cover me!
    Jim: You always were hapless, Bob.
    Grunt: Heads up! >WHIIIIFFFF<
    M.C. :Move it! Get away from that thing!
    Bob : Son of a gun, get the **** thing off me!
    Jim: Right, eat this! >DDDDDDDDOOOOOWWWW<

    Master Cheif: Hileke, Salak, move to either sides of the door and
hold position. I'm going to draw the invisible elite's fire. Help me
take them out.
    David: Gotcha!
    Me: Rojer that, M.C.
>HISSSSS< (door opens)
    Elites: Growwwwwllllll
    M.C.: Now!
    David: Arg! I'm hit!
    Me: David!
    David: I'm all right. Thanks, Master Chief!
    >KSSSZZZIISSHHH< ( Cell bay doors open )
    Captain Keyes: Coming here was reckless, and you should know
better. Thanks.

    Cortana: Captain! Hunters!
    >SSSMMMMMACKKKKK!< (Keyes drives Covenant drop ship into hunters,
killing them)
    David: Nice one sir!
    Keyes: Time for a little payback.

    >End Recording<

I know I skipped a bit, but the battle details would bore you.
Anyway, the Captain piloted a Covenant drop ship to our base of
operations to get ready for the next mission. If things go the way
that they have been, it won't be easy.

>End Transmission<