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Journals of the Doomed
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 27 December 2001, 1:26 AM

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     Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
     3 hours before landing of ring world
     Date: July 27, 2895
      Is this thing on? Testing, one, two, three. My name is Robert
Arthur Salak. This journal is to be despatched to my parents in case
of my death, along with my remains. The Pillar of Autumn will soon
arrive at its destination. Whether the Covenant will be there or not
is a mystery. Sergeant Hawk isn't that worried. He says that if the
Covenant are there, they won't take us down without a fight. That's
true, but it doesn't keep me from worrying. We were trained to be the
best of the best, but we're only human. We do have this strange
feeling that sergeants don't know about. It's called fear.
     I've been walking around the ship in my spare time, thinking
about what's to come. I don't know what will happen to us. We will
just have to face it when it comes.
I have been hanging around the cryo bay, and I saw him. The Master
Chief. Sole SpartanII survivor of the battle at Reach. I hope that if
we end up in trouble, he'll be there with us.
I made friends with an ordinance tech today. His name was Sam
Collins. He said he'd helped put the Chief down for his little nap,
and heard all of the stories about him. He seems pretty cool. Some
of the other marines,especially Joe Karmak, poke fun at me for making
friends with a civilian. I argued that civilians are people to, but
they didn't seem to care. I spoke with the sarge,and he said that
we'd be out of our jump in three hours. I hope so. Space travel makes
me want to puke.
     End Transmission.
     Journal of Private Salak, Robert A.
     2 hours after the landing on ring world

     >KZZZZZ< I am weak and tired, journal. We have landed on a
strange ring world. It is beautiful and horrifying at the same time.
I have seen pictures of Earth, and imagine it to be like this world,
only a sphere, not a ring. It is also horrifying because of what we
have found here. But first, let me tell you of how I got of the
Pillar of Autumn.
      The ordinance techs awakened the Master Chief and got him battle
ready. After they finished the tests, the main tech in the enclosed
balcony was killed by several Covenant Elite troopers. It was Sam. I
know because I ran over his broken, bleeding body trying to get to a
life pod.
It was a heated battle to get out. I lost several of my friends,
Jason Argo, Tom Mertens, and Billy Connella. The rest of my squad
made it out. We were trapped in the mess hall, at first. We were
surrounded. Suddenly, the Master Chief appeared from the bridge, and
helped us out. I'm not sure if we would have made it if it weren't
for him. Anyway, my squad and a lot of other marines boarded a life
pod, and we shot off. None too soon, either. A Covenant boarding
craft had used the airlock behind us, and hoards of enemies emerged.
The Covenant ships fired at us, but missed. I can't say the same for
the next pod, however.
     We came into the atmosphere of the ring, and made a rough
landing. We were battered up a bit, but we were all right. We moved
out and into a group of high rocks, where we held position. Soon, a
Covenant drop ship landed, and sent out a few troops. One of my
sniper friends, David Hileke, nailed four of them, and the rest of us
mopped up. Then the ship returned, and dropped off another load. None
too soon, the cavalry arived. It was the Master Chief again, and he
was in a Warthog this time. His gunner helped mow down the aliens
while the Chief jumped out and helped.
After several of theses skirmishes, a Pelican appeared, and we all
jumped in, except the Chief and gunner. Cortana, the ship's AI, said
that they wer going to look for more survivors.
      The drop ship dropped us off at a mountain cave, which is our
base of operations now. All the surviving marines and crew are here
now, except the Chief and his squad. I wonder what they're up to?
It's getting dark, and I'd better get some sleep.
      End transmission.