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Durandal's Mission
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 02 March 2002, 3:03 pm

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     P'fhor ship Kr' Nedak
     Time unknown
     Date unknown

     The Master Chief landed abruptly on a hard, metal deck. He reopened the old wound that he had gotten in the Lo' Howon crash. He took off his helmate and wiped the blood away from his eyes and forehead, then said,when he put his helmate back on, "I wonder where we are."
    "I don't know," Cortana said, "But I am reading human and alien lifeforms everywhere. We must be on a P'fhor ship. Gimme a second to access..."
    "Don't worry about it, the chief said, we just need to find Durandal. The Chief looked around the room for any weapons lockers. He found one and ripped it open. Inside were a primitive pistol, assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment, and a ton of clips. After grabbing the weapons and ammo, the chief exited into a brightly lit hallway. There were windows to see out into space, and the Chief could see a nearby planet that he had often seen before. Lo' Howon. The chief gazed out at it, then woke up when he heard a slight chattering in the room to his right. He raised his assault rifle and hit the activation switch. Fighters and enforcers greeted him coldly. Burning bolts of plasma and flame whizzed through the air as the Cheif ducked, rolled, fired,and completed the process again to evade pain. Once the last fighter fell in a bloody, mangled heap, the cheif stepped inside the room to see what they were guarding. A computer terminal. The Chief logged on.

    AI Construct Durandal
    12:53 A.M.

    >>Greetings, human. We have much work to do and we are short of time.<<
Durandal brought up a map with two marked points on it.
    >>The mark next to the hallway is your current position. You need to move down the hall to the next hallway and infiltrate the human barracks there and exterminate all inside. They are all traitors. Then, I will teleport you to where their leader, John is, so that you may exterminate him. Have your construct map out the nav points. Good luck.<<
    >>End Transmission<<

    The Chief backed away from the terminal. He knew that he would have to kill their leader, but all of his men? Were all of them in it together? Or were some just submitting to a higher power? The Chief moved out of the room, assault rifle at the ready. There were hostilities all around the hall. The chief turned them all into coldcuts as he ran towards his goal. He found the barracks and opened it. Inside were a lot of men dressed the same way, with a cybernetic eye over their left. "What the..." one of them said, "Kill it!" They all grabbed their pistols and opened fire. The Chief was too fast. They all fell, screaming, begging for mercy. The Chief's morale fell quickly as he saw the human bodies fall. But they stood in the way of him and his goal. The chief hung his head, then stepped on the teleporter pad.

     In the main office, John put his feet up. His men were on the winning side, and nothing could stop them. Suddenly, on the controll panel, there was a communication light blinking. He hit the activation button. "Yeah, what?" the B.O.B. said, irritably.
    "Sir, we've got some new kind of contact! I don't think its human!
What the... OH! NO!"
    "Corpral!" the commander said, swearing. "Where is he?" Just then, John heard a sound from behind. A human voice said, "Knock knock." The commander turned around to see a seven foot tall cyborg in front of him. John's mouth fell wide open. "Who...who..." John stammered.
    "Excuse me," the cyborg said as he raised his assault rifle high over his head and brought it crashing down on John's head. Blood sprayed the leather chair and metal desk, and the rebel's corpse hit the floor with a metalic thud.

    To be continued in:
    The Journey Home