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Halo's Ballad
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 24 September 2003, 2:04 PM

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Covenant forces invaded the Autumn,
They killed with one swift stroke.
The human forces all seemed doomed-
'Till the last living Spartan awoke.

He recieved his orders to get off the ship,
Many Covenant soldiers he slew.
He entered a life pod and shot away,
To the ring-world below he flew.

Only he and Cortana survived the pod's crash,
But he found other surviving troops.
Then he hopped in a warthog and drove away
Trying to find other marine groups.

He found other living men, battered, and bruised,
Close to their downed life pods.
He left with Foehammer and a handful of troops
To become a rescue squad.

Truth and Reconciliation-a Covenant ship-
Hovered over an empty plateau.
Little did her crew realize, that at that moment,
The Master Chief was below.

Captain Keyes sat alone in his tiny cell,
Internally he bled.
The Chief rescued all the men, and then
To the ship's main hangar they fled.

The very next day an invasion took place
To find the Cartography Room.
If Covies found it first, the Captain knew,
Humanity faced certain doom.

The Cheif activated the Cartographer,
The Control Room locale was found.
Back to the surface the Spartan went,
And was transported far underground.

Through tunnels and snow the battles were waged,
Covenant presence was heavy.
Bullets and plasma flew and struck-
Losses for both sides were many.

The Spartan waged war to the Control Room
Through immense Covenant hate.
Cortana said "Keyes must be stopped!
"Before it is too late!"

To a dark, dreary swamp the Spartan went.
Some Covenant forces appeared.
He didn't know as he walked through dark halls
He'd be facing foes far more feared.

Flood parasites leapt to infest the MC,
But he killed them as they flew.
Horrified, was he when he finally realized
He was facing soldiers he once knew.

The Guilty Spark plead with the Chief.
He said, "Someone has released the Flood!"
He wished for the Spartan to get the Index,
Though it meant much shedding of blood.

Up floor after floor the Spartan fought.
For his skills, it was a trial.
Little did he know that his Monitor friend
Had a secret plan most vile...

In the ring's control room, Cortana was mad.
She said, "343's a betrayer!"
The Chief was shocked to finally learn
In this plot he'd been a key player.

The Chief and Cortana battled the night through,
From low plains to highest towers.
They fought for this purpose: To keep the GS
From using any of his powers.

Keyes, captured by new foes, sat in a cruiser.
A monster was in his head.
He called out but thrice, simply because
Very few words could be said.

The Chief found the captain, bulbous and huge,
Body lashed into place.
Through his weakened skull the Spartan reached
And found Keye's neural lace.

In a stolen Banshee the MC traversed-
To the Pillar of Autumn he flew.
His mission was clear, his objective sure-
Halo must be destroyed, he knew.

Rocket launcher in hand, the MC walked
And removed the ship's reactor coverings.
He blew them to bits and then drove off
As the Monitor babbled, hovering.

Away from the ring-world the Spartan went
On a fighter, he heaved a big breath.
He closed his eyes and tried to sleep
After facing so much death.