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The Ballad of Reach
Posted By: Gasmask
Date: 8 August 2003, 4:56 PM

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They came from afar to make war on the world,
Humanity quivered and trembled.
For one last stand, all the soldiers, they came,
To Reach every man assembled.

The Spartans, old culture, brought up now anew,
Stood in their armor most splendid.
They steeled up their nerves for the battles ahead,
As Covenant forces descended.

Explosions rocked the world, the bullets, they flew,
Brave soldiers bled and died.
Civies fled the carnage, and searched as they fled,
For places that they might hide.

The Covenant forces were ruthless and cruel,
They killed wounded men where they lay.
The Spartans stood fast to buy others some time,
Only one would survive that day.

On the Pillar of Autumn, the last Spartan wept,
On the ship, he shot away.
He vowed as he slept in the cryo-tube
He'd avenge his brothers someday.