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Rogue Beast Final
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 April 2003, 2:18 AM

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Rogue Beast
Rebel Yell

Location: Covenant Base 56-C
Year: 2554

The windowless structure provided an excellent area for Covenant Snipers to prepare for the coming of the Brute army. The high powered plasma darts were loaded and ready, while all across the streets, the cannon fodder marched meticulously back and forth, unaware of their impending death.

"General, this area is secure, our Snipers are ready." An Elite Lieutenant said, saluting by throwing his fist across his chest.
"Excellent, be sure to keep an eye peeled; we don't know how well planned they actually are." The white plated General said, saluting as well.

Location: Just outside 56-C
Year: 2554

"So Roe, we've been traveling for quite some time, and yet I have not spoken to you very often. Where do you come from?" Said the Brute, Kayliss, the Brute who had saved her from her own suicide.
"I came from the Central Continent. I'm not very used to this cold weather. My family and I grew up on a tall tree, along with 12 other family units. The Covenant came when I was digging for roots one morning. Their faces, those hideous double jawed faces; they stared at me, grinning with delight as they began to cage me. When I was put into the Drop Ship, I could see my Parents caged as well. As a sign of how serious they were..." She said, not wanting to go on. "... they shot them in the head."

Her face went limp, as she struggled not to cry. Kayliss had seen Brutes like this throughout his travels, each one, unable to recover. "That's just one more reason while we won't let them back to this Pla..." He began.

A crackle went through the air, and Kayliss was unaware of the plasma dart in his neck by the time he stumbled to the ground, dead. Roe was shocked, as she turned towards the white smoke line, finding it coming from the base.

"CHARGE!!!!!!!!" Came a Brute, as the hundreds of Brutes began to flow down the hill. One by one as Roe ran, Brutes were shot down to the ground...

Location: Sniper Building
Year: 2554

"Good shot!" Came the Lieutenant, watching a strong male fall right next to a woman. She seemed familiar.
"Fire two!"
"Roger, reload"
"Got one!"

The comments wouldn't stop, as dozens of Brutes fell before they even reached the city walls. The plan they had made fell right into place. By the time they'd even get there, their numbers would be crippled, and their plan ruined.

Location: 56-C Entrance
Year: 2554

Two Ghosts sped by Roe, as they began to fire on the wall. As it toppled, their opposition was apparent.
"KLICK KLICK!" Came a Jackal as he overloaded his pistol.

Roe wasn't ready for it all, as green blobs floated past her head, and large green missiles fired back. She covered her head, firing forward, hoping she'd hit something. Overhead, large blue fireballs hit the ground, destroying one of their own tanks.

"Damn, we lost Artillery!" Said a Brute. "Infantry 1 to Crescent Valley, come in." He said.

"Roger, we read you." Came the comm.

"I need an sniper strike on those tanks at the far edge of the facility."

Location: Crest of Mountain Side overlooking 56-C

"I need a sniper strike on those tanks at the far edge of the facility." Came a commander.

"Roger, engaging." Came one of the Snipers, holding his gun carefully. The Elites left the hatch open on the Wraiths, as a sign of pride.
A crack and pop began, as shots were fired repeatedly. Finally, they had succeeded.

"Excellent shot my friend. It seems these devils have TOO much pride." They said, beating their chest in victory.
"Crescent Valley to Infantry 1, Artillery down."

Location: Center Plaza (56-C)

Roe moved quickly, gaining courage, finding that the Artillery was down. Grunts ran past her in fright, not wanting to die. She only laughed, launching a missile into their numbers. Explosions rattled the Sniper buildings, sending them toppling down, killing them all.
"GAH! NOOOO!" Came a Grunt, begging for mercy.

The thoughts of her parents came back to her, watching them die. There was no mercy according to her. She fired a rocket, sending his pieces scattering.

An enemy Ghost began to charge towards her, firing its plasma weapons with no success. As it was about to ram her, she pulled out her new grenade, attached it to the front, and dodged. The Ghost exploded, sending it flipping over and over. The driver fell out, still barely alive, but not for long. She heard his long cry of death. For a moment, she pitied them.

A Brute ran by her, "Roger Command, we've reached the Prophet building."

Location: Prophet Izahea Command Structure
Year: 2554

The rumbles became louder, as Banshees from the outside bombed it repeatedly, unwilling to stop until she was dead. Her red eyes now dim, half open and wrinkly. "Commander, what's.... what's the status of the structure?" She said.

The Elite looked worried, "Not good ma'am. We won't be able to take many more hits. The Infantry has almost reached the entrance. I suggest we evacuate." He said in a panic.

She looked angry, lifting her hand in disappointment. "NO! We... will... stay. I won't allow them to win." She said, struggling for breath.

A bomb fell upon the roof, sending it topping down upon the Prophet. She was dead. When the Brutes finally arrived, her body was taken, and dragged through the streets, and plasma rockets were fired up in the air in celebration. Roe watched from afar, trying to grasp the horror.

"What are they doing? How can they be so cruel?" She thought to herself. She didn't know why she helped them. They seemed no more honorable than the people they had just faced. It seemed the world around her toppled under the stress of the new epiphany. She took her armor, and weapons and laid them in the Central Plaza. She began to ride south upon a Ghost, towards her home in the tropical trees, where hopefully, the world she knew would be hidden from her eyes...

The End.