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Rogue Beast1
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 April 2003, 12:44 AM

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Rogue Beast
Part 1

Location: Mines of Brute Home world
Year: 2553

"MOVE!" Came the Elite guard, holding his whip tightly, as he lashed all the Brutes into the dark, cold mines. Roe was among them, cold and bitter, growling under her breath as she passed a group of Grunts, each ready with pistols.
They had been doing this same routine since the Covenant landed upon their world. These caves used to not be here, but they were made by the sweat and blood of the first Brutes to become enslaved. There were no riches within the cavern, only an excuse to create agony.

"Prophet Izahea, these new Brutes aren't working very fast. They are very cold and hungry. Orders?" Came Jurik, a tough Elite soldier, emblazed with white armor.

A Prophet, embalmed with winter cloths, sat atop her purple hover seat, watching below as the Brutes began to dig deeper and deeper, while sipping a glass of liquid. She turned to the Elite, her eyes steady upon him, "Kill them if they do not work. We can't have slackers in our Covenant." She said.

Roe was aimlessly wielding her sharp axe, cutting through the tough rock, as a white Elite walked by slowly, glaring at each of them, looking for a weak Brute.
"You there!" He said, with his voice echoing through the cavern.
A few Grunts grabbed the skinny, worn out Brute, to which Roe did not know. The pistol was put up to its head, and was fired, sending the brute to the ground, with a low rumble.
"THIS is what happens when you do not WORK!" The Elite said pointing to the body.
Each of the Brutes shuddered, not by the cold wind of the outside, but of fear. They all turned back to their boring, black wall, as the chugged away upon the rock. Roe looked up into a high peak of the cave, seeing the shadow of the Prophet, who's eyes turned and stared at Roe, only for a moment. Her heart sunk as she began digging faster and faster, not willing to die.

Location: Covenant Battle Ship over Brute Planet
Year: 2553

"Prophet Izahea, the next fleet of Drop ships has arrived to pick up the next Brute colony. Shall I permit them to land?"

The Prophet lay in her room, reading over schematics and statistics, obviously bored out of her mind. She had become weaker by the day, growing older and older.
With a frail voice, "Yes, but tell them to be careful as always. These Brutes still have some fight in them."

"Yes ma'am."

Location: Brute Home World Launch Site
Year: 2553

Roe had lost all of her strength at this point, with no reason or energy to fight what was happening. Across a field of black asphalt, dozens of Drop Ships lay, as groups of 8 Brutes began to be loaded up.
The sound was deafening, as the engine noise got closer to Roe, her hungry, depressed body limping towards the ship. As she looked up, the Elites were whipping them once more. All of the Brutes had one or two marks on them already, and luckily, Roe managed to stay out of trouble.
During the days they were in the cave, dozens of Brutes died from not working hard enough. Ditches with the stench of death were made at the bottom. It was a horrific site.

"MOVE IT UP!!" Came the Elite, as a heavy, wet whip came down upon her back. She fell to the ground with a thud, which caused most of the Brutes to turn towards her, knowing her fate.
A Grunt came up over her body and lifted her head, preparing to fire.

"No don't! Please! Help me!" She yelled towards the bruised fellow Brutes. They did nothing but watch with fearful eyes, wanting to help. One of them began to roar in the traditional way, beating his chests with his fists. The Grunt was surprised, and screamed as he charged him.

"GAH!" He said, fumbling the pistol in his hand.

The Brute slammed into him, killing him with the force of his muscle. The other 6 joined in, helping Roe up and dust off.
"Thank you." She said in a pant.

"Don't thank me, it is you who brought the courage within me." He replied in a deep voice.

Without another word, Roe began to run away, towards the White Mountains where she was born. As she turned her head back, the 7 other Brutes where beginning to free the rest, taking up arms against the Covenant.

"Bless them..." She said in her run.

Location: Prophet Izahea vessel (Orbiting Brute World)
Year: 2553

"What's happening down there!?" Izahea screamed as loud as she could, looking up towards her personal monitor. A bruised Elite was sitting inside a Wraith, trying to fend off the Brutes. "I don't know ma'am. They just started rioting, as if it was planned. The Brutes killed the entire regiment of guards. I can't even fight them off with this!" He replied.

The screen began to fail, as low thuds were heard outside the cockpit, as Brutes slammed the purple metal with their fists. The screen went out, followed by the long, seemingly un ending scream of an Elite.

"General!" Izahea said, as an eight-foot tall elite, covered in full body armor walked up to her. "Take your entire squadron, and kill every last Brute. I should have never allowed them to live..."