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Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 5 of 5
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 March 2003, 3:36 AM

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Location: Covenant Battle Ship Howler (Bridge)
Year: 2590

"Sir, Jerek and his Squad have eliminated the threat. But they left one survivor." Said a low ranking Jackal.

"WHAT!?! Why?" Krik yelled in frustration. First there were intruders and now an Unknown vessel of enormous size was making an advance. He was worried.

The nervous Jackal replied, "But sir, it's the Spartan. He's alive."

Krik's eyes widened, his beak open. "Tell Jerek and his soldiers to hold their position. I'll handle him myself." He said, activating his silver shield.

_Location: SCS Searchlight_

"Can we PLEASE get some info on the incoming vessels!?!" Admiral yelled.

The Bridge was a mess, dark and smoky. The Covenant had panicked and began assaulting Earth and its defenders with renewed zeal. The comm. channels were overloaded with traffic. Thousands of small vessels began leaving Earth, all one by one being shot down by Banshee patrols.
The Human Fighters were wiped out, fires strewn across all ships. It was hopeless. Earth itself had lost most of its oceans from the heat of battle, and the Covenant had fully eliminated all Human defenses. Paris, New York, all were in ruins. Covenant flags were placed everywhere from Alberta to Australia.

"Its armor is blocking all our sensor scans. But it appears to have energy weapons that could wipe out every ship around Earth at once."

The Admiral looked on his seat, which laid a Pistol. He had never thought of doing it until that moment. Earth was lost, and so was his Fleet. The human's had failed.

He lifted it to his head, and began to squeeze the trigger. "Admiral, we're getting communications from the vessel. It appears they've translated English.

"Human vessel. I am Commodore Kan of the Forerunner Battle Fleet. Please leave the area near Earth or suffer the consequences." A deep voice said.

"Why may I ask.." The Admiral began before being cut off.

"Damn! Get him back, get him..." He yelled.

The entire vessel began to implode. The Bridge was incinerated, as was the entire vessel. The Covenant had completely wiped out all of the Human Assault Vessels. Earth was a ball of fire, and all Civilians were no more....

_Location: Howler Docking Bay_

"Chief, we can't just give up!" Cortana yelled in panic.

John turned around at Earth. There used to be dozens of Human ships, which now were all smoking ruins entering the atmosphere. Suddenly the ship began to change course, turning the view out towards Space. That's when John realized it all.

"My God..." Cortana began. "..it's the Forerunners." She said in awe.

"Why are they.." John began.

Jerek lifted his sword in anger. "QUIT HUMAN!" He yelled, firing a bolt of plasma. "Our Captain is on his way to deal with you." He said, then looking confused. "You don't know who I am, do you? Heh, your Human memory is very weak. The Silent Cartographer? I was just a young Elite then. I was piloting a Drop ship carrying some Jackal Troops to stop you. I had turned around to view how it turned out. You murdered them all. My friends, my family." He said, feeling the renewed anger.

The Hanger door opened as Krik stepped out. He looked around the room, spotting Jerek and a dozen Jackals. "Jerek, I'll take it from here." He said.

"Why haven't you just killed me yet?" John asked intriguingly.

Krik smiled, "Because I just arrived."

Jerek quietly got behind John, sending his blade through him with delight.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet_

"The Human vessels have been eliminated by the Covenant. I sent the message to their vessels as well, but their not responding." A Forerunner officer stated.

Kan shook his head, "The fools. They don't need to die. It appears almost all Humans have been wiped out. But these Covenant are just as much food as they are. Continue the Sequence." Kan stated.

Kan knew his species would be gone forever along with the Covenant, but revenge was a force the Forerunners could not stop in them selves.

_Location: Earth_

It was eerily quite around Earth. The bombs of the Covenant had ceased, and the Human race, a memory. John had failed, and the Covenant would not heed the warning. All over the Universe, it was still. The Flood controlled Galaxies began to crave new food, and began their way towards Earth. But it would be too late.

The Massive Forerunner Vessel placed itself over Earths North Pole, which once contained ice. A blinding light came from its center, as a beam the size of the US cut into it. An explosion ripped throughout the Planet, sending entire continents to incinerate under the heat. Plasma and rocks were thrown into space, as all Covenant vessels were destroyed. The Forerunner vessel sustained no damage.

As it began to calm, something didn't look right. It looked as if a piece of Earth survived. The problem was, it was a perfect ring of Earth.

It was a Halo, buried deep within Earth. Buried there for countless millennia.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet (orbiting Earth)_

"The cycle is completed. The Halo has been released, and is preparing Automatic activation."

This Halo's radius was not 25,000 light years, but 100 trillion. It was the Forerunner Ultimate Plan to stop the Flood. It was the only way.

A dim light, growing brighter began to appear in the rings center. As it grew, it became large enough to encompass the entire ring. Its shockwave was launched...