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Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 4 of 5
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 March 2003, 8:40 PM

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Halo: Reunion From Destruction
Part 4 of 5

Location: UNSC Assault Frigate Searchlight (Bridge)

Admiral Whitaker had just received word of reinforcements from Cortana, he had no idea who or what she was talking about. After she had told him, the comm. was cut out.
He slammed his fist upon his chair, watching on the wide view screen the carnage of the battle. Hundreds of Fighters had been destroyed, and General Hammer had stressed him to continue to assault the Covenant Fleet. He couldn't allow it. All Colonies had been wiped out one by one after Reach, and they finally made it to Earth, finishing off the Human Race once and for all.
"Sir, Space Hatch C-12 was just opened. The Tech down there said it was the Master Chief." Said the Operations Officer.

"The Master Chief? Where did he go, just JUMPED out of the Ship?!?" He asked sarcastically.

The Officer only nodded. Whitaker stroked his mustache, trying to think of where he'd gone. "Reinforcements Cortana said? Now I see..."

"Try to keep in sensor contact with Cortana. Where are they now?" He asked.

"Inside the Covenant Battle Cruiser Howler."

Suddenly a massive force hit the large window. It was a Grunt, bloody on the foot, but still alive.

"Seems the Chief is back in action..."

_Location: Halls of Howler_
"Chief, if you don't mind me asking, what's your plan?" Cortana asked intriguingly.

"Ram this thing into another Covenant Vessel, then attach an explosive. After that... you got me." He replied, unabashed by his half plan.

"Chief, Covenant Security Patrol right around the corner. Motion Tracker shows a Hunter and 6 or 7 Jackals. I suggest you prepare." Cortana cautioned.

Chief looked inside his grenade pouch. He found a few Fragmentation Grenades but that wouldn't do the trick. It would only alert more Covenant forces. But under a few more Grenades, he saw something new. It was flat, with an antenna coming on an end. A Detachable button controller on the other end. "Remote Mine?" He asked.

"UNSC standard issue nowadays." Cortana replied.

John threw a few on the sides of the hallway, hearing the moans and clicks of the approaching group.

"RUH Ruh Roh." "Kira, click gria"

Once the Chief had seen the very claws of the Jackal, the button was pressed.

Nothing happened.

"Kak kaka ka!" One Jackal Screamed, overloading his pistol.

The Chief dodged the blast, hiding behind a Purple Computer Console. Pulling out a trusty Grenade, he chucked it overhead, hearing the screams and splatter of blood following the explosion. He whipped around, aiming for the orange area of the Hunter to be revealed. But before the moment had come, its right arm began to glow. As it prepared to fire, John readied himself for the blast. Nothing, not even a large purple box could stop its power.

Suddenly, a loud pop came from nowhere, leaving only a white streak as a calling card. The thud of the dead hunter shook the hallway.

A hand came from the darkness, "Need some assistance Chief?" A rough voice said happily.

"Where'd you all come from?" He asked shaking his head.

"2nd Squad Pelican Drop Division. I'm surprised you've never heard of it. It's been around for 30 years. Our job is to hijack the ship and nuke it to hell."

John smiled, "Looks like we're on the same page.."

"Alright Marines, let's move out!" The Sergeant hollered.

_Location: Howler Bridge_

"Captain, the Security Forces were unable to stop the intruders. Shall I send the Brutes?" Jerek asked.

Krik licked his beak, more worried than smooth, "No Jerek, I want you to handle them personally. Use your favorite tool." He replied.

Jerek stood from his seat, grabbing a small, handheld stick. It flashed bright blue as he squeezed it, giving him his plasma sword.

"Those Humans will suffer for their intolerance."

Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet
Year: 2590

It hand been decades since the outbreak of Galaxy One had begun. The Flood had taken over of the entire system. When the first ring was destroyed, they escaped like a virus, spreading to the other 7 rings. Once all facilities had been destroyed, the Flood moved out of the Galaxy, spreading their disease like a plague.
The Flood had been created to destroy the Forerunner enemy, the Okaku. They were enhanced to fight a war already lost by their creators. The Flood had infected the Okaku Empire but by the time the destruction of the enemy had been completed, all hope was lost for the Forerunners. The once Trillion sized population, had been drained to 4000, all aboard the final battle Fleet, en route to the Race still to be infected; the Species that had caused the Universal destruction of sentient life. The Humans...

"Commodore Kan, we're almost to the Human Home World. Earth is within view."

"On screen." The grizzled old Alien said.

The view screen activated, showing Earth, from what 343 had shown them, not like it was. The green and blue had diminished to black smoke and red seas. It appeared someone got to them first.

"Can we locate the traitor?" Kan asked.

"Yes sir, he's aboard one of those Alien bombers. According to the comm. traffic, they're called, the Covenant." The Comm. Officer replied.

"Are they any threat to us?"

"No sir. I detect primitive Plasma weapons and the Humans appear to be using shrapnel launching devices. Guns I believe. They're vessels are no match for us. One of our Trans Quantum Lasers could wipe out their entire fleet." He replied grinning.

_Location: SCS Searchlight (Bridge)_

"Sir! Oh my God! Something just dropped out of Hyperspace. It's, it's huge! Twice the size of the planet! I've never seen anything like it!" Screamed the Sensor Commander.

"Calm down Commander! Now what the hell is it? Get me a visual." Admiral Whitaker screamed.

Before they could, General Hammer came on the line, "Admiral. Are your forces seeing what we're seeing down here?!? It's massive. Could it be Covenant? If that's Covenant then we'll just give up now!"

Admiral Whitaker sighed under his breath, taking it all in. "General, I'm doing everything I can.." He said, stopping in terror when the view changed to the unknown vessel.

"Admiral... ADMIRAL!?!" The General yelled over the comm.

_Location: Docking Bay of Howler_

"SHH! Lieutenant Grissom would you please shut the hell up!?!" The Sergeant yelled in a whisper.

Cortana looked around, "This is it, the Docking Bay. It's strange, no Banshees. Guess we'll have to find a different way of escape after we attach the explosive." She said.

The Sergeant and his men took point over the huge docking bay, while John bent down to ready the explosive. The Docking bays wide open holes out into space weren't facing the unknown vessel. They had no idea.


All of the Marines turned towards the Sergeant, seeing his body cut in half. "What the hell!?!" One of the Marines exclaimed.

"I don't understand, there aren't any Covenant on the Motion Tracker." Said Cortana.

John looked about the room, seeing nothing. The Bay was empty. When he finally turned towards the Sergeant, all he saw was a long blue blade. It seemed to hang there without anyone holding it. The Invisibility wore off, showing the Elite, Jerek.

"I remember you." Jerek said, signaling the entrance of dozens of Jackals and Elites. They filled the room, but didn't fire a shot towards John. Yet they quickly slaughtered all the Marines.

John slowly let down his weapon, putting his hands up in defeat.

"Chief, what are you doing!? We need to fight back!" Cortana exclaimed.

"There's no way out."