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Halo: FotF(Part 3)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 March 2003, 2:16 AM

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Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
Prep for Disaster (PT3)

Location: Truth and Reconciliation (Human HQ)

The marines had been going on for hours on how to escape. There were no Banshees to leave on, or UNSC reinforcements to help them. The creatures that had wiped out a whole ship of Covenant would tear through them too easily. They had controlled this vessel, and it seemed hopeless to take it.
"Well if we don't have the balls to take it by force, then let's just slit our own throats!" A cocky pilot said arguing with a Marine.
"Calm Down!" Whitaker yelled over their makeshift Command Table of computer terminals.
"We will find a way out. Whether it be a GI Joe forced attack on the Bridge, or who knows what, we WILL leave. All I know is that we've been sitting here for hours, and there's not been a, "whatever the hell those are" since. The Marines keep bringing back more of our own, and haven't found another mouse thing at all. Explain this to me." The Admiral said.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

The Flood were monitoring the Humans the whole time, watching them as they quarreled aimlessly for an idea on how to die. The Humans had all gathered in one spot, making the killing far easier than planned. Hundreds of Flood warriors were waiting outside the doors, waiting for the Humans to come out, ready for a fight they would not make...

_Location: SCS Searchlight (Crew Quarters)_

Greg had awoken to rumble of plasma torpedoes, but found everyone gone. As he walked along the entire ship, no one could be found. He checked with the computer and with communications, everyone seemed to have vanished.

"This must be a dream..." He thought as he stepped on the Bridge.

An electric fire was erupting over the Main Cannon controls. Sparks flew from panels, and the Captains seat was burnt. Greg stepped up to the LCD, noticing a Covenant Vessel directly over them. He was shocked to find hundreds of humans onboard.

"Are we attacking them or..." He thought.

Greg began to feel angrier by the moment. It was the Covenant that had done this. And if everyone was aboard the ship, the Covenant must be attacking the Soldiers. Greg had to help.

_Location: Searchlight Longsword Bay_

Greg had suited for flight, equipping the Longsword with dozens of missiles. His cocky plan was to fly into the Docking Bay, and help anyone he could by providing the Longsword's supply of Assault Rifles and grenades. The Covies would never make it back.

The ships engines powered up, the rumble of the deck plate vibrated his armor, tingling his body. Sweat ran down his head, not knowing whether he'd be victorious or not.

He throttled forward, feeling the ship lift from the clamps and fly into space, pulling up on its way to the Truth and Reconciliation.

"This is Pvt. Greg Marshall aboard the Longsword fighter "Hercules" to any UNSC forces. Please respond." He said through the comm. channel, fully aware the Covenant may know his location.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

The Flood were watching the tiny vessel begin its rise towards the docking bay. They could've destroyed it at any moment, but the collective consciousness knew better. Let the young Human in, close the docking bay, infest him, and take his ship. His foolish plan would only help their cause.

_Location: T&T (Docking Bay)_

It was silent. No Flood were found. They had already ridden the wide-open bay of Covenant bodies and spilled blood. They wanted the poor man to think it hadn't been attacked.

Greg slowly backed the Longsword into the bay, monitoring the region for movement. Strangely, there were none. Once he had landed and the ramp unfolded, he raised his AR into the air, keeping an eye for Marines of Covenant.

Slowly he moved forward toward the door, jumping when the hiss of it opening occurred. The stench of death could be smelled. Greg didn't like it; he knew something had gone wrong. As he turned the corner, it was empty, save the burns of plasma scorching, and bullets of AR's. Something had happened.

The hissing could be heard again, but Greg wasn't scared this time... until he stopped to think. "Wait... there's no doors here."
Quickly he turned around, finding the door he came from open. He squinted, looking for anything moving. He stopped his breathing, trying to listen for anything. Once he stopped, a breath continued to flow. A hand crept up on his shoulder, squeezing Greg's shoulder. Quickly he turned around, finding a group of Marines, smiling dubiously.

"HAHAHAHA! Oh man Greg, did we scare you or what. We're glad you're here. How long ago were you transported?" A Marine asked.

"Transported? I got here on the Longsword, I thought you guys were attacking them." He responded.

"No. We were all transported here, and now we can't get back. So you have the Longsword docked over there? Excellent, now we can get back." He responded, giving the signal to proceed back to the bay.

As they arrived, they found the worst news. The Bay was closed. A blue liquid like energy filled the hole he had come from.

"Damn, now we'll never get back." He said.

"Sir! I hear the noise again." A Private shouted.

Immediately after he had spoken, the small green things began to latch onto him, coming from seemingly nowhere. "AHH! Get it off! Help!" He screamed.

The Marine captain only shook his head, pointing his AR at the soldier.

"What the hell are you doing!?!" Greg asked.

"The only thing I can.." He pulled the trigger, popping the green things, and killing the Marine.

_Location: T&R (Human HQ)_

Greg and the Marines returned safely, greeting Admiral Whitaker. They now had the supplies to fight back. And fight they would...