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Halo: FotF (Final Chapter)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 March 2003, 3:51 AM

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Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
The Fight (Final Chapter)

Location: T&R (Hallways outside Bridge)

"Fire in the hole!" Greg shouted, lobbing a grenade at the seemingly unstoppable force. The explosion was massive, setting of a chain reaction of grenades, deafening Greg for a moment.
They had been moving slowly and steadily for hours, fighting off each mutant and insect thing the whole time.
"Simmons, take point right!" Admiral Whitaker said in a loud whisper, telling the Marine to get the right corner of the hallway.
During the few hours, the Marines had already devised rules of combat involving the Mutants. Never proceed without listening for the sign, a major rule. They had already lost 30 men, each one killed, not by them, but by their own species.
"Area secure, up this Hallway is the Bridge. Keep an eye out for movement." Came Greg over the comm.
They had created a plan. There were two ways into the Bridge, and BOTH would be used. Each one had come across much resistance, but plowed through it with AR's and Pistols.
They were easier than the Covenant; they didn't fire grenades, or have the skills to aim a weapon. It seemed to be overkill. They just weren't too sure of their full intelligent.

_Location: Forerunner Monitoring Station 205_
Year: 2553

It had been a year since Captain Kan and his men witnessed the beginning of the end. After the rogue Reclaimer destroyed the ring, all seemed lost. The Flood took a vessel, and were heading straight for the Forerunner Home world.
If things couldn't be worse, the Okaku were beginning to win the war. Each day, more and more news of Planets being destroyed by Okaku Scouts was heard. Scouts, the weakest of enemies had dwindled their Empire into a frantic mound of ants.

"Commodore, please calm down!" Came Captain Kan, trying to reassure his leader.

"I will have no more of this Kan! The Flood are evolving and their intelligence growing! Do you think after millennia of isolation that they came to greet us WARMLY? What we did to those former Citizens was..."

"The only thing we could do!" Exclaimed Kan. "If we hadn't taken those people away and turned them into Flood, we would have already lost this war! The Okaku are winning, and if we don't use the Flood that are still sealed, we'll be sealing our OWN fate!"

Workers from below began to look at Kan worried.
"Kan..." The Commodore said calmly, "I would release the Flood on those monsters if I could. The Magistrate won't have it. He says we need more testing."

"More?!? We already know the Flood can commandeer an Alien vessel. We already know they can modify ancient Plasma torpedoes and turn them into Quantum Warheads. We already know they've changed the ships engines into Trans-warp! What more proof is there?" Kan replied.

"I will talk with the Magistrate. I will inform you tomorrow of their decision. Commodore Grig out." He said, as the screen flashed off.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

"No movement. No heat. Move up!" Admiral Whitaker said over the radio. Both doors immediately opened, with dozens of Marines filling in all the space.

"Where are they? We kill them all?" Came Pvt. Chavez.

The doors immediately locked. Everyone stopped breathing, listening for the noise. It never came.

"According to these controls..." Admiral Whitaker said, " It appears Transport functions are regulated through here. I think I can get us out."

A few buttons later, the orange haze overtook them. All were immediately put back where they were taken. The Longsword was back into Dock.

"Hmm. Get the fire control teams up here now. We have a lot of repairs to do." Admiral Whitaker replied.

"Sir, the Covenant Vessel is moving off, heading towards Quasar 45-G. An odd angle if I've ever seen one." Came a Crewman.

A brilliant flash of light overcame the Station, as the T&R made its way towards Forerunner Space.

_Location: T&R (Bridge)_

"Cycle Complete. The Humans have been infested..." Came the millions of voices. All of them re entered the Bridge, happy to find the micro infect forms on the panels taken.

They now felt them. The Humans minds and body were theirs. If the Reclaimer ever reached that Colony, he too would be infected. The virus would spread, while so did the Flood...

Location: Okaku Supply Depot
Year: 2554

"Jereko Squadron, I'm detecting the Forerunner Battle Fleet en route to this depot. Please change course to assist. If I know those slimy devils, their send a few puny squads."

A voice came from the comm. "Roger Supply Depot, moving to assist."

The Lizard creature turned away from his panel, unaware of the Covenant ship moving to intercept.
Sirens blazed around the Depot as the first torpedo slammed into it. The Okaku fell off in their chairs, and fires erupted over the main firing station.

A group of orange flickering lights filled the small Bridge, and the grayish-yellow Flood began to attack, whipping their tentacles around the Okaku, beginning the infestation process.

_Location: Forerunner Battle Fleet_

It had been a year since the Magistrate denied the release of the Flood. It was a foolish order, and now the entire Forerunner people, Civilian and all would pay the price. Kan had been monitoring the Flood movement towards their sector until only a few months ago. Kan had thought they'd arrive many days from now, but how wrong he was.

"Beat wing, this is base command, you're almost to your destination now. Prepare your weapons and give them hell!" Came Captain Kan.

The end.
(If you're wondering why the abrupt ending, the first chapter of this tie in is where the rest of this ends. It's a loop see? Clever huh?)