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Halo: Fall of the Forerunners (tie in)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 March 2003, 11:49 PM

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Note: This Series is a tie in of my first series "Halo: Reunion from Destruction." It describes what occurred between Chapters 1 and 2.

Halo: Fall of the Forerunners
Part 1 of 4

Location: Forerunner Fighter Wing Beta en route to Okaku supply depot.
Year: 2554

"Beat wing, this is base command, you're almost to your destination now. Prepare your weapons and give them hell!" Came Captain Kan, former Research Monitor.

"You heard the man, ready your plasma lasers. Lock on to the depots life support once you're in range. Let's remind them what happens when they wipe out one of our planets!" Came Grog, Lead Fighter. He'd been doing this for hundreds of years, and he wasn't about to stop due to this new war.

A muttering of acknowledgement came from his wingmen. Sweat ran over his armored body. His orange visor, full of information was more of a distraction that helpful. On his radar, already he spotted numerous Okaku fighter crafts and defense cannons. It would be a rough day...

_Location: Okaku Supply Depot_

The dimly lit depot hung in space, ravaged by a previous battle. The new occupants monitored its damaged systems, finding Forerunner fighters on approach. They pushed the dead Okaku bodies out of the way, manning the controls. In the docking bay, hundreds of them prepped their flying vehicles, and began to launch. This depot was theirs. And they'd give it to no one, not even their creators.

_Location: Forerunner Fighter Wing Beta_

"Ok boys, squeeze those triggers when they're in your sites." Grog said without fear.

Hundreds of Okaku fighters were on the way, while only a dozen Forerunners were present.

The firefight was intense. Hundreds of plasma bullets filled the area. The Depot's cannons did most of the damage.

"Come on you slimy assholes!" He said, pulling his throttle upwards as he chased a nearby enemy. It was too easy. It was as if they were fighting trainees. They could barely pilot the ship, no less attack.
"Beta squad, how's our casualty count?" Grog asked.
"I got no deaths on my end." Came the left wing.
"Roger, no deaths here." From the right.

How could it be? Once all of the fighters had been eliminated, and the cannons destroyed, all of the pilots transported to the depot.

_Location: Okaku Supply Depot (Mess Hall)_

The orange circles of the transporter wore off on Grog and his men. The entire room was dark as night. They each turned on their flashlights, and pointed their plasma guns toward the door.

"Ok, this is weird. Where the hell are all of Okaku?" Grog asked.
"It's as if they just got up and left." Grog's wingman replied.

Grog turned his light towards the floor, almost gagging on the site. "They're all dead!" He yelled.

Each member turned their light towards the floor, finding dozens of dead lizard like creatures.
"What happened to them?" Grog asked, suddenly hearing a noise.
He turned his flashlight left, finding nothing but blood stains. The noise continued all around them. It sounded alive.
In the hall outside the door, footsteps could be heard getting louder. Slowly it walked down the hall, moaning softly.
"What the hells going on!?!" Grog yelled.

"Sir, there!!" Someone yelled.

Three creatures, unknown to the squad began to run at them, long whips at the end of their hands. The lizard heads of the Okaku had been thrown back, snapped by the pressure. The creatures stabbed the Forerunners through the heart with their whips, killing them all instantly.

The Flood had arrived.

Location: Longsword orbiting Basis.
Year: 2552

After John had removed his helmet, he looked out once again on the ravaged Ring. Plasma and rock debris filled the area. As they turned clockwise around Basis, the view was lost. But ahead of them, roughly 30 years of space travel, unhindered by Covenant or Humans.

"Cortana, what about the Flood? Could they have survived?" John asked as he took it all in.

Cortana pondered, reviewing all the data. "Highly unlikely. The blast destroyed Halo's surface and miles of underground tunnels. There still is a chance, but I doubt it." She replied.

"If you're hungry, there's a food synthesizer in your quarters. It's going to be a long way John. Black Hole Colony is about 30 years from here. I'll begin mapping the immediate area for any Human bases et cetera." She stated, flashing out of view.

_Location: Area above Halo_

Infest him...

The voices of millions shouted across millions of miles. They had achieved the infection of the Human AI, and now with unlimited knowledge of Forerunner Locations and Technology, their feast would take them to the far reaches. The Truth and Reconciliation had been salvaged from the blast, and the Flood quickly repaired it, adding Forerunner Hyper Drive to its engines. Their "creators" locked them up, but now it would be their turn...