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The Cell
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 October 2003, 4:03 AM

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The Cell
By Frensa Geran

The explosion of blue and purple dazed me for longer than it should have. I had seen it before, yet the sound, and the entrancing colors seemed to still keep me immoble. Only the muffled sound my screaming men awoke me back into the real world. I shook off my dazed self, and began firing my pistol at the new Covenant pod that had attached itself to the ship. The squeals of dying grunts echoed off the purple metal of their pod.

"Hold the line men! Hold the damn line!" I screamed into the terrified ears of my men, each one grasping their AR in fright. Out of the smoke of grenades and bullets, a red-armored clad Elite stood at the door way. We all stared frightened, unable to fire until it was too late. Jerkins was first, hit by the red armored fist of the Elite. Then Mendez, with a blast of plasma to the face, melting his eyelids. It was only me and Munroe, and she was in the corner, cradling a wound. I was now face to face with the Elite, his bottom mandible clicking rapidly.

He threw his fist back, and I closed my eyes awaiting the blast. My eyes squinted so tightly I could see only darkness. Then the hit came, and the cold steel broke my jaw bone. I rolled at whole turn before hitting the ground. The whole bottom half of my face was dripping with blood, and my skull still shook from the blast. I opened my eyes to see the Red Elite roaring in victory, his fists in a fury of delight. He yelled some sort of acknowledgement through his comm. system. Then something I could've never anticipated.

A plasma of green plasma burst from the corner of the long hallway, and slammed like a rocket into the head of the Red Elite. He roared for a moment, then keeled over into a bloody puddle. The remains of the Red Elites' head was strewn about the hallway. Off in the corner I could see the bends of light, revealing a cloaked Elite. I passed out before I could see anything more.

"These resistence cells are becoming quite a nuisance, Jehmabeb. I want you to take care of it." Prophet Harjk said, his nimble fingers piloting his floating seat. "I will not allow them to disrupt our ultimate goal. I want you to find them and destroy them as if they were Humans! Give them no mercy, or I will show you no mercy."

"Yes, your Excellency." Jehmabeb said, bowing his head and leaving the small darkened room, and back into the labrynth-like hallways of the Scorch.
Jehmabeb had lived and served aboard the Scorch his whole life, and throughout time his services to the Prophet had paid off, and he now controlled his own Battle Group. It was the highest honor he could've recieved, and he now had a mission.

As he walked towards his quarters, a Grunt carrying an InfoPad ran up to him.
"Sir! Your fleet has recieved intelligence on a Cell located in the Escucho system!" He said, handing the pad to Jehmabeb.

He looked over it, finding a Covenant settlement on the third planet. The settlement was not registered. It seemed ripe for the picking by his Group.
"Tell the Ship Masters to ready their vessels. We'll leave orbit in 3 hour units." Jehmabeb replied.

Jehmabeb continued walking until he reached the Docking Bay, with a Banshee waiting for him on deck.

My blurry vision became clear, and I could see the walls of the Medical Bay around me, Captain Horner in the corner, smiling at me.
"You and your men did a hell of a job holding the line. Because of you, we were able to stop the Covenant and gave us the chance we needed to warp out. They weren't able to follow us." He said. I always admired the Captain since he had saved my life on many occasion.

"Sir..." I said, "I.... we didn't stop them."
The Captain looked confused. "Well soldier, if you didn't do it... who the hell did?"

"I.... I don't know sir." I rpelied, laying my head back down.
The Captain pressed a button on the wall. "Medical Bay to Bridge."

Yes sir?

"Did you detect any foreign objects or life signs aboard during the Covenant Attack?" The Captain asked.


There was a slight distortion off our port bow during the end of the attack. It could conform to a Covenant cloaking device, but I'm not sure. Are you suspecting something sir?

"Just a theory Crewman, Horner out."

I layed there, gazing at the Captains eyes, wondering what was going on in his head.
"Did you see anything unusual son?" He asked.

"There was a claoked Elite that had killed the Red Elite that killed my men. But I don't know what to make of it sir." I replied.

"I think I might..." The Captain said quietly, and left.

I stared back into the eyes of the red headed nurse, who looked at me with pity.
"You're going to be alright, but you'll need to stay here for observation. I'm Linda." She said in her angelic voice.

It seemed staying here wasn't going to be so bad.

To Be Continued...