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True Purpose: The Sequel
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 August 2003, 10:52 PM

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      True Purpose
      The Sequel

We are a lost cause. The brink of our destruction is at hand. Our supply chain, destroyed by beings from another galaxy. HALO, the ring-world. It was our lifeblood, our airway into our own galaxy. But it also brought the Covenant, beings with the will to destroy us all, a reality becoming all too clear. At least, that is what I thought.

The Forerunners, the ancient beings, destroyed HALO, but not before creating a gateway into new worlds, a place where we would be happy and peaceful. Some went through, cowards not willing to fight for their race.

Now that the large Forerunner battleship has gone, we are all that is left, marooned on 13 moons, no ships, and no way to contact the other Marines on the other moons. We fought for our breath. But we did not fail. We never fail.

My name is Mark Hess, and I am a Soldier.

Location: Planet 'C'
Year: 2555

It was another hot day on the desert planet. The bunker, filled with rows of beds, began to steam by mid-day, the soldiers sleeping there, sweating. Mark Hess was one of them. Outside, plasma flak roared overhead, while Covenant forces began to get closer and closer.

"Copy that Recon." Mark said, a radio to his ear. "Say again, you have 3 Wraiths inbound with Ghost support? Roger. Moving out."

What we didn't know was the Covenant too was falling apart. Most went through HALO, and the ones that stayed were in the same struggle for life as we were, no supplies, and no way off the desert planet of 'C'.

"Ok boys! Wake up! We got Covenant hostiles inbound. Let's put petal to metal! GO GO GO!" Mark said, his Sarge cap strafed to the side. His dark brown skin was beaded with sweat, and his two strong hands, holding an AR, were sweatier by the second.

He heard the grumbles and moans of his exhausted officers. "Don't go sissy on me now! You don't get up and there won't be a bunker when you awake! Let's go! Warthog Teams to your posts! ST Manners, on the roof! The rest of you mutts, wipe the sweat off your face and arm yourselves."

Drang stood atop his now stationary Wraith, eyeing the small, one house base off in the distance.
"I see two Stationary Turrets on the roof. A garage to the side holding two of their Warthogs is opening. We should fire our Wraiths, and send our four ghosts in as cover fire."
General Maroon nodded, and patted Drang's back in salutation. "Very good Drang. Maybe they even have water." Maroon said, licking his teeth.

We were losing the war against the Humans. Neither them nor us knew it, but I did. I watched as the wretched scum destroyed what was left of our troops, and wipe out our deserted cities, plundering the water from our storages.
It was an ironic fate for our great Empire. We would look up during the night sky, and see the main planet, which all our moons circled. Entirely made of water, gleaming in the sun. We would look up and lick our teeth, grabbing stupidly with our hands.
Things would change, I thought. We would rise up, wipe out the Humans and build a spacecraft to retrieve water. I felt sorry for the forces on Planet 'K'. It was a totally volcanic world, no water at all on its surface. They must've been dead by then.
But late at night, I'd lay on the roof of my Wraith, and look up at the stars, thinking there was something more. Thinking that I had a True Purpose.

We were winning the war. I knew it, but no one else did. I thought that if I did, our morale would go through the ceiling, and our guards would be put down. I'd tell my men that if we died, it would be over. I knew there were hundreds more Marines, but I couldn't tell them.
It is a question that haunts my mind everyday. Should I have told them? Or did it not matter either way?
Still I remember them, all of them. When they died, and I lived, my world seemed over. But what they did, no, what humanity did on that fateful day in the year 2555, would save us all, and save Earth itself.

It was my True Purpose. It was their True Purpose. Humanity stood against the Covenant, and together, we all would come to peace.

To Be Continued...