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Buried Treasure
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 3 July 2003, 3:57 PM

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Buried Treasure
Savior Is Written

"He is a God. Molded by the years of brave conquests, made eternal by his voice. He is the shining star, in a now dark day. Green was his skin, glistening above all that challenged him. Gold was his eyes, peering through the dark times like a glimmer of light. May he who rest his head, rest on him, knowing his happiness is all happiness.

Once upon a great war..." Marla closed the book, sighing.

"I've read in more times than I can count, there is no more I can derive from it." She said to herself, writing a letter,

"I fear I have failed you Father. Hundrid Colony, on the outskirts of the Nolly System will be my last chance. It is written on page 4, 'Where Nolly shines bright, he follows...' and after that, I will return home to you."
Putting the letter on the couch, she stood up, and looked across the hall to the cockpit, a red light flashing.

"Uh oh, is it time already!" She said, looking at the clock on the panel:

6:45 PM Monday June 3, 3652

The Red light flashed faster, and Marla pressed it, her eyes closed, sighing.
"This is the Nolly System Checkpoint Patrol, lower your shields and come to a complete stop to be boarded and checked." Came the grim voice of an Elite.

Marla hated the checkpoints. The ripped open boxes, threw clothes and antiques like rag dolls, looking for weapons or deadly viruses. But she could no longer complain.

The Human race couldn't either. Their numbers were dwindling, scattered across the plain of space. Their Home world, Earth, now a long forgotten memory, sitting empty and becoming old without anything to care for. She and her Father lived on Basis, in the Threshold System, on a colony, founded by unknown people. Legend has said it was the UNSC, a very old empire.

But none of that mattered now, the Covenant owned the galaxy, Humans were just citizens, living in it. Legend said the Covenant had arrived on a jihad of war, and planned on attacking Earth, when they realized, slavery was by far worse than death.

Marla was a 19-year-old girl, alone. Bright blonde hair and brown eyes, standing only 5 feet and 6 inches high, she searched the galaxy for something that may not exist. She was looking for a hero, forgotten in the political agenda of the Human Empire, hidden or buried on a far off moon. The only thing to guide her: A 6 page book, written as a poem to the Hero of Humanity.

Marla slowed down her small luxurious cruiser to a halt, watching a small purple orb slowly dock with her vessel. The two occupants were Elites, as Grunts had been destroyed hundreds of years ago, when they tried to secede from the Covenant.

A ladder collapsed under a hole in the cockpit, which opened with a swish, and down came the huge beast, his armor clattering as he hit the ground, his teeth dripping drool. Green armor, with red stripes on his shoulders, he sniffed around, carrying a device.

"It's been a while Marla, I was beginning to worry you had been killed on Thresher. Foolish place to go, I'd ask why you went, but I won't, since I like you." He said looking around with his deep voice.

"Well you shouldn't worry, I can handle myself." She replied smugly.

The Elite chuckled and lifted her letter from the couch. "What's this?" He said as he began reading.

"I fell I have failed you father... oh, how touching." He smiled and threw it across the room.

Marla grabbed the letter and stuffed it in an envelope. "Would you be so kind as to mail it? I mean, it is one of your duties." She said smiling.

The Elite snarled and grabbed the letter, squeezing it tightly with his fist. "Well Marla," He said, "Looks like you've been a good girl. Now get going, and no funny business."

Climbing the ladder again, he left, powering his engines and moving off towards his small base. She, meanwhile, moved to the tiny kitchen and opened the fridge, pulling out her cat. Cats were very illegal.

"Oh it's OK Joni! Cold in there huh?" She said in a baby voice, letting his down to the floor.

Watching the purple craft fly away, she suddenly felt alone again. She hated being alone, never getting used to it after many years. She sat back on the couch and began reading the book again:

"Once upon a great war, life hung in the balance. The footsteps of men grew softer after each battle with the devils. Reach was gone forever—"

That verse had always confused her. "Reach? What is Reach? Or where?" She continued reading:

"—Which housed the great Hero of Humanity. Built there by the minds of Gods, he was crafted to perfection. Only now does his sword lie dormant, his mind at ease. But where Nolly shines bright, he follows, carrying his woes. May he who finds him, find hope."

The book ends there. She was destined to find him, and bring Humanity back to Earth, to bring Humanity back to triumph...

To Be Continued...