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True Purpose(11)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 17 June 2003, 3:12 AM

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True Purpose
War of the Worlds

Location: Icarus (Covenant Troop Transport)
Year: 2551

"Doctor, wake up the Troopers, we'll arrive in Planet 'A's atmosphere in the next hour." The Pilot said over the comm., looking out upon the green moon.

"Yes sir." Came the response.

Inside the wide docking bay, 25 Drop Ships lay quiet, while 100 cryo tubes hum quietly, being sprayed with cold gases. Inside the command center up above, the Elite Doctors began to open each cryo tube.

One of the Troopers jumped out, quickly activated his light-sword and growled uncontrollably. The Elite Doctors were startled, and tried reassuring the Troopers.

"Calm down Elite! You have not arrived at Planet 'A' yet. The amnesia will wear off soon, then you will remember."

The Captain of the ship came over the comm. when all the Troopers were awakened and in their lines in front of the Drop Ships.

"Elite Troopers, this is the Captain, board your Drop Ships and prepare to obliterate the Humans. May the Gods be on your side."

The Drop ships engines powered up, and began flying towards 'A'.

Location: Underground Commander Center (Planet 'A')
Year: 2551

"Uhh sirs. I'm detecting 25 bogies inbound to our position. They appear to be Drop Ships, but their crew compliment doesn't register. I suggest we go to red alert."

The Fleet Admiral was still at his desk, rubbing his fists uncontrollably looking at the piles of paper work on his desk. Millions had died from the impacts, and now the Covenant were coming to finish the job.

"What's our compliment? Orbital Defenses? Ground Forces?"

The Intel Officer shook his head, "Most of our guns were taken out by debris, and our ground teams are too far away for any immediate action. We have a few hundred Marines here on base though. It's 50/50 sir."

The Fleet Admiral took another sip of brandy and nodded his head with a sigh, "Do it."

Location: Swamp (HALO)
Year: 2551

"Kill the blue ball...


The voices inside Collins head were filling up his senses. His body seemed to be in control by another entity, but he could still move his eyes. It was like being inside a ship you couldn't control, but only watch. The Humans left a compliment of shotguns when the left the facility, and the Flood were using them to make an uprising against 356.

"Sentinels 423 - 465 please report to Sector 344 for Flood containment. Sentinels 232 - 244 report to Sector 117 for Flood containment."

The number of outbreaks was getting uncontrollable for Guilty Spark, who had to transfer even the most unmilitary Sentinels just to keep the one facility under control.

"Outbreak in Sector 117 uncontrollable, all Sentinels fall back."

Location: Unknown
Year: 2551

The Chief was still in the room with the Prophet, placing his hands all over the walls of the room, looking for an exit. He pointed the rifles at the Prophet, "How the hell do I get out of here?"

The once frightened Prophet Doctor now seemed overconfident, "Haha, you really think you can survive once you leave? Do you even KNOW where you are? I can assure you that you cannot escape here. The compliment of this instillation is in the thousands, and it is massive. The Fighter Bays are many decks and kilometers away.

"Fighter bays?" The Chief thought to himself. He'd never seen a Covenant instillation with more than one.

"I've faced worse odds. Tell me how to open the door, or I'll use you to pry it open!"

The Prophets flying chair activated, and he pressed his hand against the wall, making the wall disappear to reveal a long hallway of purple.

"Thank you." He said, and shot the Prophet in the throat.

Location: Planet 'H' (Atmosphere)
Year: 2551

"Sir, we've already lost 5 of our Drop Ships. We cannot make it to the scheduled LZ without more casualties. We should land here!" The Pilot said loudly over the howling wind.

The Admiral in charge of the operation was sitting on the side of the Pelican, and shook his head. "This is the most heavily defended parts of the cities garrison. We'd never make..." He was saying before the comm. officer interrupted.

"Sirs, I just got a faint call from Planet 'A', they're under attack by unknown Covenant forces. They say they have green armor, and possess unthinkable strength. A Large Transport is also in orbit, firing large phase cannons. The insist we cancel the invasion and report back!!"

The Admiral nodded his head, and signaled to the comm. officer to inform the others to leave. "Let's get out of here!"

Location: Planet 'A'
Year: 2551

The forest of trees made it easy for the Troopers to conceal themselves while the dark plated Marines ran towards the landing Drop Ship.

"Commander, the Drop Ship is this way, let's..." A Marine said before a plasma dart was launched into his throat.

The Sergeant screamed, "Enemy Snipers!"

Assault Rifles shells cut wholes in the trees, while the Covenant Troopers smiled and watched from a distance, picking off each Marine with ease.

Eight Covenant Ghosts were gliding along an extent of grassy hills, firing their cannons at the on coming Scorpion tanks. The Troopers inside maneuvered incredibly fast, dodging shell after shell of tank fire.

"Damnit!" The gunner of a Scorpion said out loud, trying to pin down a ghost. "This is the 8th tank division, requesting backup near Supply base 34 Gamma. Encountering multiple Ghosts!"

The Pilot was killed shortly after, as a Ghost's plasma hit him in the head. "Ground Teams to Icarus, target coordinates acquired for Plasma cannons."

"Roger Ground Team, waiting for coordinates." Came the comm.

Moments later from the sky, a large orange beam came down, and landed squarely on a Human base, incinerating it. As the Troopers walked up to the wreckage, one pulled out a Covenant flag, and pinned it squarely on the debris, growling with happiness. The Human Home Moon was taken, and now the other moons would have to fight headless.

Location: Underground Command Center (Planet 'A')
Year: 2551

"I've just lost contact with the last remaining base. The Icarus's Plasma cannons decimated it."

"What about their casualties?" The Fleet Admiral said tiredly.

"A Marine squad insisted they had been able to kill one of them, but it was hearsay conjecture. Reports of wounding a few also came in, none confirmed.

Some that had seen them up close and lived said they looked like SPARTANS but with Elite shaped armor.

The Admirals eyes widened. "Intel, what was the last known location of the Master Chief?"

"Uhh, last known location was aboard the Frigate "Columbia". It was destroyed a few days ago after a skirmish with the Gaza. The Chief was on the Gaza at last known time."

"My God. They have him somewhere. They... they must have copied his armor."

"Sergeant!" The Admiral said, "Evacuate this world."

To Be Continued...