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True Purpose(10)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 June 2003, 11:36 PM

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True Purpose
Battle of 'H'

Location: Briefing Room (Planet 'E')
Year: 2551

"Welcome gentlemen, please grab a seat and listen good, as I will only say things once." General Martin said standing next to a projector as Marine commanders stepped in.

"Alright then. Computer: Dim lights."

The lights dimmed and the projector began to activate.

"As you all know, we've launched three nuclear devices on key parts of Planet 'H'. Our job will be to mop up the lucky bastards that lived. Recon tells us there are still two Massive-class turrets guarding a large city in the north. Besides that, a few small bases and 'H' will be ours."

The entire room smiled and nodded their heads, when the General put up his hand sternly. "I didn't say this would be easy! The Covenant are now on a rampage since our nuclear attacks. Their zealous attitudes have only been sharpened. Since the first was fired, there have been dozens of small attacks, mostly kamikaze, on small outposts near Planet 'C'. They won't give up easily Gentlemen."

"Alright, I want all of you on your Pelicans by 0900 tomorrow morning. We'll have one strong push of ground forces, and send every Marine we have. Dismissed!"

Location: Unknown
Year: 2551

The Chief was watching on a monitor as the General was giving his orders to the Marines.

"How are you able to spy on us?"

The Prophet Doctor laughed, "I don't think my superiors would like it if I told you our secrets. We DO plan to let you go eventually. But do not be concerned, their home-moon will be decimated by 0900 tomorrow."

The Prophet pointed to the window again, and the Chief looked out, as twenty-five Drop Ships swooped in, and picked up each of the Elite Troopers.

"I cannot let you do that." The Chief said sternly.

"I'm afraid you have no choice. Please, sit down, and we'll discuss your future with us."

The Chief secretly reached into his pocket, and looked for a grenade. They were taken.

"Looking for these?" The Prophet said holding up a grenade. "Guards!"

Two Elite guards walked in with Plasma rifles. "Please take the Master Chief to Cell #117 and hold him until I tell you so."

The Elites nodded and went for the Chief. Acting as if had given up, the Chief slumped down. As they grabbed his arm, he swung around and threw each of them across the room. While they were dazed, he grabbed their fallen Rifles and shot them in the throat, severing the head. The Prophet was shaking frantically, not able to fight.

"Now, your majesty, I believe you have my grenade?"

Location: Swamp (HALO)
Year: 2551

"Just... take me back to my people. They... they can find a cure!" Collins said clutching his chest again, which was slowly becoming larger.

"I'm afraid there is no time to do that. In a few minutes you'll be fully infected. Flood spores have already begun to grow in you. Now please, I must insist you enter the containment room at once."

"Why... can't you just... kill me?" Collins said, feeling his neck come under immense pressure.

"That won't be necessary, the sensory organ is about to snap your neck, and after that you won't feel a thing. But please, for the safety of your people, enter the containment area." 356 said, as another two Sentinels came down the shaft.

Collins neck snapped, and a black stalk, with red tips sprung out of him. The body fell to the floor, and was stricken with 4 red lasers, piercing the skull.

"Tsk Tsk, such a waste. Sentinels, please transfer the body into the containment area and replace the door."

The Sentinels slowly pushed Collins body that was still alive, planning his next move, to free the Flood.

The connection to the Flood collective suddenly activated inside Collin's head, and the voices began.
"Do not allow them to replace the door. We will be to your area soon. The blue ball of light will die this day..."

Location: Planet 'H'
Year: 2551

Grunt troops were marching back and forth, sifting through the rubble and finding their mangled comrades. It was a sad and quiet day all over the moon. Suddenly the night sky was filled with tiny dots of light. There seemed to be a hundred of them.
A Grunt commander activated his comm., "Recon to Command, the Humans have arrived."

Over at the large, temple-like central Command building, the Elite Generals and Prophets were preparing their response.

"Affirmative Recon, a General announcement will alert our troops, stand by."

And as promised, the eerily familiar sirens began to ring, the klaxon echoing high into the clouds. The warning and alert message began, "Attention all Covenant forces, report to your battle stations, the Humans have come. Fire at will..."

Location Planet 'H' (Atmosphere)
Year: 2551

"Captain, the lead squad reports incoming AAA fire, they've ordered the rest of our ships five clicks east, to a small crater. It's a bit outside of town, but it's the safest way!" A Private called over the roar of the speeding wind and engine.
All around then were Pelican Drop Ships, hundreds of them swooping down on the final city.

"Agreed!" He said and turned to the Pilot, "Pilot, five clicks east, just follow the rest!"

"Aye sir!" She responded, and then suddenly a purple stream of plasma came upon them. The plasma turrets had spotted them, and locked on. There was no escape. The Pelican rocked back and forth, as troops began to fall out of the back, screaming for their lives.

"Evasive Maneuvers! We're going down, I repeat, we're going down!"

To Be Continued...