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True Purpose(7)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 June 2003, 1:15 AM

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True Purpose
Planning the Impossible

Location: Planet 'E' (Military Ops Base)
Year: 2550

"Gentleman, I think you know why I have asked you here." General Martin said to a table of Admirals and Military officers.

Each of them nodded their head and looked around.

"Well then I must tell you, this operation is going to be harder to plan then fight." The General said, tapping a button on a controller in his hand. The lights dimmed in the small room, and a CG program began playing, zooming in on the Covenant Capital City on Planet 'H'.

"The Covenant appears to have intercepted our plans. They are regrouping themselves on the lower continents. Seven Massive-class turrets have been placed, with AA plasma turrets as cover." Pressing on the screen, it zoomed in on a small part of the lower continent. "But, they've given us an advantage." He said smiling.

Location: Hull of Covenant Cruiser 'Gaza'
Year: 2550

"Alright boys, DROP DROP DROP!" Baker said over his comm. helmet, as each one free fell to the surface of the Gaza. The Sergeant hit the hull softly, as did the other ten marines. Each pulling out their AR's and Shotguns, they moved steadily along the surface.

"Lieutenant, anything?" Baker said, turning to a marine holding a small device.

"Affirmative, I'm detecting an access junction up ahead, but there are multiple sigs around it."

Baker chuckled, "That's why we have these!" He said lifting his AR. The Sergeant stepped right on top of the junction seal, pulling out a small device with a timer, counting down from 5.

"Fire in the hole!" He said, jumping for cover.

The explosion rattled the hull, while the seal ripped from its welds and opened up to the narrow passageway.

"That's one way to knock. All right boys, move in. The bridge is only a few hallways from here!"

Location: HALO (Swamp)
Year: 2550

Sergeant Collins reluctantly stepped onto the lift, analyzing the spot of blood. Finding the control switch, he activated it, sending the elevator down. All over the walls of the shaft, bullet holes, and dark green blood were splattered everywhere.

"Where did all this come from? No Covenant has green blood." He said to himself in his fear.

The lift stopped at the bottom, onto a similar room as before, with only one door. Getting off the lift, he stepped towards the door, its lights red.

"Looks locked. Why would they lock it? What are they keeping in there?"

Suddenly a push came on the door, sending Collins onto the floor. The pushes continued, with scratching, and an eerie moan. It continued for what seemed like forever, until whatever was doing it stopped. This was the last straw.

"That's it!" Collins said, chucking a grenade at the door.

The door immediately blew away, revealing the dead corpse of a twisted, mangled Human body, unlike anything he'd ever seen.

Location: Island (HALO)
Year: 2550

The Chief made it to the end of the cave, walking out back into the brisk sunlight. Trees swayed in the artificial wind. The place seemed so eerily peaceful. Even birds could be heard, singing a fine gentle tune.

Making his way around a turn, dusty, half buried bodies of a Pelican lie in the sand. The pilot inside could still be seen, rotting. The Chief shook his head with grief again, and went into the back of the wrecked ship. Heading to the front, he pushed the pilots body out of the way, and grabbed the radio receiver.

"This is the Master Chief, to any UNSC vessels or outposts. I have crashed landed on the HALO, and require immediate extraction. I repeat, I need immediate extra..." He said through the radio.

Suddenly he heard something from outside. The dusty window of the Pelican offered little viewing, so he made his way back outside.

He looked around, finding only the ocean, sand and trees. Looking to the ground, a small set of footprints that weren't there before.

He cocked his gun.

Location: LongSword Fighter (entering 'H' atmosphere)
Year: 2551

The New Year had arrived, and Pilot Ace Garrison steadied his LongSword, as the decent into 'H's atmosphere came to a completion. Lights were everywhere, as towering Covenant cities dotted the landscape.

AA batteries, the size of a small skyscraper were everywhere, and were beginning their assault on his LongSword. Ace had one mission, and plasma turrets weren't about to stop him.

On the controls was a picture of his family. He hadn't seen them in 20 years, and knew nothing if they were alive. Completing this mission meant early retirement.

"Foxtrot Echo, this is the MOAB, ETA to site in five minutes."

Location: Planet 'E' (Military Ops Center)
Year: 2551

"Foxtrot Echo, th---- is the MOAB, ETA ----- site in five min---utes."

General Martin was the only one in the closed Radio Room. Only he and a few other Admirals knew about what was about to happen.

"MOAB, this is Foxtrot Echo, last word confirmed. Radio silence, I repeat, radio silence."

He prayed the plan would work, but his heart knew he should pray for the Covenant.

Location: Planet 'H'
Year: 2551

The low mumble of an engine could be heard miles across the southern continent. Platoons of all kinds stopped to watch as AA plasma went up into the air. No one knew what was happening.

An Elite General stepped outside for a walk; to plan the next chess move of the army. Looking up into the sky, he saw the dim lights of the Longsword. The Elite smiled, knowing it would be shot down, and continued walking.

Two Banshees were flying high in the air, about to rendezvous with the LongSword and take it down. They were the only ones to spot a meter long, dark bomb fall from the Longsword's bomb bay.

The Elite General looked up again, hearing the city wide sound alarms go off. The screeching of the alarms was deafening, while the panicking Grunts ran away.

Then it all stopped. There was a blazing light, as small as the tip of a needle, seen in the distance. Everything seemed to slow down for a moment, and everyone was silent.

The tiny dot of light built up and glowed brighter. Then came the shockwave. The Elite General was pushed down to the ground, windows broke, and tall building close to the explosion collapsed like dominos. A mushroom cloud grew.

The entire city was gone.

To be Continued...