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True Purpose(6)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 May 2003, 12:15 AM

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True Purpose
Worlds Collide

Location: Planet C (Columbia Crash Site)
Year: 2550

Sergeant Baker finished his quiet prayer on the Columbia, then grabbed his AR and headed out. Walking down the dead black, quiet halls was eerie, knowing the evils that occurred aboard the ship.
He finally arrived at the Longsword Docking Bay, where a Pelican and the rest of his squad were waiting, chatting away.

"Alright boys, let's get a move on. What's the situation Private?" He said sternly.

"Sir! Command has located a Covenant Cruiser heading towards Planet 'A' at impulse. Sensors detected its auto-destruct was online. ETA to destruction about 6 minutes."

Baker nodded, putting his hand on his chin thinking.
"Do we have time to rendezvous with it? See what happened?"

The Private shook his head. "No sir, we're being dispatched to stop it, so it doesn't reach Planet 'A'."

"Understood. Let's move out!"

Location: HALO (Swamp)
Year: 2550

"Damn, I've lost altitude control!" Collins said aloud, red sirens going off inside the cramped cockpit of his Banshee. The purple of its hull began to become red as it entered the atmosphere of HALO. Below him, the darkness of the ground seemed to grab him, and pull him in.

The engines were failing, and the gravity of the HALO was too powerful for him to escape. He was just one mile above a small swamp, about to nose dive into it.

The crash of the Banshee could've been heard for miles. Its wreckage was strewn out for meters. Collin's body lay limp in ankle deep water, covered in lily pads. His head began to rise, as he coughed out the disgusting water.

"*Cough* Where... am I?" He said to himself, the small howls of birds in the back round. Mist was everywhere, and he couldn't make out anything around him besides the trees.
As he moved forward through the brush, two dim lights caught his eyes. He blinked a few times and rubbed his head, thinking he was hallucinating.

"WHO'S there?!" He called out from the trees. There was no response.

Location: HALO (Remote Island)
Year: 2550

The Chiefs Banshee faired much better, and he swooped down onto the sandy beach with ease. Hopping out, he immediately looked up at the beautiful site. 13 small moons, their surface easily visible circled a planet of water, as big a Jupiter.

As he gazed up, a small rustle of branches caught his ears, coming from the innards of the island. Looking in his pouch, he found only a few grenades, and no clips for his Battle Rifles.

Getting up the courage, he began to run into the trees.

Location: Planet 'H' (Covenant Military Base)
Year: 2550

"Commander, 5 Massive-class turrets are up and running along the gorge. Banshee Patrol Ports have been alerted, and will act the moment the Humans begin their landings. Intel reports they plan to land on the southern continent. We'll be ready for them."

The Commander nodded in agreement, sitting in his office, with a thick window behind him. There, he could see the vast emptiness of 'H'. It contained no water, and was only valuable from the troves of Iron Ore. All personnel were required to wear masks, as it contained too small of an atmosphere.

"Excellent General. The Prophets will be pleased with your work. Make sure you put Anti-Aircraft batteries near the turrets, as thy will most likely try to bomb them."

The General nodded in agreement, and threw a fist onto his armor in salute. He immediately walked out, allowing the Commander a view through his window. Grunts were marching back and forth in front of a large steel wall, preparing for the biggest battle they'd ever face.

Location: Swamp (HALO)
Tear: 2550

"HELLO!?" Collins was still trying to call out to whoever was there. Picking up his AR, he slowly moved towards the lights. Pushing a final branch out of his way, the location of the lights was revealed.

A large open passageway was all that he found, that led down into a large room, with an elevator in the middle. The lights were merely automated. The Sergeant breathed out in relief. "Thank God." He said, making his way into the structure.

A barely audible vibration could be heard, most likely the large HALO's power source. The Sergeant was not part of the search team that excavated the HALO, and was not told anything of what they found.

As he made his way to the bottom, something caught his eye that almost made him scream. In the middle of the elevator, a small splatter of red blood, with bullet holes all around the room.

"What the hell happened here?"

Location: Island (HALO)
Year: 2550

The Chief pushed his way through a small shrub, leading into a small pass of rock, leading into the center. The Chief had been here before, a few years ago. Walking through the dimly lit rocky pass, he stopped and looked around slowly, stopping and moved up to a small ledge.

There was a bullet hole from an Assault Rifle, covered in dust, seemingly many years old.

== Flash-Back ==

"Chief, you take point." Came Captain Marshal, standing in front of their Warthog.

It was only the two of them, the Captain had seen fit to bring along the best soldier when exploring the unknown island. "Yes sir." The Chief responded, cocking his shotgun.

Moving into a cave-like rock pass, they turned on their flashlights, and began to look closely at the unknown writing. The Captain, an explorer as always, stopped to decipher it.

"Hmmm, it says here: Warning to all begotten souls. Turn your path, or forever unleash your doom." The Captain shrugged. "These markings are all over the island. Our excavating teams have yet to determine what they're talking about."

The Chief nodded, then stopped suddenly, pointing his shotgun into the darkness of the cave. "Sir!" He said. "Something's coming."

Small sounds of footsteps, shuffling rather than walking were drawing ever closer. An eerie moan came from inside the cave, making the Captains hair stick straight up.
"HELLO?" The Chief shouted.

Nothing happened, but the shuffling of the unknown creatures feet began to increase. It came around the corner.

"Cap..tain..help....me." It said slowly.

"Private? What the hell are you doing here? I never assigned any..." The Captain stopped to analyze the Private. "What the hell happened to you?"

The Privates skin began to turn a darker green, his skin ripping in a few places, being replaced by stems of dark organs. "Stay back!" Came the Chief, pointing his shotgun.

The Private moaned louder, and began to run towards the chief, hitting him with the newly groan whips. The Chief fired straight into the Private's head.

== Present ==

The shotgun bullets had bounced off, and hit in a few areas. The dead body had disappeared when the Marines re-entered the cave. No one knew how it left.

The Chief shook his head and began to move farther into the island, towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Location: Pelican en route towards Covenant Cruiser Gaza.
Year: 2550

Sergeant Baker stood at the back of the drop ship, marveling at the quiet beauty of the moon system. It seemed so innocent when he couldn't see the destruction. 'H' was becoming more fortified by the hour, and small lights could even be seen from where he was.

The Pilot came over the comm., "Ok Boys, I'm detecting a hellavu lot of Covenant sigs near the Docking Bay, you'll have to freefall onto the hull, and find the Bridge from there. Get your Grav-Boots on boys, you're going for a walk."

Baker snickered at the pilot's remark, while opening a compartment under his seat, and pulling out a mask and boots.
"You heard the nice lady boys, suit up. If this thing explodes near 'A', all hell's gonna break loose."

The Sergeant looked out the back again, seeing the small green moon of 'A', the Human Main Moon, they were unwary of the destruction it might face, if they failed...