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True Purpose(3)
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 7 May 2003, 1:52 AM

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True Purpose
Beginning of Ends

Location: Covenant Main Outpost (Planet G)
Year: 2550

The ground shook beneath Sergeant Collin's feet, as he watched 5 Scorpion Tanks open siege upon the final Outpost. Once it was gone, they'd have 7 of the 13 moons, almost sealing up the Human victory.

"General..." Collins said in a videophone "... We are wrapping up the Siege of 'G'. We'll have this planet by nightfall. But in the meantime, I need a Sniper Squad down here to handle any stragglers that survived the assault. Me and my men will head down the cliff towards the base, while you send the Sniper division where our tanks are now."

"Affirmative Sergeant, they'll be down within the hour." Came the old General, sitting in a desk with Planet 'G' behind him. The video feed cut off, and Collins placed it back in his pack.

"Ok boys, dismantle the camp." He said, pointing to the rickety little tent they'd placed next to the tank shells. The 10 members of Collins squadron were young; too young for Collin's standards. When he was just a Private, all his superiors were rough, broken in, seasoned from many years of battle.

"Yes sir! As soon as we're done we'll launch." A Private said, de-clamping a leg of the tent.

Collins thought again. They may have been young, but they were everything the war needed. Determined, fearless, and filled with honor. Collins and his squad had taken Planet 'G' almost without help.

"Move it out!" He called to his group as they assembled their armor. Once they finished, they headed down the hill, on their way to the base...

Location: Covenant Cruiser
Year: 2550

"Ahh, run!!" Called a Grunt to his fellows, just in time for them to see their aggressor before a spray of bullets headed their direction. Each one went down silently, allowing the Chief to continue undetected.

"This is Master Chief, to any UNSC, please respond!" He said in a loud whisper, as he looked into his belt, finding only a few clips left.

He got back up, cocking his rifle, and continued on, hoping someone would get his message...

Location: UNSC Cruiser Columbia
Year: 2550

"Alright everybody, Cole Protocol has been initiated." He said to the crew while taking out the AI. "I want you in escape pods towards Planet 'A' in 10 minutes, before the Covenant completely tear this ship apart!"

"What about you sir?" Came an orange shirted crewman.

The Captain looked at his feet, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll be staying with the ship." He threw the AI disc to the crewman, "... I'll try to land her on... Planet 'C' appears to be closest at the moment. If you don't hear from me, give my regards to Admiral Whitaker."

He turned back to the command panel, as the rest of the crew left.

{2 hours later}

The Captain was sitting in his Command chair, looking at the Security Panel, watching little red dots get closer and closer to the Bridge. He looked out the front view window, and saw the desolate sand world that was Planet 'C'.

He had hailed the nearest UNSC outpost an hour ago, but they had yet to respond. As the red dots got closer, the pitter-patter of their feet against the burnt deck plating seemed like the toll of midnight, striking him with every blow of the clock.

He gripped his chair hard, his hands sweating from the arid heat of the desert. He looked at the Security Panel again. It was blue; he knew what was standing right behind him. He heard the high-pitched charge of the pistol, which was the very last thing he'd ever hear...

Location: Space
Year: 2550

The hiss of Private Nicholas's oxygen mask was all that was heard in the cockpit of the fighter. His weary eyes had watched as the Columbia took blow after blow of plasma torpedoes.
He had neither the energy, nor the ability to send out a distress call, and it seemed every breath from the oxygen mask, took a bit of life away from his heart.
It seemed, during the past two days, his entire world seemed flipped around, topsie-turbie and incongruent to what he knew as existence. The HALO, his death bringer, he could barely see, slowly turning innocently, waiting for the next victim to pass through its vortex, and end their lives.

Captain Marshal had said HALO had the ability to kill everything. He didn't believe him at first. Now that his life had been ended by it, it seemed all too likely it was true.

The Columbia was beginning to drift away towards a small brown dot, which was nowhere near the size of the Water-World that it en-circled. Explosions from the side of the Columbia were obviously escape pods, each one had the ability to pick up the cockpit signature, but they did not, or did not have the desire to, seeing he was next to a Covenant battle Ship.

As he looked upon the ship, he remembered the Master Chief. He wondered if he had lived, or had won. Maybe if he did win, he might be rescued. Suddenly the Cruiser began to turn, and faced the cockpit, it slowly crept forward, light a steam engine through a tunnel, and the eyes of the beast glared his eyes.

The comm. panel beeped, and Pvt. Nicholas pressed it with delight, knowing the Chief had done it. "Prepare to be taken in for execution." Came the dark voice of an Elite.

A small blue light encircled the cockpit hull, and it slowly moved forward towards the docking bay...

Location: Outside Docking Bay
Year: 2550

The Chief was out of bullets, now using the pathetic pistol to defeat his superior enemies. He was tired, and his shields were running low. His leg armor had been sliced by repeated hits of Plasma. It was bleeding down his foot, red and dark.

The door to the Docking Bay swung open, and the Chief pulled out an Elite's Rifle, shooting the Jackals that were controlling a Tractor Beam panel. The Chief rushed to it, finding Pvt. Nicholas's fighter being pulled in.

"Thank God for him. He must have ammo..." Said the Chief to himself, not thinking of the Privates health.

He waiting for the fragment to be pulled in entirely, and rushed inside, finding the Private dead. He checked the oxygen mask and heat generator; both of which were at 0%.

Laying Chip's body down on the Covenant ship, he took his Sniper Rifle and Pistol, shaking his head in remorse.

You died so that I shall live... thought the Chief, running out the door.

To Be Continued...