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Spartan III's, Part II
Posted By: FOrunnER
Date: 26 August 2003, 4:01 AM

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I know the first part of this story sucked but I promise it gets better.

When the Covenant were done blowing themselves up Cortana spoke, "We should report to Admiral Bankman".
"Rodger that Cortana", he said and, speaking over his coms, "Green team, report".
"No more Covenant scouted, I think we got'em", replied Fox.
"All right, meet Blue team at the front lines".
His coms clicked twice to acknowledge his orders and he told Blue team to move it.
In three minutes flat the Spartans had all made it to the front lines. And were all shocked at what they saw. 400 marines had been positioned here, and only about 100 remained. The marines had constructed a barricade of crates, rubble, warthog husks, and even dead bodies. God knows there was plenty of them scattered about, mostly human, but some Covenant. Craters where the Wraiths motors had hit were on, behind, and in front of the marine barricade. Even now the lines were still chaos as medics scrambled to wounded marines.
One of them in particular caught his attention. He had caught the bad end of a plasma grenade. It hadn't latched on to him, but he had been near it when it exploded. He was covered in second and third degree burns and also sported a broken arm and leg from when the shockwave had thrown him. Soon a medic rushed over, injected the man with morphine, and he fainted.
Cortana spoke up, "Bankman says to reload and rondevu with Pelican Delta 516. She'll drop us off at Firebase H12 where we'll receive marine and vehicle support, then we can proceed to the Covenant ship". He nodded, his mission was the same one he had been given with his Spartan II's. Board the ship over Mombassa, capture the bridge, download the nav information and then destroy the ship with an 80 megaton HAVOK nuke. Then if....when, they repelled the Covenant they could launch a counter offensive against the Covenant home world.
He nodded and turned to his Spartan team, who had also been surveying the carnage. "All right Spartans, time to mount up and rendezvous with 516. She'll drop us off at a secure location and we'll proceed to Alpha directive from there".
He received a series of 'yes sirs'. Conveniently they had been defending a weapons cash. MC managed to get a noncom to lead them to a nearby structure where they entered a large weapons cash. They reloaded on everything and replaced damaged weapons then met up with Delta 516 outside. The Spartans jumped into the Pelicans and Hunter took the door gun. 516 flew them over the numerous skyscrapers of New Mombassa. While they were flying MC consulted Cortana in his head.
"So how are we holding?", he asked, referring to the status of Earth.
"Not good. We've repelled the Covenant space fleet but the ground forces are numerous. In several sections of western Europe we've had to resort to bombing are own planet to wipe out the Covenant in those areas. Western Europe, Western Africa, parts of Eastern America and Brazil have all fallen to the Covenant. Oh, here's something interesting. The Covenant have dropped off boats. Currently sea battles are raging in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans".
He nodded. While the report of ship battles was interesting, it wasn't his concern. "What about New Mombassa?".
"40% of the city belongs to the Covenant. In general we've been able to hold them back but it won't last forever. Unless of course, we finish our Alpha directive".
He had expected nothing less. Like always the pressure was on him and his squad. His train of thought was interrupted by Hunter. "Incoming Banshee's. Opening fire!" he yelled.
Sure enough, five Banshee's appeared behind the Pelican. All the Spartans unloaded there weapons but Hunter was the only one who made a difference. He aimed for the Banshee closest to him. Numerous rounds simply bounced off the aircrafts armor but a handful got through and the Banshee exploded. Hunter took down two more Banshee's but the remaining two flew to the sides out of the door guns range and pounded there Pelican with plasma.
Delta 516's pilot spoke over the coms," I can't shake'em. Chief, I recommend you and your Spartans evac now", he said with obvious urgency. He nodded and ordered his team to move out. Each of his Spartans grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the Pelican. When the last Spartan was out MC grabbed his own parachute and jumped. His suit was whipped by the Pelicans backwash but it did no harm. When he got close to the ground he pulled the chute and landed safely on a road. His other Spartans landed relatively close to him and he ordered them to fan out and make a perimeter. He watched as 516 was driven down strait into a AA Plasma Cannons range and blown out of the sky.
Once again he consulted Cortana, "So where the hell are we?"
"Were about 5 miles from H12".
"Which direction?"
A nav marker appeared on his hood. It was pointing North-East. "Be careful Chief, there could possibly be hostiles in this area".
"Noted". He motioned his team into a single file formation. Hunter was point, he followed, then Glock, then e-X, then Inferno, and finally Fox taking rear. They continued down the New Mombassa streets. Occasionally coming across a group of hiding civilians but not encountering any resistance.
Just when MC was starting to relax, Cortana said, "Alert, Covenant patrol group scouted".
He stiffened, "How many?"
"15 Jackals, all Spec Ops. And also what appears to be another Jackal riding a Ghost taking point".
"Where they headed?"
MC said, "Alright team, we have a Covenant patrol group headed strait for H12. Were gonna hit'em........

The Jackal group was relaxed. Most had there shields off and plasma pistols holstered. The Jackal in the Ghost was also relaxed, until eX's silent three round burst split his head open. The Jackals were shocked for a few precious seconds in which a trio of grenades detonated in there ranks. What Jackals weren't past after the explosion were quickly moped up with guns.
However they had risen the alarm. Two Banshee's came screaming over the horizon. But before they could get a shot off Hunter ripped off his Rocket Launcher and fired two Rockets. They were delivered with an accuracy only a Spartan could bring. Both Banshee's were turned into flaming shrapnel. However now the Covenant were royally pissed off and a few seconds later several Phantoms came at them.
"Move", yelled MC.
The Phantoms triple barreled plasma guns flashed and left a row of superheated glass where they hit but they didn't hit the Spartans. The Phantoms stopped, dropped off a load of troops, and flew off.
They were advancing on them from quite away but the Spartans could still make them out with there augmented eyesight. There were two Shades and four Ghosts, Elites riding all of them. There were also Elite infantry troops behind them, all Spec Ops, perhaps ten. But they also saw something else. Vaguely ape-like, but armed with a bulky looking weapon and pale-purple Covenant armor. Probably around 8' to 8'6, there were 5 of them.
"Cortana, what the hell...", but he didn't even get to finish his sentence. The Covenant armor was on top of them in seconds. The Ghosts attempted to surround them but it didn't work. Fox took three out with her MX and Hunter took another out with his SAW as it got close. Now the Shades came. They hung back and let there plasma cannons do the work. Hunters, Glocks, and Infernos shields were all taken down by the heavy rapid fire guns. They were forced to fall back. Fox wasn't able to hit them because they kept strafing right and left to avoid her. MC grabbed dead Jackals plasma grenade and let it fly. The glowing blue sphere arced and landed in right beneath one of the passing Shades. It flipped over, spilling it's driver, gunner, and two passengers. Fox took them out with a clip of MX rounds. Now the other Shade decided to pull out but it was to late as Hunter (who had gotten back into the battle as soon as his shields recharged) fired a rocket dead center at the retreating vehicle. Now however the Elites and 'Monkeys were on them. The Spartans let loose with a volley of fire, taking down three Elites early but the rest engaged. The Master Chief threw a grenade at two of the advancing Elites. One was blown apart and the other's shield was taken down. He fired of a burst from his Battle Rifle into it, the bullets forming a neat and tidy hole in its head.
Now that he was up close he could see some detail. It had short black eyes, a wrinkled protruding snout like a pigs, and giant fangs protruding from its mouth. It's pale purple armor consisted of a breast plate, shoulder plates, a spine protector, helmet, and knee and elbow caps. Hair covered parts of the showing body but it was mostly granite colored skin that almost looked like rock. It carried a belt that had a large blue orb in the middle with plasma grenades on one side of it and red cylinders on the other. It's weapon had a gigantic blade on the end of it.
The Monkey stopped before him and roared. The Chief fired a clip into the Brute only to watch it dissipate against it's invisible protection.
'Damn' he thought, they had shields to. The Monkey leveled his gun at him and fired. The Chief dodged the ruby-red bolt but it tracked him. It slammed into his shields with enough force to take them out and knock him on his but. The Monkey fired another round, apparently the gun didn't take long to recharge. This time he let the bolt come to him then dodged it at the last second and it whizzed by him. The Brute fired two more bolts at the Chief, he dodged one but the other got a lock on him and charred his plasma relective armor. He returned fire with his Battle Rifle, firing as he ran closer to him. When he was close enough he jammed the gun under the Monkeys chin. He's shields dropped and he stepped back, slightly dazed. The Chief opened fire with his Battle Rifle again, but the bullets simply bounced off the flat armor. He fired again at one of the Monkeys hairy exposed section. The Brute screamed and dropped. He looked around him.
Glock and eX had managed to hold off some of the Elites with there guns but one of the Brutes charged them with its gun blazing. Hunter came to rescue with a Rocket, it nailed the Brute in the chest, blowing him into chunks and draining one of the nearby Elites shields. Gunfire finished off the remaining Elites. Inferno used the last of his Flamethrowers lighter fluid to set a Brute on fire then pulled out a Shotgun and put it out of his misery. He unleashed two more Shotgun shells in a nearby Elite, the first blowing through the shield and the second blowing his head off. Fox was now forced to fight close in, so that means she had her M6D out. She tried to gain as much distance as she could and unleashed a flurry of bullets. She finally managed to tear through one of the Elites shields and she confiscated its plasma sword. Now the remaining two Monkeys pulled back and tried to take out the Spartans shields from a distance. Bad mistake, Fox now had sufficient distance for her MX and let a C-4 bullet fly. It cracked through one of the Brutes shields and exploded, the splash damage injuring the other Brute who MC finished off with a burst from his Battle Rifle. Now the remaining four Elites were quickly finished off with Hunters SAW gun.
MC ordered his team to move out before the Covenant could release another strike force. They made good time through the back alleys of New Mombassa, finally when they were within mile of H12 Cortana let out a warning.
"Chief, H12 has been attacked" ..........................

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