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Halo 2, an Elites version, Part II
Posted By: FOrunnER<Stump JS@aol.com>
Date: 4 August 2003, 8:34 PM

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"Fire in the hole!!", yelled private second class Casey Jindrakk. His grenade sailed into the Covenant group and detonated, blowing five Grunts into chunks and filling a Jackal full of shrapnel.
The firefight had been going on for hours in the streets of New Mombassa. The Covenant had succesfully dropped of there troops, leaving the marines in a shit load of trouble. They had been defending this part of town for hours. Mostly against Grunts and Jackals, but a few Elites had shown up and at one point they even had to deal with a tank. Air support quickly put that out before it caused to much damage. Now it finally seemed as if the slaughter was slowing down at least. This area had been dubbed with particular importance because it covered the western flank of military installation 002315, now kown as Alpha base.
The headquaters of all operations in New Mombassa was there, and they couldn't aford to let it fall. There had been 400 marines stationed here, and now there was only 171 left, for every covenant soilder they killed, the covenant killed two more. But now the Covenant seemed to exhausted all the soilders they wanted to use on this area and now his men were simply doing mop up of the 60 or so Covenant that remained.
Suppresing fire was layed down wich took out almost all the Grunts, then air-support was once again called in to mop up the Jackals. Jindrakk sighed, it was finally over. He allowed tears to roll down his soot streaked face. He had lost his brother in this battle, Private second class Robert Jindrakk. He had watched the Needlers from the Grunts gun catch Robert in the face, there had been no hope. He looked over at his brothers corpse next to him, and thanked god it was finally over.....................

"Plasma torpedos at maximum charge Excellency", said the Grunt working weapons controll, Yayawg.
"Fire then you imbossile", roared Tobamee. Not a moment later twin streaks of red hot plasma traced the human destroyer and vaporized it. Several Seraph fighters appeared in front of the screen to blow away the fleeing lifepods from the Destroyer.
Nabamee smiled upon the scene. He loved the destuction of humans. Nabamee's destoyer as well as every other ship in the fleet initiated the now standard engage-hotdrop-retreat sequence they had used at Reach and Sigma Octanus. They had lost several craft during the first engagement, including destroyers like his, 3 cruisers, and a Flagship that strayed to close to there 'Super MAC cannon'.
However the human fleet had had more casualties in the initiall engagement, losing 1/3 of there fleet and five of there 'Super MAC cannon's'. When the second wave came to reinforce them there ranks swelled dramatically. But the humans recieved reinforcements as well, obviously from other star systems. Some of the craft in the initiall engagement were in the midstage of repairs from previous engagements. Those had been the first ones taken out.
They had just started the second engagement and it was hot. They had already caught some stray missles, but only non-essential compartments had been breached.
"Excellency", squawked another Grunt, Hahaig. "Heavy human projectile inbound with human missles. Coming from human Frigate at location 300.44 by -211.0001".
"Change course heading 2.1012 by 7.88. That will put us in perfect flanking position. Use full power"
Hahaig grunted in response and the ship rocketed out of the path of the projectile, and caught only a the missles.
"Sheilds down by 44% and recharging at 2% per second. Now in flanking position of enemy frigate".
Yayawg spoke again, "Pulse lasers at full readieness. Plasma torpedoes at 82% charge. I have lock on on target, awaiting your oders excellency".
"Fire pulse lasers at there MAC cannons and missle pods, aim plasma torpedoes at the general area where the ships bridge would be".
On the screen blazing blue lazers cut into the ship. The large projectile weapon mounted on top was destoyed. Aft and Port Archer missle pods were also hit. The missles all exploded in there pods, punching holes in the frigate and sending it spinning out of controll. Then the plasma torpedoes fired, they vaporized the entire front end of the ship.
Nabamee watched in silence at the destruction. He actually hadn't added much to Tobamee's commanding. The Elite seemed to have everything under control and he once again wondered why he was here.
Oh well, it was not his place to question orders. He simply had to enjoy the view..........................

"Chief", said the shocked voice of Cortana, "Earth is under attack. The fleet is in serious trouble. Get ready Cheif. Were going to Mars, its the closest human position and the only place we can contactact the fleet right now. But get ready, Mars is also under invasion".
The Master Chief, who had been getting groggy over the long uneventfull hours of Slipspace travell, now sat bolt upright. Just his luck, he just got back from fighting the Covenant AND the Flood AND the Sentenals on Halo, and now was heading strait into another battle. But the thought of battle was somehow comforting, it was what he was trained for and was where he belonged.
He pulled on his helmet and turned on his suits sheild systems. He checked his weapons. A shotgun, half full of ammo, an Assualt Rifle, with two clips of ammo, a frag grenade and three plasma grenades.
The rusty iron red Marshian landscape appeared out of the Longswords viewport. Now however, that landscape was dotted with black craters where bombs had gone off.
The Chief strapped himself in his seat, the Longsword bucked as it entered Marshian atmosphere and hit a pocket of turbulence.
"So Cortana", said the Chief calmly, "Where exactly are we going?".
"Tarra city (Ta-ra), a major military installation and civilian population center. It is also under attack, Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Hunters, plenty of enemy vehicles and a few confermed enemy artillery emplacements ".
"Oh goodie, a party", he joked.
"And its time to crash it. ETA two minutes".
He finally got out of the turbulence and over a red valley. It was also home to intense human-covenant fighting. Plasma weapons and Projectile weapons sputtered across the valley. The Chief noticed two pairs of Hunters, a Wraith, and a few Gohsts on the Covenant side. But he also spotted a squad of Scorpion tanks and accompying Warthogs. Both sides vehicles were extremely active. Each side was wearing envirment suits. Tarra city could be seen in the distance, encased in a clear dome.
"Cortana, give me control of the Longsword. I can wipe out the outside forces with the Longsword, then proceed inside Tarra city and destroy the forces in there", said the Chief.
"Negative", replied Cortana, "We used up all of our fuel in the Slipspace jump, we are in for kind of a crash landing".
"Great, my luck just keeps getting better and better".
He looked out the viewport, his Longsword was heading strait for the Covenant lines.
"Chief", screamed Cortana over the multiple impact sirens, " the ship won't make it, We have to jump".
Without a word he grabbed the paracute under his seat, opened the back hatch, and jumped. He couldn't feel the wind rushing by him in his suit but he could hear it. He pulled the chute at the last minute and landed on the ground with a jarring THUD, bringing his sheilds down a fith. He just had enough time to watch his longsword crash into an unsuspecting group of Covenant before he was attacked.
"Covenant, watch out!!"
He turned, Shotgun to bear. A squad of scarlet armored Elites were advancing on him with the lower rank Grunts and Jackals following them. Plasma bolts wizzed by his head as the Chief opened fire. The first round ripped through the nearest Elites sheilds and tore out his gut. A plasma grenade sailed over and latched on to a Grunts scull, the cowering creatur ran to its buddies for help and took out five of it fellows, one Jackal, and one Elite with it.
Now with the scale evened out a bit, he had a much better chance. He emptied his Shotgun into two more Elites and a few Grunts and Jackals that got to close. Now he chucked the weapon at the nearest Grunt. The stupid creature caught it and he was free to finish it off with a sustained burst from his AR. He used his last armor peircing rounds to tear apart a pair of Jackals and a Grunt. Now with no weapons, he used his last frag grenade. It detonated and took out an Elite and two more Jackals. The fire, smoke, and shrapnel confused the Covenant long enough for him to grab a nearby Plasma Rifle. He took the last Elites sheilds down in a barrage of plasma, took out most of the remaining forces with another grenade, and moped up the remaining Jackals with the Plasma Rifle.
He took moment to breath. His sheilds, wich were on the verge of depleting entirely, now slowly recharged. He waited till it fully charged and then grabbed more weapons.
Since Covenant weapons were small and virtually weightless, he could carry a lot of them. He grabbed another Plasma Rifle, a pair of plasma pistols, and five intact plasma grenades. He scouted the area and saw a group of marines pinned down by a group of Covenant. It was time to get to work.................................