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A long hard day of killing humans
Posted By: FOrunnER
Date: 25 July 2003, 6:32 AM

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This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

Indent: By using one of there highly advanced probes, they had managed to find the humans home world called AAERTH. 'Nabamee and his squad of veteran Spec Ops covenant included him, two other of his kind, a pair of Hunters, and five grunts. His squad was one of the many to be sent down to AAERTH'S surface. They were to land in the city of New Memb..Membro...they just called it Human Hive 2 to make pronouncation easier. "Drop off in 2 units, repeat drop off in two units", came the pilots voice.
'Nabamee and his two fellows were on one side of the descending dropship, while the Hunters and the lowly Grunts were on the other side. Although he could not see out of the dropship, he felt the dropshipe come to a stop.
Indent: "The doors are openining, may the gods smile upon you". said the dropships pilot. Sure enough the dropships doors opened and his squad jumped out of the saftey of the vehicle and onto the battlefeild, where they belonged. A dozen other dropships disloaded troops around them and took off. There dropship had been carrying two Gohsts in the anti-gravity feild between the dropships pillars. He had two Grunts board them. While the vehicles were perferable to ride into battle and gave the Elites, 'Nabamee in paticular, and adreniline rush, they would attract to much fire and would probably cease to exist within the first ten units of battle.
"You two, man the Gohsts. The rest of you lowlifes will stand front and to the sides of us. Nosa and Hussu, will you please take position on either side of the squad".
Indent: He addresed the Hunters by name instead of 'lowlifes', as he used with the Grunts, because while Hunters were not as high in rank as Elites, they needed to be treated with respect.
The Hunters complied. He had the Gohsts move to the center and front and then advanced to the human established perimeter. They had been dropped off on a clear stone path, what the humans called a 'road' and had been told to advance to the human perimeter from there, to wich they would advance to the human HQ. The human defenses consisted of mostly infrantry with a few of there 'Warthogs', some armed with 'grenade launchers'. The first human he found he blew a hole through his head with his plasma rifle. It's two fellows opened fire with there projectile weapons. The projectiles harmlessesly bounced off 'Nabamee's and he returned fire, killing one other. He was extremely annoyed when a Grunt stole his kill on the last human in the group with its Needler, and to make that point he pushed the Grunt onto the gravel with his free hand. The force of the blow knocked the filthy creatur loopy, but it was back in the fight within units. When the Gohsts approached the human lnes they wobbled from porjectile fire as expected but managed to get back into the fight and cleared a good number of hostiles in front of the squad. In fact, 'Nabamee was worried that they were going to steal all his kills when one was destroyed in a hail of projectiles. He looked to the source, a human 'Warthog' was advancing on there squad. The other Gohst turned to face the incoming threat but had been severly damaged by the other human fire and wasn't able to dodge out of the way of the next volley of projectiles. Nabamee' and the rest of his squad but none of them had sniper weapons so they couldn't hit it at this range. As it approached, both Hunters charged there weapons and fired. The first green ball of energy flipped the Warthog over, the second one tore a hole through the exposed engine and it exploded. While the remaining Grunt rushed to finsh off a wounded human, the Elites ran over to the Warthogs operators, who were still alive and armed. There were three of them, one kill for each of them. Two opened fire with there weapons, one threw a grenade. The grenade detonated close to one of his Elites, his sheild flared, died, and he took a load of sharpnel in his chest. 'Nabamee responed with a grenade of his own. It latched onto the human, he had about three seconds to lose his dignity in a series of desprate sobs and yells, before it detonated. It exploded in a blue-white flash with flecks of red. One of his fellows was taken with him, now with only one target left all the Elites fire concentrated on him, who was making a desprete last stand with his weapon, but of course he died.
He told his Hunters to pull up with the rest of the squad and continue on there course of rampage. He didn't know what happened to the lone Grunt that had wandered of but frankly he didn't care. Now there was a larger challenge being presented. A group of mabye fifteen to twenty marines were holding position where a trio of Warthogs had flipped over to create cover. A trio of them were using long range 'sniper rifles' while the rest were either carrying 'assualt rifles', 'battle rifles', or 'shotguns'. He instructed the Hunters to concentrate on sniping the group of Pelicans that was trying to land further down the road in front of a human stucture. His trio of specially trained Elites definatly had a sporting chance against the twenty humans. He ordered one of his Elites, the only one with a Needler, to concentrate of sniping the humans, paticularly the ones with 'sniper rifles'. Currently there attention seemed to be foucased on a group of vetran Grunts further down and to the left. He took position behind a crudely set up human cargo container. When he was ready, he signaled the Needler-sniper to open fire. A volley of pink Needles stuck into of of the snipers from the left, nearly tearing him in half and filling his nearest partner with sharpnel. The Needlers had come from the front-right, the other two Elites attacked from the front. A hail of plasma brought down several of the vermin. With the Elite attack now coming from two directions, the humans ducked behind cover, all except one who was stuck full of Needles.
Now the Humans ducked out of cover and they exchanged fire, wich resulted in the death of four more humans and both Elites sheilds coming down to nearly zero percent, at wich point they were forced to duck behind cover. Meanwhile, the Needler managed to get another sniper marines.
While his sheilds recharged he looked over the Cargo container. He saw the grenade soar into the air. He took carefull aim with his Plasma Rifle and shot the grenade, it exploded in midair and showered the Elites with debris with debris but did no damage. Now it was his turn. He gunned down two humans that opposed him and primed to grenades. He didn't stick them to targets, rather set them on the ground on either side of the Warthog they were using for cover. Now they couldn't retreat to the left or right, but they couldn't pull back in time either. The grenades detonated in twin flares. The Warthog they used for cover was blown a couple feet into the air and flipped right side up. Half a dozen had been killed in the blast, three were crushed when the Warthog flipped, and two were severly injured and were soon either taken out with Plasma or Needler fire. There were now 4 humans left, Nabamee called his Needler foward and together they flushed out the remaining human forces with guns. Once again he called the Hunters foward and they cointinued on.
Finally they came up to the humans HQ. It was a roughly square squat building. Human aircraft lauched from the airstrip, but most were taken down with Banshee's a few moments after they got in the air. A few missle turrents threatened to stall the advancement but a Wraith quickly shelled the weapon emplacements. A human with a Rocket Launcher blew groups of Covenant apart and targeted one of his Hunters, it blew into fleshy warm chunks. The other Hunters sensless angered firing flushed him out and the trio of Elites targeted him with there weapons and he was soon gone. All Hunters were ordered to fall back to the Wraiths position ( there was three of them ) to help snipe vitall parts of the base, witch left Nabamee and his companions. Human resistance was determined but spread to thin and the trio of Spec Ops Elites made short work of the forces that opposed them, and so did the other Covenant it seemed. A Warthog rushed by and his Needler Elite managed to fill the Gunner full of Needlers and Nabamme latched a plasma grenade on to it. The customary blue-white flash followed with the secondary red-yellow bang! Soon Nabamee' expended his weapons energy core on enimies and was forced to turn to his energy blade. His teamates distraced enemies while his ambushed them and sliced them with his blade. He kept track of his kills and soon ammassed Fifty seven. When the infrantry forces had been severly depleted, the survivors holed themselves in the basses interiorr. Cowards.
The trio of Elite's split up and Nabamee was part of the force that was sent to secure the upper levels of the facility. The upper levels all had tight halls wich made the opposing forces great grenade bait, but the same rules applied to him, thankfully his sheild gave him an advantage. He traveled alone. Big groups were easeir grenade bait. He killed humans as he went, increasing his kill score. In one hall he came accross a trio of Grunts holding there own against a duo of humans that weren't military, but had pistols. Nabamee's was fight behind them. He came behind and slit ones throat. The other turned and fired point-blank between his eyes. Though the projectile was considerably weak by comparison to other human weapons, at point blank range it brought his shields down a quarter. Before he had the chance to fire another round Nabamee stuck him with his fist, caving in the humans rib cage. As it knelt over in pain, Nabamee got a firm grip on the head and twisted it nearly 180 degrees, decisiely snapping it. Further down he met up with a group of marines. They nearly bumped into each other in the corner, Nabamee let out a battle cry and sliced the human, then Elite and retreated down the corner. Judging from the voices, he knew there were more of them. He moved farther down the hall, allowing them to believe he had retreated, using the corner as a choke point. As soon as two of them reared there ugly heads, guns drawn, he controlled the choke point with a grenade. He threw another to take out the group standing just beyond them. And threw another for good mesure. Now he charged the choke point, and it seemed to actually surprise the remaining humans when he was face to face with them. Obvisiouly they had expected him to try and get them from long range, just like he wanted them to think. He chopped two down but by the third his sheild was low, but he continued to fight. If he retreated the human would run and escape. He finally severed the last humans spine, but took a trio of bullets to the side for it. It wasn't criticall, so he could fight. A little further down he found a mangaled bodie of a Jackal. He stored his Energy blade and took the Plasma Pistol. He continued down the halls. killing everthing he found.

Over the last few hours, General Williams had lost controll of his base. The Covenant had overrun the exterior forces with simple brute force, and know had worked there way into the interior levels.
"So whats our status now?" said General Williams grimly, knowing he would regret asking.
"In offical terms, were in serious shit" said one of his Luetennants, Luetennant Harrison.
Another Luetennant, Luetannant Nicholas,gave the specifics. " The exterior forces have been overrun by Covenant. The ground level Vehicle storage and Airstrip have been taken. The underground bukers and Weapons cashes are home to intense fighting, there demise is inevitable. Fleetcom considers this base a lost cause and either can't or won't send in reinforcements. In truth, the Covenant are simply doing mop up".
The General sighed, "What about the above ground interior defenses. Is this room in danger?".
" Those are the only places that are holding up ", and as soon as Luetennant Nicholas said this, and Elite busted down the door and killed them all.

The Elite kicked in the door. He shot two humans at control consoles, and two miltary types at the end of the room before they could even return fire. The remaining three humans at the central table opened fire with there pistols, he killed two of them and injured the last one. He pinned his arm to the ground. Knowing he was the basses master, he made sure his death was nice and slow.......

Total Nabamee kill score: 67 humans, 2 Warthogs