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A New Breed of Spartan-Chapter 1:Project Classified
Posted By: Forerunner's Advocate<sttrooper87100@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 October 2004, 6:04 PM

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(after all the troubles I had with my computer and poor writing skills I hope this story will be worth while. It seems good so far and i am smoothing out the wrinckles with the timeline enjoy.)

It was 0700 hours when someone tapped on the door.
       "Corporal... Captain Andrews wants to see you on the bridge."
       "Ok, I'll be right up." Said Corporal Lance Campbell. "Thank you private."
      Campbell strode easily from his quarters to the lift at the end of the hall. He was 6' 1" and with his UNSC issue combat boots he was easily 6'3". He had a commanding presence though not because of his rank but because of his record. As he stepped into the lift his mind turned to other things.

       "John I need you to record as much as you can of Campbell's actions on this mission." Said Doctor Halsey. "We don't have the time to create Spartans as we did with you. We need to use soldiers that are already trained. You are a very talented soldier but you need backup. You preformed at maximum when you worked with a team."
      Spartan-117 seemed to take all of this in without emotion.
"I will. May I ask a question?"
       "Of course you may. There is no need for protocol here John. You may ask me anything." Said Dr. Halsey
       "Well if this mission is successful and you deem the candidates worthy of the program how can you be sure with so few that the augmentation will not destroy them?"
       "I have tested numerous soldiers for compatibility and this soldier is not the best but his body will work perfectly for the augmentation process. There are also three others that have been tested for compatibility and they should also make a perfect team. With their combined expertise you will be the perfect team. This mission is one of the last pieces of the Spartan-III project. I trust you not to fail John. Good luck."

      As the doors to the lift slid open his mind returned to the events at hand.
      Campbell saluted sharply his body completely rigid. He had no idea why he had been called here so he'd better do things right. Plus he had been in the military for three years at least so it was unnatural for him to do anything else.
       "At ease soldier." said Andrews. "I have a special mission that I thought was right up your alley."
      "Yes sir" stated Campbell coolly.
      "You have heard of the Spartan-II program have you not?"
      "Yes Sir."
      "Well a man called Spartan-117 or Master Chief has been assigned a special mission and you have been assigned to accompany him. You are the best Campbell. That is why this mission will be decisive for your career. And since he is possibly the only remaining Spartan you would be the best candidate for the job." Andrews said as an afterthought.
      "When do I leave sir?" Asked Campbell.
      "0600 hours, tomorrow morning." Said Andrews. "I expect you will be ready by then?"
      "I'll be ready Sir." Corporal Lance Campbell saluted sharply and turned on his heal to leave.

0500 hours, UNSC Time
       "Corporal Campbell, I would like to introduce you to Spartan-117." Said Captain Andrews.
       Campbell snapped a perfect salute. He had never wanted to make a good impression more than he did right now. He tried to hide the nervousness that he felt. The man facing him was at least seven feet tall.
       "At ease soldier." Said the Spartan
       Campbell took his hand away from his head but still stood perfectly still. "So what is the mission that I am to accompany you on?" Asked Campbell stiffly. He was the picture of military crispness although now it was out of habit instead of nervousness.
       "We are to deliver supplies to a military outpost on a location that is confidential until we are in route. It should be pretty routine but we will encounter some covenant forces." Said the Spartan matter of factly. "We pull out in one hour. Be ready."
       Again Campbell saluted crisply.
       "Thank you. You are dismissed." Said the Spartan.

       Many things went through Lance's mind as he descended the lift toward the deck that his quarters were located on. He assumed that he would need all of his rest if he was to even keep up with Master Chief. He would already be slowing him dow a considerable amount. And he new that if he was in the master chief's place that he would not want a marine(however well trained) to accompany him.
       Once in his barracks Lance undressed and slipped into bed. He let a silent prayer drift up toward the heavens. He feared he would need all the help that God was willing to give him. Then feeling better about the mission to come he slipped away from the solid world and into his dreams.