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Solo with a Spartan-Chapter 1: A new Agenda
Posted By: Forerunner's Advocate<sttrooper87100@yahoo.com>
Date: 30 September 2004, 2:07 AM

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(authors note:I'm still a little shaky on the code so if anyone could post that for me after you read this I'd be grateful. enjoy F.A.)

       It was 0700 hours when someone stepped into the room. "Corporal... Captain Keyes wants to see you on the bridge." "Ok, I'll be right up. Did he happen to say what for?" "I think it is some kind of new assignment, but I am not a hundred percent sure." "Ok. Thank you private."
      Corporal Lance Campbell strode easily from his quarters to the lift at the end of the hall. He was 6' 1" and with his UNSC issue combat boots he was easily 6'3". He had a commanding presence though not because of his rank but because of his war record. He fought beside two of his friends and had become accustom to never leaving their sides on the field of battle. As he stepped into the lift his mind turned to his friends.
      Henry Watts was his first friend in the service. He (in his own words) is the "Best sniper the UNSC has got!" He is about 5'11" and 200lbs. of pure muscle. He likes to say he could put a hunter in a submission hold and make it cry.
      Then there was Adam Morgan. He was roughly 6' tall, and 190lbs. That guy could do things with the covenant weapons that they could only dream of doing. He gave us all a new respect for their technology. He could out shoot a covenant pulse rifle with a plasma pistol. I've seen many Elites burned to steamy chunks by a couple of plasma pistols in the hands of Morgan.
       I myself prefer the good old fashioned shotgun or rocket launcher (if I can get my hands on one). And grenades... Well let's just say many covenant scum have been blown to fleshy ribbons by one of my well placed plasma grenades.
      As the doors to the lift slid open his mind turned to other things. "Glad you could make it Campbell" said Keyes. "I have a special mission that I thought was right up your alley."
"Well as you know my team and I are willing to accept whatever you have for us" stated Campbell coolly.
"Well this isn't for your team, this is a solo mission."
"What? You know that I don't do solo missions. My team comes or I don't. It's as simple as that" said Campbell coldly.
"Just hear me out Campbell. You have heard of the Spartan-II program have you not?"
"Of course I have Sir."
"Well a man called Spartan-117 or Master Chief has been assigned a special mission and he needs one comrade. You are the best of the best and rumor of your skills have traveled even to his ears. He has chosen you, with my permission of course, to accompany him. And since he is possibly the only remaining Spartan you would be the best candidate for the job." Keyes said as an afterthought.
"When do I leave?" Asked Campbell.
"0900 hours. I expect you will be ready by then?" asked Keys jokingly.
"I'll be ready Sir." Corporal Lance Campbell saluted sharply and turned on his heal to leave.
"Oh and Corporal... Be careful, it would be a shame to lose you."

      As Lance stepped into the soldiers quarters he was hit with a barrage of questions.
"What the heck is going on?!" asked Watts angrily. "Ya whats the deal with you gettin' sent on a mission without us. What the hell you gonna do out there without nobody watchin' your butt?" asked Morgan."Well I wont exactly have nobody." said Lance cooly. "I will be providing working with a Spartan, the last living Spartan to be exact. All I can say is that it's gonna be interesting."

      "Good Morning Corporal, I hope you slept well." Said Keys, and without waiting for a reply he went on "This is Spartan-117 or Master Chief. He will be your partner on this mission or you will be his. It makes no difference to me."
Lance walked up to the Spartan and was at a loss for words. The man was at least a foot taller than Lance. Lance stuck out his hand and was again surprised by the size of the hand that reached out to recieve his. It was nothing less than massive.
      "Glad to meet you Chief. I hope I will be able to fulfill your expectations." said Lance. If the Spartan was upset about such an informal greeting he made no sign. "You have nothing to worry about corporal. " said the Spartan. "I have thoroughly read your files and you are just the help I need. You are as close to a spartain as they come." With that they parted company and prepared for the mission ahead.