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A New Breed of Spartan: Chapter 3- Into the Darkness
Posted By: Forerunner's Advocate<sttrooper87100@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 January 2005, 4:10 AM

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       "Corporal... Maintain radio silence once inside."
       "Yes sir."
       As they slowly advanced their positions Corporal Lance Campbell felt that there could only be more bad news; but he belayed the thought and pressed on having to lengthen his strides considerably to keep up with the Spartan.
      The walls of the compound were covered in many places with scorch marks and equally filled with bullet holes that could fit the barrel of an 8-gauge shotgun into them. Covenant bodies were everywhere. Lance felt a surge of pride to see that the Covenant bodies outnumbered the marine bodies ten to one. There were even a few Elite bodies among the rabble. Lance had only encountered these, a small handful of times. He hoped that there were none left alive here. He had emptied and entire clip from his MA5B assault rifle, into the chest of one and it had just flickered and glowed for most of the rounds. Not until the last of the clip had the shield faded and died. The fifteen or so rounds that were left seemed to do about as much damage as punching it would have.
       Lance switched to the night vision view installed in his suits helmet and the reason for all of the dead Covenant troops became apparent. Lying on its side was an M41 LAAG surrounded by thousands of shell castings. Lance flashed the warning light on the HUD of the Master Chief. The Corporal was sure that he saw the problem but wasn't sure what to do about it. If they walked across the spent shells, anything that might be lurking in the ever present darkness would definitely know that they were there also.
      Slowly turning toward the noticeably shorter man John motioned to Lance to walk slowly toward him. The man stepped lightly toward him and stopped when he was right next to the seven foot tall armored giant. John motioned that he was going to toss Lance over the seven feet of ground that was covered by noise makers. Campbell flashed his acknowledgement to the Chief.
       Grabbing the smaller man by his right arm and leg John tossed Lance as easily as if he were tossing an empty shirt.
       Lance landed nimbly on his feet and crept to the side wall to make room for the larger yet nimbler Spartan. Marveling at how someone his size and weight could jump so perfectly and land without as much as a click of boots on stone. Another mystery without a answer.
       Signaling Lance to stay where he was John slid forward along the path.
       Slipping the modified S2-AM rifle from his shoulder Corporal Campbell switched the setting on the scope to 5x magnification and waited for the acknowledgement light on his HUD to blink. Master Chief was walking in a slight crouch with his finger lightly on the trigger of his pistol. Through the scope of the S2 Lance could make out every detail from the texture of the stone walls to the burns and scratches on the Spartans armor.
       Slight movements in his peripheral vision made Lance swing the barrel of the rifle to his left. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the glint and felt the heat of an energy sword igniting and cutting through the darkness just ten feet away. Pulling the trigger three times with three coughs from the barrel the Blue Elite's head exploded throwing purple blue blood all over the wall and floor. Breathing a sigh of relief and wispering a thanks to God for the miracle that he had not died Lance pulled the nearly spent clip from his S2-AM and silently slid a new one in. Looking down on the body of the Elite warrior Campbell noticed that his first two shots had glanced off of the energy shield but the third one caught the Elite directly through the eye slot in his armor blowing the Elite into oblivion.
       Turning back to the hallway lance had to enhance the magnification to 10x just so he could see the end of the hallway. It seemed to open out into a large chamber with a faint light on the other side. His acknowledgement light winked to show that the coast was so far clear. Corporal Campbell jogged toward the Spartan at the end of the hall looking over his shoulder to make sure nothing was following. It took him almost five minutes just to make it to where John had already come. His mouth dropped open with awe when he peered into the room that loomed ahead of him.