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Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 6 December 2004, 2:42 AM

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New York, Central Park

      The hard, cold rain pounded out of the sky, soaking clothes, changing the dirt to slippery mud, beating the life out of everyone it touched.
      Eric McGraw was crouched down in the mud beside his fellow marines, his uniform soaked wet clear through to his skin under his body armor. His eyes were wide at what was happening around him. He was behind a tree trying his best to stay unseen, but the events of that hour were like the rain: impossible to avoid.
      He was only 19 and this was his first battle. The marines dying all around scared him, making him want to run away. The constant sound of gunfire made him want to cry. But he did neither. Instead he moved around the tree and focused his rifle on the head of a Jackal that was harassing a marine. Through the rain he saw it's head pop like a balloon, spraying blue blood everywhere, as he squeezed the trigger.
      As he turned to fire at a group of Grunts he heard a hum behind him. Before he could turn around an Energy Sword came slashing down right through his right arm cutting it off. He watched as his arm fell to the ground, still firing the Battle Rifle. Though the pain was intense he could not scream no matter how hard he tried. He turned to face his attacker in time to get his other arm cut off. Now unable to stand, he dropped down to his knees in pain. He watched as the Elite raised the Energy Sword for a final strike. Before it could swing, it's was removed from it's shoulders. The only thing left there was the fading contrail of a sniper round. The Elite's body fell to the ground motionless.
      To weak to stay up Eric also fell to the ground. He heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him. Through his blurry vision he saw the outline of someone standing over him.
      "Hurry and bring that bio-foam!...He has a slow pulse and lost a lot of blood, he needs an immediate evac if we are going to save him!"
      The voices and all the other sounds of the battle were starting to fade. He no longer had the energy to keep his eye's open and drifted into darkness.

Area Unknown
      Eric slowly came back to consciousness, like a swimmer twenty feet down, stroking for the surface of a lake. The light got slowly brighter; then his hearing returned. Then his sense of smell.
      He kept his eyes closed, kept his breathing paced, letting his mind clear giving himself some time. The last thing he could remember was a bright blue light then intense pain.
      Eric could tell that he was lying on his back on some sort of hospital or lab. And a very fresh-smelling woman was working nearby.
      He let his his eyes slit open just a fraction as the woman moved toward him. The room was white and was filled with modern-looking equipment. She reached over and took a box off a self and set it on a tray in front of her on a tray. The women opened the box an IV needle, then turned to him. He kept his eyes in the same position, his breathing consistent, even though her wonderful scent was almost overpowering.
      With a gentle touch she placed her hand against his shoulder, then a moment later he felt a slight prick of the needle. At least she was good at what she did.
      Instantly he reacted, sitting up and wrapping his arm around her neck. The box she was using was knocked to the white floor.
      For an instant he was unable even to think as he stared into her beautiful face. He couldn't remember ever having this reaction to a women before. But now was clearly not the time. The way he was holding her, she wouldn't be able to talk, that much was for sure.
      Noticing what he was doing he shoved her backwards and to the floor. He jumped off the table, realizing he was dressed only in his underwear. But was not the only he noticed. He was staring at his arms. He could clearly remember his arms being cut off his body. In fact he should been dead.
       He looked down at the women sitting on the floor. She just rubbed her neck and said nothing. He opened his mouth to ask how he was alive and had his arms, but no sound came out.
      The woman must have knew what he wanted to ask because she answered his question. "You're probably wondering how you have arms and is still alive." she said as she lifted herself off the floor. "Get dressed and follow me and your questions will be answered."