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Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 16 May 2004, 4:12 PM

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      "Stay on your guard men." Sergeant Josh Henderson said to the Marines as they walked into a large section of the mall. There were two floors to this section so Sergeant Henderson sent some Marines to check up top. "All right, I want groups 1 through 10 to head up to the second floor and search for the Covenant." The ten groups broke off from the rest of the Marines and started to head up to the stairs. Sergeant Henderson led the rest of Marines towards the middle of the room. Suddenly they heard plasma fire from above. They looked up to see two Brutes attacking the groups of Marines. "Upstairs now!" Sergeant Henderson yelled running towards the stairs. Then from behind him came plasma fire. Three Marines dropped down dead and two more were injured. Before he yell for the Marines to take cover they were diving behind tables, chairs, benches, and any other cover they could find. Sergeant Henderson ducked be hind a trash can. He took a quick peek above the trash can and did a quick count. He dropped back down as plasma bolts flew over his head and slammed into the trash can. Seven Jackals and four Elites, he thought to himself, damn were are the Grunts at. Just as he finished his sentence six Grunts popped out from behind them and opened fire. Now Marines were dropping like flies. Sergeant Henderson activated his comm set for the other Marines outside,"Calling groups 26 to 50. Under heavy fire. Require immediate assistance. I repeat under heavy and require immediate assistance."

      Nooslose fire his Needler at another one of the humans. Fifteen needles hit him in the chest and five seconds later they exploded tearing a hole in his chest. Nooslose watched as the humans tried to fight back. They had not taken a casualty. Not even a Grunt. He knew that the Prophets would promote all of them for this victory. He pulled a plasma grenade off of his belt and through it at the humans. It stuck to a human that was running for new cover. Seeing the grenade him the human ran towards them. The grenade went off right in front of the Jackals front line. Four were killed and two lost there shields. The Jackals with out there shields were immediately killed by the humans. Nooslose soon started taken hits and shield was quickly losing power. He ducked behind a human plant in a huge bowl to let his shields recharge.
      Seeing that the Elites were taking fire the Brutes killed the last Marine and jumped over railing down to the bottom floor landing in the middle of the humans. They started using the blade on there weapon to attack the humans turning the tide of battle again.
      Nooslose came from behind his cover as soon as his shields were recharged. As he came around from behind his cover a grenade landed near a Jackal. Nooslose dove back behind the plant as the grenade went off. He heard the scream of the Jackal and an Elite that was to close flew over his head. He dropped his Needler and picked up the other Elites Plasma Rifle. He rose from behind the plant and opened fire on them. Two dropped instantly. Nooslose then heard a loud bang and saw one of Brutes fall with a hole in it's head. There was another loud bang and the other Brute fell. Nooslose looked down the hall to see more humans running in. One had a sniper rifle looking for another target. The Grunts were caught off guard by the assault from behind and were quickly killed. Nooslose then saw the sniper turn his rifle towards him. He heard the bang of the sniper rifle. He felt the round break through his shield and enter his abdomen. The pain was to much and he passed out.

      Private Samuel Huggens nearly cried when he saw the Brute standing over him ready to strike. Before it could swing there was a loud bang and it dropped down to the ground with a hole in it's head. He looked up to see wear the shot came from. Down the way that they entered the mall a Marine stood with a sniper rifle. He fired another shot and the other Brute feel dead. As soon as the Brute fell Marines came spilling into the room. The sniper fired one more shot and than pulled out his pistol and ran forward. Private Huggens turned to see the blue Elite fall dead. With new confidence he and the other fighting Marines ran from there cover. Private Huggens raised his assault rifle and started to fire at the Elites in front of him. The Grunts behind him were quickly taken out by the reinforcements.
      Private Huggens pulled a frag grenade off his belt and threw it towards the gold Elite. It dove out the way of the grenade rolled and came up on it's feet. The Elite then produced a Plasma Sword and charged the Marines. Lance Corporal young stepped up and fired a rocket right at the Elite. The rocket slammed into it's chest blowing the body into the far wall. The last Elite quickly fell to the fire from the Marines.
      A roar of cheers echoed through the mall. They had won back Phoenix.

      Nooslose watched as the dropship lowered to the ground. He had his hand over his wound to stop the lost of blood from his wound. The doors opened and he climbed aboard. The dropship started to lift off as he locked him self in. The doors closed making it very quiet giving him time to think.
      He thought to himself about the battle. How did they lose? They had a clear victory but had lost. The humans were quickly losing numbers. Then the reinforcements arrived. His Field Commander had not expected that. He could have predicted that and won the battle. Starting to feel weak Nooslose drifted off to sleep.

April 19, 2555
Marine Base, 2 miles out of Phoenix

      Lance Corporal Fargo Young stepped off the Pelican. He only had lost one member from his squad. As he stepped off the Pelican he saw a Marine walking over to him.
      "Lance Corporal Fargo Young?" the Marine asked.
      "Yes." Young answered looking at him.
      "Captain Gunter would like to see you and your squad in the conference room sir." said the Marine.
      "All right." Young said to the Marine and turned to his squad. "Private Ram, Private Dwight, Private Huggens, Captain Gunter has requested are presence in the conference room."
      Seven minutes later they were sitting in the conference room at a long table. The door opened and in walked a man in his late 40s with white hair. He numerous medals on his uniform.
      "Glad you could make it gentlemen." said Captain Gunter as they stood up at attention. "At ease."
      Captain Gunter walked to the head of the table and took a seat. "Well lets just get straight to the point. I believe you all know who Professor McCoy is."
      "He is inventor of nearly all of our most recent weapon, vehicle, and armor designs. He also built the ship for the Dragons." Private Huggens said.
      "Correct." said Captain Gunter. "We have intercepted Covenant transmissions with his name in them. We have not been able to find out what they want with him so we are sending in Marines to protect him. Your just one of the groups chosen to protect him. I also see you are missing one."
      "Yes," said Lance Corporal Young looking down at the table,"we lost one during our search for the missing Covenant sir."
      "Sorry to here that." Captain Gunter said,"Well have a replacement for you when you leave. Your departure time is at 0600 tomorrow." The Captain turned and left out of the room.
      "All right men go and enjoy yourselves tonight." Young said standing up,"Be ready to leave tomorrow. Dismissed."