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Evolution:Chapter 3- Dragons Suit-up
Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 22 April 2004, 11:46 PM

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"All right, let's move." said Firestorm. They slowly crept forward into the cave.
Sky was getting nervous for two reasons. One he hated fighting on the ground. He wished he could be in the air that he was used to. Two they have been walking for two minutes without any Covenant encounter.
Firestorm suddenly held up a closed fist to signal everyone to stop. He motioned for Sky, Spark, and Quake to step forward. "There's something up ahead." he whispered to them, "Sneak up there and see what it is. If the Prophet is there roll in a couple of grenades to kill any guards with him, the magnetic shield should protect him. After the grenades go off the rest of us will hurry to you take out any survivors."
Sky, Spark, and Quake nodded and walk forward. They came to a turn at the and of the hallway and heard footsteps. Sky peeked around the corner and only saw the Prophet in it's hover chair. Then Sky saw a glint of light. There were camouflaged Elites to. He looked back at the others held up three fingers. He slowly counted down and took a finger each time he counted. At one they each threw a grenade into the room. The Elites shouted in surprise and the grenades exploded. They ran into room two bloody Elites were still standing with there shields gone. Quake took out his combat knives and threw them at the Elites. One Elite was hit in the neck and the other was caught in the head. Just as the Elites hit the ground the others came running in.
"Good job." said Firestorm walking up beside them.
They heard a moan and looked in the direction it came from. laying on the ground was the Prophet it's destroyed hover chair next to it.
"Steel," said Firestorm, "Tie it up." Steel grabbed a piece of metal and walked over to the Prophet. He bent the pole around it with ease.
"Game over." said Blade, "We win."
"Congratulations." said the voice of Alpha Base's AI, Joanna, "You have passed this training mission.
Suddenly the Prophet and the bodies of the dead Covenant faded away. The cave they were in vanished reveling a enormous room. the lights from the ceiling lit up the room. There was no sign that there was just a huge battle here. The new Virtual Reality (VR) room was the closes thing to the real battle.
"A wonderful job once again." came a voice from behind them. They turned around to see Admiral Johnson standing there with Master Chief. Immediately they saluted them. The Admiral and Chief saluted back. "I am still amazed to see humans without enhancements with the skills of a Spartan. That is why I have chosen you to for this mission. Your team shall now be known as The Dragons. This is the leader of your team, Master Chief John, Spartan 117."

Alpha Base Marine Barracks in New York, Times Square

Steel stared at the holographic game board trying to figure out the best move to use. He and Spark were in cafeteria playing a game of Dark Castle. He was losing. A crowd had form around them so he trying his best not to lose.
"I attack your Forest Horseman with my Burning Knight." Steel said announcing his move. The holographic image of a knight on fire charged a green knight riding a horse.
"Nice try." said Spark smiling, "But I reverse your attack with the magic from my Black Mage." On the holographic game board a magician appeared and shot a sparking blue light at the charging knight. The attack knocked it back into a tree and it disappeared in a flash. "All of castle defenses have fallen. Looks like I win again."
"Damn," Steel said angrily, "That's five times in a row."
Before Spark could say anything the loud speaker came on. "Would the Dragons please report to the armory immediately."
"Guess we better go." said Steel. They got up and walked to the armory. When they got there the others were already there with Chief and the top scientist McCoy.
"Now that everyone is here we can begin." McCoy turned around and reached behind self. Steel thought that he must have hit a switch because the next thing he knew the self slid to the side and the wall slid up. Steel was momentarily blinded by the sudden bright light. When his eyes adjusted to the light he was amazed at what he saw. They were in a brightly lit warehouse with gray walls. To the left of the room, lined up against the wall, were modified Warthogs, ATVs, Scorpions, and other vehicles. On the right side were all kinds of weapons. Some of them were taken apart and some looked like they would never work again. The wall was filled with bullet holes. In the center of the room was ten glass cases with armor in them.
"This is my workshop," explained McCoy, "were I develop new weapons, armor, and vehicles. Those ten armors in the right there are yours. They are the new MJOLNIR 2 battle suits. Your suits can recycle the air in space giving you an unlimited supply of oxygen and it lets you breath underwater. Plus I have specially designed them to suit you with your skills. Please put them on and I will explain what each of your armors do."
Five minutes later Steel stood in full armor. Everyone else also had on there armor. There armor looked just like the Spartan's armor except they had different color visors.
McCoy looked them over and started to explain their armor. "Even though you're not cybernetically enhanced like John here, you will still have speed and strength of one. Like I said at first each of your armors have special futures just for you. Sky can you step over here please." Sky walked over to were McCoy was standing. "Sky your suit is specially designed for you skills as an ace pilot. On your back is an jet pack that is able to keep you flying for at least 6 hours without a refill. To activate it all you have to do is press that button right there by your right ankle." Sky reached down and pressed the button. He instantly shot up into the air. He was heading straight for the ceiling and if he didn't do anything soon he go right through it. Sky leaned forward and he instantly went forward nearly scraping the ceiling. After a few minutes he got the hang of it and was flying around like a bird. He landed beside the others and even though they couldn't see it through his sky blue visor everyone knew he was smiling.
"Next is Rose." McCoy announced. Rose over to him a little excited after seeing what Sky's armor could do. "Your armor has a built in camouflage so that you can snipe the enemy with out being spotted. You activate it with that button on your waist. The camo lasts for only five minutes and takes 24 hours to recharge. Also your visor gives you vision like you were looking through binoculars." Rose pressed the button and instantly vanished she soon reappeared beside Firestorm.
"Firestorm step forward please." Firestorm walked over to McCoy very calm despite how excited he was. "Your armor has a built in flame-thrower right in the arm. Just squeeze your hand into a fist and it fires. It is able to scorch enemy forces that wear light armor, like the Grunts and a Jackal with out it's shield, its range and wide burst guarantees a direct hit on close range enemies. Well go on give it a try." Firestorm lifted his arm and aimed at the target in the shooting range. He squeezed his hand into a tight fist. The target was instantly engulfed in flames. The light from the fire shined on his red visor giving him a look like he was a demon from the flames. Firestorm quiet walked back and with the others.
"Next is Rain." said McCoy. Rain quickly walked over to him. "Rain your armor is made mainly for water. Those fins on the bottom of your boots enable you to quickly swim through water. Also while in the water your suit will absorb some and allow you to spray it from your wrist with the strength of a hose hooked up to a fire hydrant. Try it out on that fire over there." Rain turned towards the blazing fire that Firestorm had made could be seen reflecting off his blue visor. He raised his arm and dosed the fire.
"Nice." said Rain and rejoined the others.
"Steel can you go over to those weights over there." McCoy asked. Steel walked over to were he indicated and stood there. "A Spartan is naturally strong but you are much more powerful than a Spartan." Steel reach for the two biggest weights and lifted them with ease then he tossed them clear across the room and through the wall. McCoy acted like he didn't notice and countinued, "Your armor also much stronger than everyone else's." Steel walked back into line and flexed his muscles. Everyone knew he was smiling behind his silver visor.
McCoy explained everyone else's armor and there special abilities. Snow's armor could stand extreme cold. Spark's gloves were able to conduct electricity so that enemies would get quite a shock. Blade's armor increased his speed and agility greatly. Cross can keep track of anyone's vital signs, even the enemies. Quake's armor could create earthqukes in the direction that his finger tips were facing on the ground.
"Know that you all have your armors it's time to get your new weapons." McCoy said.