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Evolution: Chapter 2- Training Secession
Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 6 March 2004, 4:28 AM

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Alpha Base Training Facility in New York, Times Square

Master Chief followed Admiral Johnson through the sliding doors of the Alpha Base. He was fully dressed in his armor. He was finally going to meet his team and he was excited. After a few more twist and turns in the maze like hallways they arrive at a thick metal door. Admiral Johnson walked over to the control panel and pressed in the code. The door lifted up slowly letting sunlight flood the hallway. The first thing that Chief noticed was the sound of guns firing, grenades going off, and screams. When the door was fully open Chief saw a battle going on between a few marines and a lot of Covenant. Chief reached for his pistol but the Admiral put a hand on his shoulder.
"Let them handle it John." he said, "Your team need this training."

"Watch your back Spark," said Rose into her helmet's radio, "two Hunters coming up on your left." She saw that Spark was to busy a pair of Elites so she took aim with her S2 AM Sniper Rifle. The first two shots were deflected by the Hunter's shield. The third shot got past one of the Hunter's shields and caught it in the neck. The Hunter dropped dead to the ground. She aimed at the last Hunter and fired but the shot was deflected off it's shield. Her sniper rifle was empty and Spark had his back turned to the Hunter. It raised it's shield over his head ready to strike the final blow. The Hunter suddenly let out a roar of pain and it was easy to see why. Sticking right threw the Hunter's chest was a plasma sword. The Hunter fell over and standing behind it was a marine holding a plasma sword.
"Good job Blade." Rose said into her radio.
"All in a days work." said Blade waving his plasma sword in her direction then ran back into battle.
Rose reloaded and scanned to the other side of the field and saw what they were looking for. She keyed her radio so that the rest of her team could hear her, "This is Rose. I've spotted the Prophet in the west quadrant." She aimed her sniper at it and fired. A couple of seconds before it hit as if by magic the bullet turned and hit an unlucky Grunt. "Don't try to shot it because it's protected by a magnetic field."
She hooked her sniper up to her back and started to run down the hill she was on. "Hey Spark." she said into her radio.
"Whatsup." came Spark's voice over the radio.
"You think you can make some kind of weapon that won't be affected by that magnetic field?" Rose asked
"Can birds fly?" Spark said, "I'll have one ready by time you get down here."
When she got to the bottom of the hill Spark was just finishing up.
"So, what you got for me?" Rose said as she came up beside him.
Spark held up a bow and 11 arrows made from scrap. "These arrows won't be affected by the magnetic field but they won't go through armor. It won't go through an Elite's, Jackal's, or Hunter's shield or a Brute's armor."
"Thanks." said Rose as she took the bow and arrows, "We better hurry up before the others start without us."

Firestorm was running towards the spot where the Prophet was said to be. He shot any Covenant dumb enough to get in his way with his pistol. As he got close to the spot he put his pistol away and unhooked his flame-thrower. When he got there Sky was using a Banshee to fight the air troops, Steel was in hand to hand combat, Blade was using the plasma sword that he acquired, and Quake was using two field combat knives. It seemed like all of the Covenant had gathered here to protect the Prophet. Firestorm looked around for the Prophet but didn't see it anywhere. He activated his radio, "Has anybody seen the Prophet?"
"I saw him." came a voice from behind. Firestorm turned around to see Snow running up to him carrying a plasma rifle and right behind him was Rain carrying a plasma pistol.
"It went into that cave right there." said Snow pointing to a cave that the Covenant were guarding.
"Well let's see if it can come out and play." said Rain running into battle with his brother right behind him.
Firestorm watched as Snow fired at the Covenant with his plasma rifle. He saw that plasma weapons were not affected by the magnetic field.
A plasma grenade flew over Firestorm's head and landed on an Elite. It only had enough time to yell before in was blown up. He turned around in time to see Cross through another plasma grenade behind a group of Jackals. She reached in a bag she was carrying and pulled out another one.
"Got a whole bag full." she said to Firestorm with a smile on her face.
Firestorm turned around and ran into battle. He fired his flame-thrower at a Grunt that was running by. The Grunt caught on fire and ran to an Elite screaming. When it got to the Elite the fire ignited it's methane tank. The explosion killed the Grunt, Elite, and two nearby Jackals. Firestorm heard a roar behind him and saw two Brutes and a Hunter running after him. He fired at the Brutes catching their fur on fire. They stopped to try and put the fire out but were ran over by the Hunter. Firestorm fired the flame-thrower at the Hunter, but it just used it's shield to block the attack. The Hunter swung it's shield and knocked Firestorm's flame-thrower out of his hands. Before the Hunter could attack it screamed out in pain. It dropped dead with two arrows in the back of it's neck. Firestorm looked up to see Rose, with Spark, holding her bow.
"You owe me one." Rose said through her radio.
Firestorm pulled out his pistol and pointed it at her and squeezed the the trigger. Before the bullets reached her they turned and the sound of it hitting flesh was heard. She turned around to see the dead Jackal that was trying to flank them.
"I guess we're even." he said to her over the radio and went back into battle.
Sky had finished off all the air troops and was now dive bombing the Covenant on the ground. In five minutes the Covenant outside were completely wiped out. All that was left was the Prophet. They all walked up to the entrance of the cave.
"Let's finish this." said Firestorm and walked in.

Master Chief was just staring speechless. Hundreds of Covenant were just wiped out by a hand full of marines. They might just win this war after all.