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Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 3 of 5
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 March 2003, 11:48 pm

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Location: Black Hole Battle Fleet En Route to Earth
Year: 2590

'Cryo-stasis cycle complete. Redesign of Subject cybernetic functions complete. MJOLNIR Armor replacement program complete.’ Said the single toned computer. Usually there would be mechanics and tech operators to help thaw him out. But there were none. The ship had been traveling for weeks back to Earth, and once John had awoken, no one seemed to be there.
The new armor felt awful. After spending so long in his old suit, the new, more “advanced” type of suit chaffed him severely. His damaged neural and physical implants had been restored, and Admiral Whitaker assured him that he’d get a chance to fight again.

“Chief... chief can you hear me?!?” Said Cortana, obviously still in his suit.

”Where? How long have I been in stasis?” He tried to say.

“It’s been almost 3 weeks. The Fleet has arrived. Everyone’s at there battle stations. I’ll see if I can get this lid open. There... got it. You can get out now.”

John began to move, noticing immediately how easy it was. Everything was working perfectly again. The blinding white lights of the room were seen with perfect precision. The rumbles of plasma hitting the hull could be heard, while tables of tools shook.
As he stepped forward towards the door, it opened to show what he had remembered, a long hallway, covered in red lights, with an elevator at the end. The Pillar of Autumn crisis seemed to resemble it indefinitely.
“Hold on, I’ll see if I can tap into the UNSC comm.. Channels. There.”

“Sir! They just folded in—inside our formation!”

“Son, I need you to calm down.”
Came the familiar voice of Admiral Whitaker.

“...look, additional contacts - moving to engage...”

“... and get your picket back to rally point alpha.”

As the Master chief listened to the horrors of the comm. He quickly grabbed a weapon, with a plan already in mind. It was new to him, seemed to be a cross of a sniper riffle and his beloved assault rifle. As he entered the elevator, he looked at it more closely, cocking it ready.

A new voice entered the fray, “Admiral, you can’t let them maintain orbit.”

“I’m trying, General, but we’ve lost advantage within the lunar perimeter!”

The Elevator had arrived. To his left was the docking bay and to his right, the space hatch. A Tech was standing by, and as he gave the appropriate nod, he entered the Hangar Bay.

“My frigates are combat ineffective, and the fighters... they don't have enough punch to take out a Covenant assault carrier." Said the Admiral sternly.

“You pilots let up, and down here it’s the goddamned apocalypse!” The General replied.

“I’m asking you to retarget the orbitals!”
“And let more slip the kill zone? That’s insanity! There’s nothing more I can do!”

A pilot was heard, his comm. barely operating, “The core defense is too intense. Our grid is maxed, I don't think we can last another run!"

“Admiral, tell your men to hold their positions. Reinforcements are on the spoke.” Came Cortana, knowing John’s plan.

"The entire fleet is engaged, Cortana. With respect, what the hell sort of reinforcement have you got?"

She gave no reply, only waited as John stared upon Earth. Huge fires covered most of the world, and bombs were let loose into the atmosphere. John couldn’t stand it any longer. He gave the order to the Tech as he prepped himself inside the seal.

“It's passing below your position ma'am. proximity zero." He said.

“What if you miss...?” Cortana asked nervously.

He merely sat silent, finally replying, “I won’t.”

With that, he leapt from his safety area; the air threw him out into space. He felt free, un-bound by gravity and of care. Earth was in plain site, but the Covenant assault Carrier was his biggest worry. Slowly he faded away from the Human battle group. Alone, free.
As he approached the vessel, its outer shield stopped him in his tracks. The energy stung him severely, but as he past he knew the landing could’ve been worse. Once he touched the hull, thousands of memories flooded back in.

“Wait. We should commandeer one of those Banshees; we’ll need it to reach the pulse generator in time.” Came Cortana, not of the present, but of the past.

The touch of Covenant steel brought back memories of Ghosts, and Banshees. The Wraiths, which had pummeled him to a pulp, could not be forgotten.

“Chief, you ok? We should get moving.”

“Right. Which way to an access port?” John asked.

_Location: Howler Bridge_

“Captain Krik, sensors report a Human life-sign on the hull. The Marine must be trying to attack an explosive.” Said Jerek.

Krik chuckled, “Haha, foolish Humans. Their tricks are getting old. Send a squad of Grunts. Make sure they remember to put their oxygen tanks on this time. I don’t want another mix up.”

_Location: Outer Hull_

“There should be one just a few meters from here. There, got it. 15 meters to the left” Cortana replied.

As John got closer, the hatch seemed to open by it self. He thought nothing of it, and that it was a simple feature.

“Chief, Covenant!”

The words rang in his head. How many times had he heard that? 10 times, a thousand? How much more would he have to endure? There wasn’t time for that now. He had to fight.

“Lets see what this thing can do.”
Immediately he rose into the air, corkscrewing over the squad of Grunts. The mobile new suit let him flex to the ultimate amount.

“There, there’s the Human! What! Ahhh, run away!” The Grunts screamed.

John let loose a barrage of bullets, un-tethered by gravity, they flew like eagles into the brains of the Grunts. As one Grunt began to run to another opening, the new scope allowed him to send a bullet directly into his foot, leaving him and his blood to float away... alive.

“Did you miss this or what?” Cortana said laughing.

“Let’s just get inside. I’m hankering for some reckless driving...”