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Halo: Reunion from Destruction Part 2 of 5
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 February 2003, 1:25 am

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Location: Longsword Fighter
Year: 2590

The Longsword had been moving across space since the disaster at a crawl, not seeing or hearing any communications or vessels since then. Cortana could stand the perpetual loneliness; after all, she just was a simple AI. John however had found the 38 years of space travel agonizing, punching the walls with his fists at times during the trip. His cyborg technology had become worn, his suit and armor stiff and unused.
John’s sight and hearing as well had begun to diminish each day. Without his cryo-bed, his sensitive implants wore down.

“Cortana...” Said John.

“Yes?” She replied

“How much longer until I’m unable to function?” He asked grimly.
“The nearest inhabited colony is only two months from here. It’s almost over John, almost...” Cortana said comfortingly.
“I’d like to believe the colony is still there, but as of late, I haven’t been able to hope for too much.”
John’s implants continued to break apart. If they didn’t reach the colony in time, his automated functions would be destroyed forever. “If only Foe Hammer, or any of the marines would have lived.” He said.

The Longsword continued to crawl across space as John began to fall asleep. The only thing he could do to pass time. His dreams were filled with the sounds of screaming Covenant and Humans. The Silent Cartographer mission and its countless dead bodies filled his head. He couldn’t get them out, they gnawed at his soul. He felt like screaming, but he couldn’t. The screams of his victims wouldn’t let him rest. The spirits of dead weren’t through with him yet...

Location: Covenant Battle Cruiser orbiting over Earth
Year: 2590

“Captain, Egypt and northern Chili squadrons report increased enemy re-enforcements. Shall I deploy Banshee Squad Beta?” Said Jerek, a large Elite Soldier manning one of many stations throughout the dimly lit Bridge.
There was no response. Only the red eyes of Captain Krik signaled the answer. The CCS Howler, The largest Covenant vessel in the Annihilation Fleet was stationary over Earth. Visible were the fires, which were country wide swept across Europe, Africa and Asia. Smoke from the billowing flames rose into the atmosphere, killing almost all plant life in its wake.
Krik merely gazed at the once green and blue ball with utter delight. He knew that the Prophets would be pleased with his command over the main battle group.
“It’s a thing of beauty Jerek. So many years of fighting, why didn’t the Humans just give up when it all began? When the Prophets arrive, they will be most pleased with my command.” Krik stepped out of the darkness, turning his head back and forth at his workers. He was a Jackal, equipped with his shield emitter, far more powerful than any other. His red eyes showed his happiness and anger.
“Launch Indi’s squad.”

_Location: Howler Docking Bay_

Dozens of Banshees covered the wide-open flat grounds of the docking bay. Pilots stood around them, looking out on the destruction of Earth. Few human’s remained, which angered them severely.

“Sir, the Captain has ordered our squad to attack! Our day has finally come!” Hollered Indi’s wingman from the comm. area.

Indi merely stood up on his strong armored Elite legs and grinned with his white sharp teeth. The Banshees had sat there motionless for too long. The Human Race would fall, and HE would make the final blow.
Suddenly, the red lights flashed and sirens blared all over the docking bay. Dozens of Elites, each equipped with high tech battle armor spewed from every door. The sound of engines blaring was deafening as all 50 Banshees rode out into space. Leading the pack was Indi, with his special modified Banshee, yellow in color along with increased speed and firepower. It reflected the suns rays brilliantly, blinding the eyes of all who saw it. No Creature, Covenant or Human would defy him. The God’s spoke to him, and his orders were clear...

Location: Black Hole Colony - Military Base (Human)
Year: 2590 (few Months later)

'Alert, Distress Signal Received. Location: Longsword (Class 1 Fighter.) Priority Alert Activated.’ Said the base’s Computer. The Midshipmen working the station was baffled. Class 1’s hadn’t been used in 30 years. He checked the records and sensors, all were performing within parameters.

“Admiral, I think you should see this.” The nervous Mid. Said.

“What is it Midshipman?” He replied in confusion.

“Sensors report an incoming vessel. It’s human, with 1 life sign and 1 AI. But the vessel is more than 30 years old, looks like a Longsword.”

'Alert, incoming sub-space communication. Location, Longsword, Class 1 fighter.’

“This is Ship-board AI Cortana of the Pillar of Autumn. Calling any UNSC forces. Please respond!” A womanlike voice yelled over static.

The Admiral tapped the comm. panel, “This is Admiral Whitaker of Black Hole Colony Base. What are your coordinates?”

“056 mark 419 of grid 427. The Human life sign you’re detecting is the Pillar of Autumn’s only survivor. The Master Chief...” Cortana replied, noticing the eerie silence on the other end.

“Say again. I repeat, say again. You have who on board!?!” The Admiral said in shock.

“That is correct Admiral. I’m alive and well.” Came a deep voice.